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hey welcome back to the channel in this

video i'll show you everything you need

to know to make a professional facebook

business page so if you're an absolute


and you know nothing about this then

this is the video for you

now if you do already have a facebook

business page and maybe you clicked on

this by accident

my only request is that on the way out

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so that other people who are beginners

will not miss this content and will

still be able to find it now for those

who stuck around congratulations you're

starting your first facebook business


which is a really big step it really

means a lot and it's more important now

than ever before

because maybe a couple years ago a lot

of small businesses could get away with

not having a facebook business page

these days with everybody using their

phone so much

pretty much every business should have a

facebook business page especially

the small businesses with a physical

storefront because so many people out


are going to be looking for reviews and

menus and hours

and prices and everything else like that

so in this video i'll show you how to

set up your own facebook business page

it's honestly really easy to do

so by the end of this video like i said

you'll have a full-blown

professional facebook business page now

with that being said guys let's jump

into this video

we have a lot to talk about all right so

here we are on my desktop and the first

thing you want to do is actually open

up whatever browser you like so it

doesn't matter if you're using a laptop

a desktop windows mac doesn't matter

just open up whatever browser you like

so i'm using safari here obviously

chrome or firefox or really anything

would work

and you want to go to and

you need to sign into your personal


and if you don't have a personal profile

just create one it takes a couple

seconds to

you know put in your name your email and

your password but the reason

is we have to actually start from our

personal profile here in order to make

the business page it's just what

facebook requires

uh just for the sign in and everything

like that but eventually i'll show you

how you can actually push this over to

a facebook business manager account and

kind of separate it a little bit more

from your personal profile

but regardless you have to start from a

personal profile so

what we want to do is actually across

the top you'll see this bar following it

over you should see a create button the

little plus icon right here

so if we click on that it'll give us a

drop down menu and you want to click on


so the first thing you'll probably

notice is that facebook really changed

the way this looks so you'll see that

now we actually have on the top right we

have our mobile or our desktop view i

think that's a really cool thing to have

and the editor is just a lot different

than it was in years past so

that's why i wanted to make this video

now if you saw last year's tutorial or

any others

you'll probably know that they look

slightly different all the settings

should still be pretty similar

but just in different locations so the

first thing we want to do from here

is go up to these fields on the left

side so starting off with your page name

this is obviously going to be your

business so we're going to say central


say we're like a cheesesteak truck or

like cheesesteak food stand or something

like that and the next thing is actually

your category

and your category is something that i

always recommend people make it as

specific as possible

because you know central stakes you want

to just say store you want it to be

more specific so that when people are

searching for

restaurants or food trucks then your


if you're in that category you're more

likely to appear higher in their search

on top of that when somebody sees your

page they know right away as you can see

the category is going to show up right


they'll know right away exactly what you

are so here we can say restaurant

and you'll see that restaurant shows up

there but you know sometimes it's better

to search a couple other terms that

might be more specific so if we say

maybe like food food truck there we go

so look food truck right there is an

example that's what we can have and

it'll show up right there

as a food truck now we could have up to

three different categories

and so you know i do recommend

populating them and having a few more

usually only your first one is going to

show up right there but let's just say


restaurants another one and we can also

say maybe food stand

food stand see if we have it there we go

food stand okay so now we have those

three categories but the first one you

type in is going to be the only one

appearing on the top

the other two will still be valuable on

your page to help for ranking and to

help for people identifying what your

page is

then we can go down to the description

you have a limit of 255 characters so

you can't write a huge paragraph

but i recommend writing as much as you

can within 255 characters

just make it very telling of what your

what your business is all about

what your page is about and why people

should be interested in your page so

i'm going to type that out right now so

all right so something like that should

probably be fine for this page and then

we can hit create page

and it's going to prompt us to add the

other two images so the profile photo

as well as the the big wallpaper right

there and it might take a second to

actually go and create the page there we


it was created so now we can add a

profile picture now

profile pictures i already have a couple

