Why You Need to Join a Book Club... NOW

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since I we found my love for books I've

been on a solo quest to read more and

the outcome of doing that has been

significantly positive but I don't want

to do with solo anymore I want us to

grow together and to help each other

grow so I'm starting a monthly book club


and a lot of you have shown interest in

this and although I know this isn't

going to sound very exciting for

everyone I do hope you want to stick

around throughout this video before you

make a decision one of my philosophies

and something that I've said again and

again throughout my videos is the

importance of being open to trying new

things and I can't stress that enough

I'm going to have this video be two

parts the first part being the purpose

of the book club in other words why you

should join and the second part I'll be

going over all the technical stuff so

how you can join what to expect and so

on so what's the purpose

number one community and there are three

parts about the first part being a sense

of belonging because reading together

instead of reading alone gives a sense

of purpose and meaning the second part

being self expression a place where

you're free to discuss and share ideas

and simply express yourself the third

part being you'll meet new people and

I'm sure you'll even make friends number

to learn and gain new perspectives

you'll be introduced to books that you

might have otherwise ignored and the

more perspectives you gain the more you

grow and everyone interprets things

differently so this is a great

opportunity to take part of other

people's perspectives and ideas which I

believe to be very valuable

number three practice commitment and

self-discipline learning two commits

building habits and feeling

accountability towards others and

towards yourself is one of the most

valuable skills you can develop and as a

member of the book club you will be held

accountable because the group will

expect you to have read and reflected on

the book you know when you're posting a


I'll read it and no one answers it it's

not a very fun feeling and we don't want

to make others in the group feel bad

number four reading and discussing and

reflecting regularly will better your

reading and write

thinking abilities and I think that's

kind of obvious I don't really need to

go in-depth on that one and finally

number five have fun

although this will be a great

opportunity for growth and learning it's

also an opportunity to connect and to

have interesting fun conversations one

thing I've known since starting this

channel is that I don't want this

channel to just be about me I want it to

be about us together and I truly believe

that this is a great opportunity to

unify us and to make you all feel like

you're actually part of a community

because you are so how will this all

work like I said this will be a monthly

book club meaning that every month we

will be reading one book together and on

the 24th of every month I will be

writing a post in the community tab here

on YouTube asking you all for book

suggestions and I will be adding some

options as well and whichever book gets

the most thumbs up will be the book that

we will be reading throughout the next

month and the genre should be aligned

with the content of this channel so

philosophy self-help psychology and it

can be either nonfiction or fiction down

the line I hope to be able to offer you

wall books discounts but until then you

can try it audible 3 for 30 days or you

can just purchase used books which are

usually way cheaper and on the 25th of

each month I will be announcing the

winning book here on YouTube through a

video and that is also where the

discussion will be going on throughout

the month I might get a different format

down the line such as subreddits or some

people have even reached out to me

offering to build apps or websites

specifically for the book club but I do

want to get an idea of how many people

are actually being active and

participating before I make a decision

to go down that line I will be posting

my thoughts on the book throughout the

month on my Instagram through insta

stories and posts and I might also be

posting some challenges relating to the

book where

I'm very excited about and if anyone of

you are posting about your read and if

you're participating any one of the

challenges please don't forget to tag me

so I can see you and I will repost you

and we can have a chat and that will

also be encouraging others if we are

reading a newer book I will of course

try to get the author on my channel for

an interview that might be very

difficult but I will definitely do my

best I think that would be very

interesting and that's really all I have

to say for this video I'm very excited

to have finally announced this please

sound off in the comments if you are

planning on joining and what your

thoughts are and I will see you all in

my community tab on the 24th to vote on

the book that we will be reading in July

and I will of course be seeing you all

before that because I'll be posting

videos but you know what I mean

thank you so much for watching and I

will see you in my next one