How to PLAY (Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare) TOURNAMENTS for MONEY!

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what is going on YouTube and welcome

back to wbg hope you guys are all having

a great day and in today's video I'm

gonna show you guys how you can play

call of duty modern warfare tournaments

and win money on the website players on

so if you guys have ever wondered how

you play and those Call of Duty

tournaments you see some streamers

playing this is how you can play those

called the des tournaments and actually

win money so let's get right into the

video so if you guys are brand new to

players lounge there are a few things to

note so if you're 18 unfortunate if

you're under the age of 18 unfortunately

you're not gonna be able to play and

also if you live in Arizona Maryland

Quebec and Connecticut

you not gonna be able to play in these

competitions those states unfortunately

have some gambling state law that

prohibits you to compete in online

gaming competitions it's really

unfortunate but yeah so there's a few

states that actually don't allow you to

compete in these competitions but as

long as you're 18 and you don't live

there then you guys are all good to go

and you can actually play your first

tournament for free so if this is your

first time creating your account on

players lounge you're gonna be able to

play whatever tournament you want to

join for free and try it out and then

also if you guys want to use the link

down below you'll start with ten dollars

in your account and as soon as you

create your account I recommend that you

guys I get your owner for a link and

refer your friends so the way the

referral program works is if you give

out your link you'll get $10 into your

account and your friend who you referred

will get $10 so if you have some friends

who want to play these call of duty

modern warfare tournaments with you

you can obviously give them your link

and get some extra bonus cash into your

account so I highly recommend you guys

go sign up with the link to start with

$10 and then as well I give out your

link so as soon as you guys get your

account set up you can log in with

either twitch Facebook or you can just

do the log in with a normal email so as

soon as you guys create your account you

can get your referral link and then you

can also join any of the game so we're

gonna be looking at Call of Duty and how

you guys actually go about playing in

this tournament so right now we're in

the Call of Duty Lounge and you can

change it between PC and console and


cross-play so they don't have a

cross-play long Lobby between mobile but

it's just PC and console and right now

most of their tournaments are on

consoles so if you guys want to go play

and try to win some money playing Call

of Duty you can go join their

tournaments I've seen the tournaments

recently go for about $350 in Call of

Duty they have 3 V 3 2 V 2 and 1 V 1 so

if you guys want to play with some of

your friends during these tournaments

and have them carry you or you guys want

to try to see if you can get a really

long winning streak you can go and play

the with them on these tournaments so

the way the tournaments work is as soon

as you guys join or whatever turn them

each turn each game is gonna have their

own rules so make sure you guys read the

rules especially if you're joining

somebody's custom tournament because

that the way this website works is you

can obviously join the hosted

tournaments that players lounge puts on

and it's really awesome that they do

this but then you can also join other

players who are putting their own money

up saying that hey I'll play you in this

$10 match and you both put up 5 dollars

so you guys can do head-to-head matches

but if you're joining a head-to-head

match make sure you read the rules

because there are sometimes some custom

rules that you might not see so players

can actually set their own custom rules

let's say they wanted to exclude a

search and gun and you use that gun then

you could get to squall the fight so

just make sure if you're joining those

tournaments that are made by other

players that you read the rules as well

as um if you are actually gonna do those

I just recommend that you host the game

because in the actual game itself you

get hosts which then isn't gonna give

you any connection problems so just a

recommendation if you're joining in on

those custom tournaments but back to

Call of Duty so in the Call of Duty

Lounge you can obviously see all the

other tournaments they have going for

the day and the way the tournaments work

is you join you you join a tournament

and then you're in a lobby with all the

other players who join that tournament

you guys are going to try to win as many

rounds as you can until you get to first

and then obviously win the first place

price the way the prizes are divided are

the first like table for players at the

top a players will get awarded a price


if you end up placing really high in the


you're still gonna get rewarded if you

didn't get first which is really nice

they have they change it for each

tournament so sometimes they'll have

like a winner-takes-all tournament or

they'll have a split tournament where

they split it up between the top 32

players so you'll just have to see and

kind of pick the tournament you guys

want to join or you can host your own

and obviously set up set up the prices

your way but as soon as you get into a

game you're you're gonna add your

opponent and you guys are gonna play the

round and I always recommend that you

have a recording or screen capture the

endgame results because if there's a

dispute that happens basically if you

actually ended up winning around and the

person gets upset and reports the match

as them excuse me them winning then you

could get disqualified and obviously you

don't want to get disqualified when you

actually won so it's just the best

practice to kind of record your gameplay

and then screenshot the end result so if

that person ever does get upset and it

falsely submits their answers or their

results for the match then you guys can

dispute it and the players on the

moderator will come in and help

determine who won so the support on the

website is also really good so if you

guys have any questions you could just

click the blue icon in the bottom right

and contact the support they have great

support and if you have any questions

I'd be happy to answer them in the

comments below so some other things I

wanted to address from some questions

that I had in my other video was can you

withdraw the money once you win is yes

the answer is yes you can withdraw all

the money that you win they have a free

withdrawal each month so each month you

have the option to withdraw if you want

to do the expedited withdrawal like

let's say you use your free withdrawal

in the month then you can add pay to

withdrawal your money right there but

each month they give you a free

withdrawal so if you want to try to win

as many games as you can and then just

do the free withdrawal each month that's

my recommendation or you can obviously

withdraw whenever you need it and they

give you different options like PayPal

you can use your credit card you can use

Bitcoin even if you're if you use

Bitcoin so you can withdraw all the

money as soon as you win one of these

tournaments another thing that I they

have on their website that's really cool

the community chat so the community chat

on their website can be used if you guys

need to find players and the players

usually on the players on the website

are really good so if you're looking for

some skilled players to party up with or

maybe I try to find somebody to play a

2v2 or a 3v3 tournament with and you

guys can go see if you can find some

players through the community chat on

their website and each lounge so they

have a Call of Duty lounge of four night

lounge a Madden lounge each lounge has

their own community of players in it so

if you're playing on Madden or for a

night you can obviously go find some

people who are on those those games as

well so if this is your first tournament

on players islands just a few things to

keep in mind is make sure that you read

the rules for each tournament that

you're gonna join because each one of

these tournaments are gonna have a

different rule if it's a search in their

story tournament if it's a battle royale

tournament so you're just gonna have to

read the rules and see why it's what's

specific for that tournament but

generally you're just gonna add the

opponent for whatever game that you're

playing and then you're gonna play

however many rounds that events going

for so that's pretty much gonna do it

for the video hopefully you guys enjoyed

leave a like and comment any questions

down below I kind of just wanted to show

you guys the updated players on website

and how you can go play the call duty

tournaments and then also if you guys

want to download the players lounge app

if you have iOS you can go and download

the app they just released it so if

you're brand new you can subscribe if

you want to see more like the video and

yeah guys it's been Wes peace