images here the problem is this one's

actually a square and that's going to

show up as a circle right there

so we're just going to use it anyway but

i recommend definitely making sure that

you don't have this issue

it's going to cut it off and just really

not look good of course you could be

using like is something i

usually recommend

i have a tutorial on that as well if you

guys want to see how to make your own


but you know assuming a lot of

businesses out there already have a logo


fitting in a round circle right there

then you shouldn't have a problem

the next thing is to add a cover photo

again this is these are both optional

but i really highly recommend it

it's going to be a huge help for your

page because that's what people can

really see

when obviously when they visit your page

or even before they visit your page

when they're just looking at the search

results and so having an appealing

picture in an appealing wallpaper

will definitely help they'll go a long

way so for this one being that we sell

cheesesteaks i'm just going to use this

as the background

and if you don't like it you can

actually adjust it so we can go and drag

to reposition this

drag it up and down so we'll just say

like right there looks pretty good

and so there we go now we have those two

images we can click save on the bottom

left and that'll bring us to the next

page so you can see right now this is

what our page is actually going to look

like when people visit

and we have a lot of stuff on the left

side i'm going to go through that and

show you guys how to actually customize

this because we are far from done right


this is where a lot of people usually

call it and they say yep i got a page

and this is how facebook pages just fail

they don't really do what they're

supposed to

because they're missing some really

essential things so the first thing that

i recommend doing once you have your


looking like this is actually going and

adding a call to action

so a button is supposed to be

essentially what is your facebook

business page all about what is the

objective of it

why are you making it is it to direct

traffic to your website

is it to get bookings is to get people

to order whatever it is they have a lot

of different options here

and so i think facebook does a great job

of making this as custom as you need it

to be

and having a big call to action button

right on the top so

for this restaurant maybe we just want

to order food obviously like i said go

read through these it makes sense for

different businesses to

do different things but we're going to

say order food and so ordering food it's

going to direct to a website

i'm going to make a full tutorial on how

to make like a food ordering website if

you guys want to see that

i mean obviously not everyone's making a

restaurant page right here so

we're just going to type in

and we are going to say save and so

there we go so now we have our button it

shows up right there and the next thing

is actually to make sure that button

works so we can go and say test the


it'll open up in a new page and if we

did it right there we go it brings us

over to

so it's definitely important to test

that to test that so you don't have that

sending off to

some error 404 page or something like

that so the next thing i recommend doing

is actually going to create a username

this is how people can find you

it makes it easier to share your page

just say hey look up santro stakes on


or tag us at central stakes on an image

or you can have it so that you can go to

central stakes you can do whatever you

want so we're assuming

we're going to make this central stakes

is going to be our username and then you

have to click away get a little green

check mark and then click create


now right here this is what i was

expecting sometimes this happens it's

really 50 50. sometimes i make pages and

it lets me add a username immediately

and right now it's saying that this page

is not eligible sometimes facebook

gets a little buggy and they want you to

have like 100 likes on here

or they want you to have just a little

bit more time so if it doesn't let you

make a username don't worry about that

just come back

in a week or two after you start having

some more likes and more engagement

and some more content out there and

you'll be ready to go with adding that

but you'll see

looking at our page then we have these

little tabs right here remember these

these are going to be important

and i'll show you later on exactly how

to change them but we have three

showing and then we have a little more

tab for the rest of them so obviously

the ones showing up right there should

be your most important things

and then as we go down you'll see that

we have uh just some other posts and

engagement stuff down here this is what

it's going to look like

the about section notice how this is

completely empty we're going to fill

that out as well

and it's going to show us it's only

showing us the insights other people

wouldn't see that obviously

and so let's let's start off on the left

side now on the left side here we have

home this is where we are right now

we can go to inbox and this is going to

be your messages from facebook

as well as instagram direct and so you

can connect instagram i'll show you that

later in the video

you can also see the comments and other

things like that down here

and so i'm not going to get into the

messenger because we're going to touch

on that later in the video but you can

actually go into some advanced settings


how you want your messenger to react

when people visit you let's click on our

little name on the top left here it'll

bring us back to the home page

and then we can go down resources and

