Joining as a Participant with the BlueJeans App

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welcome to blue jeans in this video

we'll cover how to join your first blue

jeans meeting as a participant using the

blue jeans app from your invitation

you'll see a join meeting button here at

the top click the button when it's time

to join download it run the blue jeans

launcher then follow the on-screen

prompts complete the quick one-time


once installed the blue cheese app will

open automatically now into your name

and click on the join as a guest button

alternatively click here if you have a

blue jeans account to log in before

coming into the meeting take a look

yourself view make sure your camera

ready then if needed you can mute your

camera or microphone here when you're

ready click the join meeting button to

proceed in the meeting you'll see

yourself you here at the top we

recommend clicking it to pop the video

out to a larger view use the controls

here to mute or unmute your camera and

microphone chat lets you send messages

to the entire group or respond to

private messages the participant roster

lets you view all participants currently

attending the meeting send private

messages and more screen share lets you

share your entire desktop or specific

application with all participants in the


while sharing you'll see if floating

which is those not shared to the other

participant this lets you keep track of

their videos while you're doing your

presentation to which you can also be

moved around screen and increased in

size to stop sharing simply click the

red stop sharing button on the widget or

here from the screen sharing menu while

watching other participants present you

can use the slider bar here to adjust

the size of the content in the video to

your liking your best practice use the

headset or earbuds and keep your

microphone muted when not speaking while

muted press and hold the spacebar to

unmute and speak this will prevent any

potential echo or unwanted background

noise if you do not have a headset or

earbuds then turn down your speaker's

volume is recommended thank you for

watching if you have any questions or

want to learn more visit us at support

bluejeans calm