GTA Online - How To Invite Friends To Your MC / Biker Club / Motorcycle Club

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you're scaring guys in this video I'm

gonna show you how you can invite your

friends to your motorcycle club in GTA

online so stay tuned it's business cold

when Iran is lasted far too long

y'all were scamming guys found Jake ra

from brony chief dot-com teaching you

how to be better and when I tried to

invite my friend in to my motorcycle

club I couldn't find him in my menu or

on the invite screen where you go to

find prospects it wouldn't send him a

invite when I went to nearby I couldn't

see him on the play list or any other

list which is quite annoying the way to

fix this if you didn't know how to

invite people to your MC already then

you need to bring up the interaction

menu by holding down touchpad and going

to your motorcycle club president and

they go to find prospects and when you

go there the way to make this work so

that you can actually invite your

friends is tell your friend to set his

status as looking for an MC and when he

does that you can offer an invite to

everyone who's looking for an MC and

he'll get that invite and then he'll be

able to join and that should allow you

to bring with your friends in your

motorcycle club now I hope this video

helps you guys out if you want to join

my motorcycle club in GTA online and get

involved in the Rex riches series then

join discord the link is in the

description thanks for watching and

liking and subscribing

there's a cold winter and it's lasted

far too long so for this selfish air

with you