tools it's kind of just a forum it's an

open blog where

there's a lot of different things that

you can use a lot of articles on how to

make your page better

so if you're if you're bored go and read

through that you can manage jobs

i'm not going to do that right now we

can go to notifications it'll just tell

us some basic stuff

and then we can go down insights is

going to be an important one eventually

but not yet

so let's just show you that real quickly

insights you'll see that we have a bunch

of different tabs showing up here

you can see followers likes reach page


just tons and tons of different

analytics in which with each one

you can go into like some really

advanced stuff from like the gender to

the location of people and the date and

you can really learn a lot about who

your audience is

eventually once you start getting

traffic this should be important this is

really important to be looking at this

to improve your page and actually learn

about what's working and what's not


but then we can go down skipping these

these are all kind of the page quality

is going to be just like a quick little

health check you got the green check

mark meaning you don't have

any copyright problems and then the

majority of what we're doing

is really going to be in these last two

so edit page info

is going to be extremely important this

is what people miss out on

and so we're going to start off here so

we have our name we have our description

we don't have a username remember

facebook was weird they didn't like us

doing that let's just try it again

so let's just type that in and it's

going to say not available

again it doesn't want us to have one

right now eventually you can do that i'm

just going to delete that

but going down we have the categories as

i mentioned before so we have our three

categories if you ever want to change


page info is where you find that you can

add a phone number or you can just hide

that and say we don't have a phone


you can add an email you can add a

website you can add a physical address

if you're an online business maybe you

don't have a physical address but i'm

just going to say for mine

we do have a physical address and we're

going to be 123

south street philadelphia

philadelphia pa there we go and so we'll


our address showing up so that people

can find us and service area this is

going to be less important for us

unless we deliver or maybe if you're a

landscaping company or

something like that you can add your

service area for the general just for

people to know like

you know if they find a landscaping

company that's 100 miles away

that might be too far then we can go

down hours

you can select what your hours are and

this next one i think this is new this

year i don't remember seeing this in the

past maybe i just ignored it

but this is going to be especially

important i think with the new like the

pandemic and everything going on so

some places were closed or open with

some different things going on

we're operating as usual we're just

going to say that right there then we

can go down and add some little products

and privacy policy and stuff like that

i'm not going to do that right now but

that's everything for page info

very easy to fill this out i think they

really made it a nice clean interface


and then settings admittedly is a little

bit more intimidating and this is

probably where we're going to spend the

majority of the rest of this video

because this is where you can really

tailor your page to make sure it's as

effective as possible

reaching the largest audience and doing

exactly what you wanted to

now starting off with general this one

read through this on your own time

because it's going to be some things


depending on what your business is you

might want to have an age restriction

you might want a profanity filter

you might want to moderate stuff have

some words that are that are being

blocked so people can't comment certain

words on there

and you could use that for whatever you

want whatever words you you just don't

want on your page

and so you have some things like that

going down we have messaging

we have some really advanced settings

here this is what i mentioned before

when we went into notifications for

messenger you can actually

really customize this quite a bit so

what i like to do is actually go down to

starting a conversation so that's going

to be down

in this section right here we can show a

greeting so when people go onto your

facebook business page

then it'll automatically show them like

a little thing will pop up and say hey

how's it going this is this is us like

welcome to our page

and so we can change what that custom

message is by clicking change

so changing that you can see that we

have a little custom field there so it's

going to say hi

and then whatever the whatever the name

is of the recipient it's going to be

their full name

you could change it if you wanted to so

let's change that and instead add

personalization and maybe we just want

the first name

so we can say hi mike thanks for getting

in touch with us and let's get rid of

the on messenger

don't really care about that and then

please send us any questions you might


or yeah something like that sure we

could just say that that's fine for now

obviously it could be different for

anything you'd say let us know if you

want a quote or if you have any

questions or

whatever and you can add

personalizations like i said besides

just first name

you can have like a link to a facebook

page your full name or their full name


and the address as well so we are going

to click save

and that is our little greeting right

there now your messenger url

