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what is your real name when did you

cross what is a line name and why did

they give you that name

I am Camry Stevens I'm a spring 18 this

year and to Alpha Phi fraternity

incorporated through the beta I yield

two chapters senior here at

winston-salem State my line name was

Exodus I was the last five of my line

Exodus if anyone reads the Bible I mean

that story it's just there's a specific

story where Moses led the people out of

disparity and harm one thing that I'm

good at is leaving a large mass group of

people that's one thing that I love to

do so that's why my name is Exodus

Jeremiah fields of course st. chapter

beta over here there was some State

University spring 18 I was the ACE and

my line they were Zeus he made research

about your Greek god Zeus is the

superior east of God of gods and heroes

everything and that's kinda ideas when

you're at a school and doing what you're

doing you help people out and you tell

them necessary steps to complete the tag

you know when I was a award spring 18b I

some ironic get the Pharaoh there comes

to my magician guy he does it telling

the story and they like someone should

be there see here on squad we co

transcend all its attempts to do so why

did you choose this organization over

the others so in our first came when so

State University I didn't know much

about Greek life but once I got here I

actually joined the student investment

club where the presidents were office on

Daris way as well as another house with

so just being under the leadership we

just seemed in a way that the care

themselves back home we're home you'll

see me the students to all day and

literally every day they had on suits

and I just like the way they carry

themselves and compared to the rest of

the people on campus this maternity just

be its own my personality coming off

what he said similar I love to assembly

pens where I come from two to five to

can't snow Carolina and it's a lot of

omegas there but when I got into college

I never I never mean towards I make

so I got the campus make contact period

yeah you know it was a first site type

thing he told me to do a little research

once I did my start looking at devoted

with people and within a fraternity and

I started into Ames missionary in the

vicious vision statement and these are

all pieces of information that I felt

like I could have read it myself

so it's like I really could understand

my cover late to help with my people

into trance in my service Obama first of

all so all these things like things that

I felt I couldn't agree to myself and it

truly fit me perfectly so when they tell

you like don't force it don't force me

to settle you don't have to I was

definitely first of all serves in law we

shall transcend off is something that I

hold near and dear to my heart

I'm from Norfolk Virginia I'm

first-generation college student

first-generation Greek and everything

that's something we all can relate to

you know like in Virginia and of North

Lake alphas aren't really big deal there

other threats that are however still I

didn't have that example so when I came

to Winston and a lot of my mentors were

friend you know a lot of them were out

was teachers were outfit and I just like

the way they carried themselves and then

I started doing more research and

looking at by notable members notable

big brothers that's in the Pratt and

then you know looking at the aims and

the mission and what alpha stood for it

it's me

you know is me all the way so there was

no other choice what are some

stereotypes that your fraternity gets a

lot some stereotypes that we get

we are always like too serious I like

yeah we're businessmen and in a day

you'll ever get our business done but we

don't know how to have fun you know I'm

saying uh one thing that they say we

work hard what we party party hard stay

up late but most of all we graduate you

know it's so like we do party a lot

coming does it yeah husband so usually

on Sunday females say about our

on-campus HBCU

they say you don't you don't buy your


have people treated you differently

after you crossed I want to really say

if you treat you differently but they

just hold you to a higher standard

just because of Debrecen they have of

the frightened people that are here

forever Martin Luther King yeah like you

said it's pretty similar I was who I was

before these letters and that's what

they say it's the saying that we have is

office we don't know we say you don't

find out alpha finds you which means you

do work you probably work on your campus

first and Allison's on their campus will

find you and then reach out to you

to come to eternity so like I said I've

been doing this Avenue alpha where my

little I get so when I got here he was

just like he's the type of tool and

there's no meaning to the madness so I

was a helpful before I got these letters

you know like that was me that was my

lifestyle that's that's how I am you

know with business my family service all

of that um now I'm not going to sit here

and say that people aren't going to

treat you different once you into a frat

or a sorority but there are you know

however those aren't the people who knew

you in the first place

because anyone who thinks that you

changed up or now some people out here

have gotten bigoted

you know I'm saying which I mean it

comes with that however with experience

like I make sure I've been me the whole

way from before I got my letters to

after I got get my letters until I

attended a I'm gonna continue to be

Camry Stevens I'm not gonna let the

letters wear me I'm aware the letters

you know then and that's it what is

something that a person shouldn't do if

they want to join um one thing that

people should do it's not much however

is one thing that I always say is like

of course like be discreet right but

always be yourself like that's what you

should always do I'm not going to talk

about what you shouldn't do but what you

shall always do is be yourself at the

end of the day like just because I walk

around with a suit on and you know I

seem like this you know person like it

actually and stuff don't try to be like

me just because you want to get in the

and want me to see you we noticed people

who are themselves who stands out who

are already doing the work you know I'm

saying don't sit here and ask me hey

where it's the community service hours

if you want to be come someone and

anything you know you should initiate

everything but you shouldn't ask the

person who's in NRA of course you ask

you know for clarification however don't

ask me everything I'm not going to need

you or spoon lead you into something

that I had to work hard for it so that's

one thing I say to do sometimes

sometimes you get guys is very

interesting sometimes interesting things

but you want to and this is my advice to

those seeking to be real like numbers

express your interest and go back to

your life right do your work right if

they don't you don't have to keep

checking their hands out of time you

have to keep making the weird

interaction or a weird and stuff like

that I'm saying you just express that

you're interested in DV stages just

about it just keep living your life like

I said

why just piggyback what they say just be

yourself and why just just don't be

worse please don't worse and don't lose

your moral values trying to be like ya

and do your research right yeah you're

right because you know you can look at

outflows and say I want to be a helpful

but then deep down in your heart your

morals and values might be something

else so just because it looks good on

the outside make sure you know what's on

the inside of you how do you feel about

non black people joining I struggled I

struggled so much with this question

right because if you know the history of

alpha and why it was founded and then

you look to today with you know people

who aren't of african-american descent

sometimes I asked my I asked myself

which I want to ask them is why like if

if you know why I was founded you know

within an era of times where we couldn't

even walk on campus at PW eyes by

ourselves because some people get

snatched up hung and killed right you

can even walk to class without being

beaten or sped on right and that's why

this paternity was made just so that we

can have somewhere to go so that we can

have somewhere to you know express our

feelings or do service work within the

community for our people so then you ask

you know someone that's not gonna make

him why did you jump join it but then I

have to think times are changing and

different you know different people of

ethnic groups can go through similar

things as we just because you weren't

black don't mean that your family wasn't

oppressed at one point that your land

wasn't taken at one point that you know

you your family members was walking down

the street either protesting for us or

you know I'm saying like you have to

think about that I don't know everyone

so then

if the frats want to welcome in with

open arms I have to as well because I'm

a part of this I mean as well but as

long as they come from a background that

is just a little similar to it's never

not a great time to change you know I'm

saying like if you're fan say I was a

you know white white guy or a Hispanic

guy who wanted to become a helpful in my

family at one point where races or were

in that era but they were the ones

oppressing is never not a time where I

can change that demographic for myself

and my legacy to come you know we're

gonna be here you know forever so I

would want to change it as well

especially you know trying to progress

this community members of Alpha Phi

fraternity incorporated we usually do

steps or strolls to express ourselves

our fillings or just a little bit of

history that we have so right now we are

about to do respect your roots that

speaks for itself

all right now listen to words one not

one not Oh