How to Become a Monk in Thailand + FREE Guide (IDOP at Wat Phra Dhammakaya)

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how to become a monk in Thailand let's

find out


the number one question I get asked on

YouTube is how do I become a monk in

Thailand if you've ever considered

wearing the saffron robe living in a

monastery and learning the ancient

wisdom in a foreign land then you're in

the right place if you're not aware

Thailand is the home for many Buddhist

monks nestled in the heart of Thailand

is a program called high dollar short

for international Dawid iota ordination

program adopt gives foreigners like you

and myself an opportunity to ordain and

live as a Buddhist monk adopt caters to

those speaking English Chinese and Thai

it provides a supportive and nurturing

environment to cultivate a meditation

practice discipline and wisdom using

ancient traditions passed down for over

2,500 years this program is

one-of-a-kind as it resides at the

world's largest Buddhist temple in the

world what prop dama kiya

to begin you'll need to reserve your

spot online

ww ordination time org

book your flight and the rest is pure



this 45-day program officially kicks off

on day one with an orientation and

registration process the men quickly

adjust to their new home meet their new

brothers mentor monks and teaching monks



immediately the men are introduced to

the first concept of Buddhism detachment

the new Dhamma Dada's are separated from

their belongings electronics street

clothes finances and grooming products


the following day Mohamed Atta's began

their threefold training consisting of

disciplines meditation and wisdom


with good discipline the meditation can

arise with good meditation good wisdom

can arise

discipline is cultivated in two areas

worldly discipline and spiritual


to achieve these goals and they adopt

the eight precepts no killing no


not committing adultery not engaging

into a speech not consuming the

intoxicants not eating after noontime no

entertainment and not sleeping on high

in the Juris places



to further develop their discipline

practice that talmadeus stopped the

universe of goodness five consisting of

cleanliness orderliness politeness

punctuality and concentration




they take on this habit of purifying

their outside world which in turn begins

to purify their inner world



as their foundation strengthens that

Dalma Dada's inch one step closer to

monk oh by participating in a

traditional hair clipping ceremony


cantering I deserve me not too late oh

good men of the righteous strongly grant

star star


this hair clipping ceremony and symbolic

of letting go of attachments


and just like that the big day arrives

ordination day


that dhamma dieters are surrounded by

supportive locals family and friends and

the monastic community



the day proceeds with the forgiveness

ceremony and the official offering of

the robes



once outfitted in robes they make the

official transition by taking a bow to

follow the monastic code and 227



this starts their new life as Buddhist



is the sign of wisdom loved ones

as new monks they learn how to engage in

a new way of life

a life of simplicity


and mindfulness

one of the most beautiful experiences as

a new monk is partaking in an ancient

tradition called in Tabata our homes

offering with



the new monks walk barefoot in a single

line to receive alms offering than the



in exchange and must provide a sacred







being a month is probably one of the

most difficult things to do however the

most rewarding


taking a vow to purify one's mind

cultivating new habits making a

conscious decision to let go of



and training oneself to be better for

the world takes courage

it takes discipline it takes endurance

and above all it takes humility


how do you improve the world


you improve yourself