is going to be an easy way for people to

if they want to send you a message they

can just go to m dot me slash

and this should be santro stakes it

should be the user name

which is another reason i wanted to have

a username but facebook

again sometimes gets weird and doesn't

let you have a username right away

so for now we just have this big ugly


20 digit number there going down here we

have you can add messenger to our

website not gonna do that right now and

then during

messenger conversations you can have

automated responses

so following this up if you just say hey

send me a question

and let's just say you don't look at

messenger all the time maybe you check


once an hour maybe it's on your phone as

a notification you see it whenever you

see it

then down here you can have an automated

response just to kind of keep the person

from leaving your your facebook page so

if we go and set that up

it'll bring us over here and so we can

edit the message so we can have

instant reply and we're going to edit

our instant reply

the timing is sent instantly as soon as

they do something we could say

hey thanks for reaching out to us we

could say here let's just delete all


hey thanks for your question

all right so we can add that right there

and so we can just basically say like

hey thanks for checking out our page uh

feel free to browse around for the time

being i'll get back to you as soon as i

can and you can throw in maybe a

discount code if you want

uh 10 off just to just to keep people

around make them a little happier

because sometimes if they just send a

message to you and it just goes out into

cyberspace and they never get a response

like it's very discouraging and it's

better to not have messenger at all

than to have a messenger where you are

not responsive at all

now there's other things down here of

course we can have some different

messages for like appointment reminders

follow-ups page recommendations like

stuff we have a lot of stuff going on


but for now this is all i'm going to get

into as far as

messenger goes so if we go back up here

let's get back to where we were go to

central stakes

go down to settings and we were in

messaging so after messaging

you saw we have all this we can go down

to page info and again

this kind of circles back it's just a

redundancy here this is what we already


uh from the shortcut before so we

already edited all of this

going down templates and tabs this is

what i said you have to remember in the

very beginning

the three tabs that were shown were home

offers and reviews

and then the rest of these that are dark

so these are gray but the rest of them

that are dark were in the drop down menu

so you really want to make sure that

your first three are the most important

things for

your business so we can go down here and

say that maybe maybe something else like

services would be a good one maybe that

would be like our menu

you can always like edit what these

actually are so we can go

and maybe change uh maybe about us is

going to be an important one

maybe we don't want offers at all so you

can drag this down here to the last

and you can just disable it entirely so

we're going to disable that

disable that one we are going to disable

events maybe we don't have events going


and so maybe this is what we want we

want about we want reviews and then

below that we're going to have

these couple things right there and so

you can go and this will automatically


and this is our current template right

now you could also change it because


different things would be you know

having a different line up there so

obviously a non-profit a venue

they wouldn't be recommending the same

tabs but of course you can customize

this like i just showed you

going down we have event ticketing i'm

not going to get into that because you

have to set it up with eventbrite

notifications is something that again

this is what i think is interesting when


set up their first facebook business

page one of the first things you realize

is that it is nothing like having a


facebook account because your

notifications you'll just have so many

more notifications

and it just gets really annoying and

it's a big distraction so

i recommend disabling a lot of the


you can go down here and say maybe we

don't care if there is a

new follower on the page maybe we don't

care about new likes

we don't care about um edits new shares

we don't care about that stuff maybe we

do care about page mentions

and we can also go down here and say hey

you know what i don't want notifications

every single time something happens

that's a distraction

i'm making cheese steaks you know so

let's go down and say get one

notification every 12 to

24 hours and then you can change it you

don't want emails you don't want text


and so this is how i'd like to set up my


we can go down to advanced messaging i'm

not going to get into that because

obviously like i said messenger you have

some really advanced things you can do

if you have high volume messages in the

beginning you don't really need to set

up any of that stuff it's not really

that important

we can go down to page roles if you have

a larger team this might be something

that's appealing to you

you can add other people as either

editors or i mean careful who you add as

an admin but

you could add moderators advertisers or

analysts editors obviously you'll be

able to post and do stuff like that

moderators can look at the comments and

you know filter out the bad ones

advertisers obvi that's pretty

self-explanatory and then an analyst can

just see your insights

so it's good to add other people so

you're not the only one doing all of the

work here and also so you're not giving


