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today's it's our topic is how to join a

community on to tell you that

how you can join the community hundred we will tell you how to join a

community on for this follow

follow me process first you need to open


the browser on your depth of a computer

in the browser in Turku golovkin in the

address bar after one google enter in google search box then

click on Google search to know if that

would have opened here here you click on

login button to click on login button

but your e-mail ID password and click on

the win after this it was redirected on

login page after this your low in pain

will be show you until your account with

Logan now click on search box in red and

enter community's name which you want

join its example you can see that you

want join a Christian communities so you

can do in us credit us credit it's a

good community for Question and Answer

can ask any question when I die here so

for but our classical reddit in search

box and press Enter when I press ENTER

it will show some communities irritation

related to ask communities is first in

this list or ask communities you can

click even button for join these

communities and other related

communities you also can doing and after

joining a community you can post in the

community for posting in the community