How to Join a Theme Camp at Burning Man

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it is 68 days from the Mount Bears and

today we're talking about how to join a

theme camp so I've already done videos

on whether or not you should join us

being plan and how to find a theme camp

but now it's like how you actually join


so obviously step one is finding a theme

camp and there are all sorts out there

pretty much anything you can imagine you

can probably find a theme platform

there's big ones and small ones but

allowable as the quiet ones and adult

ones and kid walls there would be big

well-established camp so once they've

been going for years and years is

they're the easiest ones to find so

because if not they tend to get a lot of

requests to join them which means that

you know sometimes they just don't have

enough space for everyone that wants to

join that theme camp so if you're going

for one of the bigger ones you might

find it they just have no space to let

you join them usually Burning Man

doesn't release the list of skin cancer

going into quite close to the time and a

lot of people kind of want to get set up

with a theme camp before that list is

released so the best thing to do is

check out the list from the previous

year look for anything cats that

interest you and you know try to find

out more information about them so even

though the most important thing when

you're finding a theme camp should be

that the things that the same cat is

doing it really excites you

you will want to have a think about you

know what your needs are so you know is

there anything specific that you kind of

want while you're at Burning Man is it

that you know it's going to be a kind of

community theme camp where there's a

very like social feel to it is it like a

tangible thing where you have to have

like a shower how much are you willing

to dedicate to like camp duties and

things like that so really think about

what your needs are so that when you're

looking at all the theme camp you can

see you know which ones are kind of

fulfilling those things for you so you

found your ideal team cab and now it's

time to actually start the process of

trying to become part of that theme camp

so with something has it's really easy

they will have some kind of instructions

or a registration process on their

website or you know their Facebook group

or whatever online presence they have

with others you're going to have to kind

of dig around

to figure out how exactly you go about

joining them if the thing does have like

a very clear process of what you need to

do to try and join it and obviously just

follow along with that do whatever it is

that they ask that you do and you know

that should hopefully be it but if not

you know dig around see if you can find

you know one of the organizers of the

theme plan to contact them to find out

you know how exactly you join them so a

lot of people screw up the kind of first

contact they just kind of send out a

vague blanket email to multiple team

kind of thing like hey I want to join

your theme camp what do I need to do and

you know try and imagine how that looks

- the theme camp organizers they're

spending all this time and effort to

arrange this amazing theme calves that

have some kind of purpose something that

they're you know it's floated about

enthusiastic and passionate about and

people are contacting them and showing

none of that enthusiasm so it's like hey

I want to join your theme plan how do I

join it and chances out they get a ton

of emails like that from strangers that

you know they don't know you and you're

just like hey I want to join your theme

cast like they don't know if secretly

you're like really passionate and

excited and that's just not coming

across in your email so put some time

and effort into it show that you have

actually researched their theme camp you

know what they're doing you know what

the purpose is and it's something that

you're very passionate about all that

you're excited to be a part of and

increase an information about yourself

you know they don't know who are so you

know introduce yourself you need to

write like a huge essay about your like

life history like an autobiography you

know just introduce yourself and let

them know that you are actually excited

about their specific theme plan then

once you say that of all you can really

do is wait and hope those they get back

to you quickly and you might be lucky

you might just get a response back sighs

and quick saying yet but come and be

part of our theme Club we'd love to have


they might request some more information

from you or you know it might be a bit

of a back and forth discussion for a

little while in some cases you might

never hear that from them at all which

stuff and in some cases they might say

no they might not have any space they

might feel that you're just not really a

good fit for that cab you know for

whatever reason you may not be able to

your first choice of being town and you

might want to contact a few theme camps

at the same time especially we know that

some of the theme clubs that you are

contacting are not really taking on many

new members or they're quite full yeah

you don't want to put all your eggs in

one basket so if you get expected it is

time to find out you know what you need

to do now hopefully the same cab will

direct you to some kind of resource or

information or just email you

information you know about kind of how

things work what the theme can provide

what you need to provide for yourself if

there's any Jews you need to pay if

there's camp responsibilities that

you're going to have to do all of that

kind of information it's incredibly

important to know that stuff you don't

want to turn up with no water because

you assume that scene tab would be

providing all the water that everyone

needed and discover that no they're not

you were supposed to bring your own

water if you don't have all that

information you know don't be shy about

sending often emails to the club

organizers or getting in touch with them

in some way and just asking any

questions you have getting them to just

clarify things for you but if you are

like a control freak or an oval

organizer and you can see yourself being

the kind of person that's going to be

sending off like little questions all

the time try and save up all your

questions so like one big email so

you're not like constantly bothering

there being I don't hey what about this

hey what about this it's also nice to

know what the communication process

leading up to Burning Man is going to be

are they going to be sending out like

status updates things like that and

they're going to be by email and they're

going to be on like a Facebook group or

on the website like where can you get

information to kind of see how

everything's moving a lot or to see if

there's like problems that department is

coming need to get involved with to help

solve those problems

is there any like fundraising or their

projects or anything that you can get

involved with the for Burning Man it's

just nice to know about the

communication process so that you're not

kind of sitting there in the run-up to

Burning Man being like well you know I

haven't heard anything I wonder if

everything's okay and it's the cloud

like ready is it going to be there when

I get there like what's going on if you

know what that communication process is

you're not going to feel like stressed

or worried if you don't hear

from them until you know two weeks

before the phone because you already

knows that that was what was going to

happen if it's a fairly new king-crab

you know it might be something that

they're just still working out they

haven't really thought about you know

updating the people that have joined the

camp or sending out information and

stuff so if you are feeling you know a

little bit apprehensive you haven't been

given any kind of updates or information

you know shoot off an email or contact

them and just say like hey I was just

wondering like what's going on any

update on what's happening with the

Steenkamp here at my dispute that

they're super busy it might be that they

never really thought about sending out

update maybe all those updates are

happening and they just you know they're

putting them online or something you

didn't know to go to that place also

debating Maps is a really long way off

and those that don't really have

anything to update anyone on for a lot

of larger thing plans they have all that

information on their online presence so

there isn't really that much that they

need to be updating people with because

they can see all that information anyway

really the most important communication

should be if things go wrong so if for

some reason the scene tab is not going

to be going to Burning Man if they are

not going to be able to provide the

things that they originally thought that

they would you obviously want to know

that in advance so that you can prepare

and bring any of that stuff that you

need to that you sort the scene Cowboys

supply or you know if they end up not

coming at all so that you are prepared

for your own camp and if everything is

going right the main thing you want to

know is where is that thing going to be

so that when you arrive you know where

you need to go so once you get through

the gate you go ahead there and get

stuff in so I hope this is helpful guys

and if any of you are joining up with

scene class that it all goes well you

end up with amazing theme camps and you

just have a brilliant time and if you

see me at Burning Man this yet feel free

to come and say hi to me hi guys