your personal pro personal facebook

account to people

if you just add them it's just a lot

easier to do stuff people in other pages

not going to get into that preferred


ad limits branded content these are all

things that

we really don't need to get into right

now see branded content let's go back to

where we were

then we have instagram down here you can

connect your instagram it's honestly

really easy to do

a lot of people ask me how to connect an

instagram to a facebook business page

if you just go into page settings

connect account and it just has you sign

into instagram it's

it's that easy to do and then once

you're signed in it'll just be connected

and this will allow you to

upgrade your instagram account to a

business account or a creator account

and that'll give you a lot of other

things to have buttons on your instagram


to see your insights to run ads like the

end the options are definitely nearly

endless there

and so i highly recommend you do that we

can connect whatsapp

as well we can go to featured

cross-pointing the rest of the stuff

down here

is a little bit less exciting page

management history you can see like what

actually happened down here

if you you know someone on your team

made some changes you can see what

happened so you know exactly

how to go back and and see what what's

different if your page suddenly is not

performing well

or if it suddenly is performing really

well so those are the settings down here

activity log is going to show you like

what you posted stuff like that

and we can go on back to our so we'll

just go back to our page now

and that'll bring us to right here and

so that's everything on the left side

then now on the top

we'll see that we can actually see the

drop down if you have more than one

facebook business page

you can easily go through here and you

know select different ones and manage


and then looking at your page you have a

couple options here as well so you can

go and view it as a visitor

again i highly recommend you do this to

make sure that your photos are not cut

off they all look normal everything

looks like it should

and you can see everything as you want

to so you see right here how many

followers our description

send a message and then the categories

that we're in they can like the page

they can send us a message

and they can go down and see the post

that we have so

viewing it it does look pretty good

everything seems to be in order exactly

as we want it

and so now it's actually showing four

tabs for some reason but we can see the

rest if we hit the more menu

and going back to home that's what we

have so let's exit viewing that

and the next thing you want to do is

actually go and start adding

some content so you can go and create

posts and your first post

the one thing that a lot of people

forget and i see this all the time

one of the big reasons that a lot of

businesses don't succeed

and then others you know fix this

problem and they do succeed

it's when you're posting content you

have to remember that the goal of it is

not just to advertise because people

are going to follow you voluntarily if

you're if you're paying for an ad

you can make this whatever you want but

if you're trying to get people to

organically like your content

follow your page they're not going to

follow it just to see what your daily

like advertisements are instead you

really want to make sure you're adding


and there's a couple ways to do that one

of them is you can provide some

entertaining photos or videos

so i mean the easiest example would be

like if you are a petting zoo

posting videos of your animals doing

animal stuff is something that is

extremely shareable on facebook

and i mean some people really took

advantage of this if you guys remember

i think it was like the pig and the goat

in the water like if you ever saw that


that's an example of somebody gaming the

system and just trying to use this and

advertise and make

content that was shareable to help their

own business now similarly you could

make other things that are also in

entertaining so if you're like a bait


and you want to post pictures of people

catching their fish

then whoever whoever's in that photo is

probably going to share that photo

with their friends so it's a great way

to gain more exposure like that

and then thirdly you could be sharing

some deals that are like facebook only


so if it's like hey today we're giving

out free cheesesteaks but you need to

show us that you're following us on


then it could be a great way to you know

again gain some more engagement

or you could have little contests things

like that but just remember that

whenever you make a post you want to be

providing value in some way so you're

not just saying

like come buy our cheesesteaks we make

really good cheesesteaks this one's our

philly cheese steak right like

that stuff's going to get annoying

nobody's going to follow that and even

if they do follow it if people don't


after a few attempts of facebook showing

it eventually you're just going to have

dead followers where

your posts are not even being shown on

the home pages of

other people on facebook so that's my

spiel about posting different things

that are providing value

and that's pretty much everything i

wanted to show you in this video that's

really all you need to know about

creating a facebook business page is

pretty self-explanatory

pretty easy to do so now is a good time

to get started on that

thank you guys for watching this video

if you have any questions go on down

leave a comment below

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this video consider liking and


thanks for watching guys i'll see you

next time