How to join a motorcycle club

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all right so you want to join a

motorcycle club

not a problem i wish you the best of


i've been there i've done that and

uh i'll tell you a little bit about the

process and things you can do

and that you shouldn't do all coming up

on this episode

hang tight and let's roll man



all right guys thanks for tuning in

welcome back let's get this show on the

road let's get into the nuts and bolts


how do i join a motorcycle club a little

bit about me

just so you understand that i'm just i

didn't read a book or watch

every episode of sons of anarchy which i

did i did i admit it

now i haven't watched the new spin-off

show the mayans saying haven't seen that


but with that said let's get into this

first thing you want to do

if you want to join a motorcycle club

all right

make sure you never call it a gang don't

say i'm gonna go join a motorcycle gang

well you're not ready man if that's your

mindset that's your terminology you

don't have enough clues

about how to go ahead with this all

right so give it up right now

next all right go watch

somebody else because this isn't for you

all right

now let's say it is for you and you're

ready to make that move

first thing you want to do is become a

hang around

most clubs the gen i'm you know

throughout this whole video here

i'm going to be talking in generalities

i'm not going to get into the nuts and

bolts of certain clubs and their rules

their bylaws and all that good stuff

just because there's too many clubs out

there man there's a

there's thousands of clubs out there and

every one of them has a little bit of

different thing going on

so i you know i gotta speak in general

terms so

bear with me on that but i think you're

still going to take away plenty of

information here

on getting you down the road literally

twisting that wick with your brothers

all right now you notice i said brothers

i'm not going to talk about clubs that

have female members which there's plenty

of clubs out there that do

and i don't care and that's all cool but

hey this isn't about that this is about

the clubs that are american-made


you have to ride one of those no female


you know that's pretty much the basis of

what i'm talking about your


motorcycle clubs in the united states of


okay first thing you're gonna do is you

gotta hang around man

how do you become a hang around well you

go hang around

all right you find out what these guys

are doing maybe you've seen a member at

a certain bar or members every night you

know they go to a certain bar or every

weekend they're at a certain bar

or you know they're going to be at this

particular swap meet

motorcycle club concert event

whatever it is you know they're going to

be there make yourself present

all right i'm not saying you go there

the first time out

how you doing i want to join no

that is the last thing you do let them

see you

you don't need to be heard right now you

don't need to be

putting on a show you don't need to do

anything other than let them see you

let them see you


being you in other words don't be a

tough guy don't be a smart ass don't be

anything that you are not now if you're

a tough guy great

everybody's a tough guy until you

actually meet one everybody can have a

sense of humor and i'm not telling you

not to have a sense of humor

if that is you be you and let them

see the real you okay

now once they see you hanging around a

little bit and you're in the same


more than likely if they don't approach

you you can approach one of the members

hey how you doing buy them a beer or

whatever you know

just make some small talk now they're

getting more comfortable around you

all right and once they're comfortable

with seeing your ugly face

then it's maybe time to say you know

what hey i've been seeing you guys


uh i don't know a ton about your club i

don't pretend to know a ton about your


but any chance i can you know start

hanging around a little bit

and i guarantee you if you're worth your

salt if you're not a complete idiot

they're gonna say yeah

absolutely man you know as a matter of

fact here's my card here's my business


here's a flyer for a party that we're

going to have

and you're welcome to the clubhouse a

lot of clubs

have certain nights of the week that

they have

in what is an open night and what they

mean by

an open night it they allow outside

members to come into the clubhouse

and more than likely they're gonna say

hey you know thursday night

is open night for our clubhouse swing on


you know and you go in there and i

guarantee you if you've never been into

a clubhouse

it's gonna remind you a lot of a bar uh

it's gonna remind you a lot of a biker

bar that you've been into but that's

dedicated to that particular club

and there's going to be somebody behind

the bar and it won't be you

by no means should you ever get behind

the bar unless you're told to get behind

the bar

so they'll run and conduct business

professionally and according to

their rules rags bylaws so

with you you're a visitor there

understand that you

are a visitor that is there on an invite

and whoever it was that invited you make

sure you know their name

you know if fingers told you hey swing

by on thursday

uh you know it's from

five o'clock until whenever when you get

there and fingers isn't at the clubhouse

and you get checked at the door or


make sure you have the ability to say

hey man i ran into fingers at the

motorcycle show the other day and he

told me to swing by

they're either going to make a phone

call to fingers and say hey man uh

we got some dude did you send them yeah

absolutely man let him in

give him a drink now you're going to be

able to

come into the the establishment into the


and you know conduct yourself as a


visitor to their home because that is

exactly what it is to many of these club


is their home this is their home of

their brothers and

they're in there and they will protect

it so don't go in there and

and try to impress anybody because i

guarantee you

you're not going to impress anybody okay

you are more than likely

as one of the signs said in the

clubhouse that i ran

if you're not bleeding when you leave

you're welcome back

all right so make sure you're not

bleeding when you leave and make sure

you're not leaving earlier than you


with that said you're hanging around a

little bit now

and more than likely the more you do

this you may

actually get a official

title if you will of hang around you

might some clubs

actually have a front flash patch

that'll say hang around

some of them will just say hey man get

yourself a vest and we want you to wear

you know support your local whoever

and you're going to rock that kind of

gear for a little bit

and it's a just a simple subtle way of


yeah he's he's hanging around us this is

our guy so if there's an issue

come find a member of us and we'll we'll

deal with it we'll take care of that


so you're hanging around now and i want

you to

understand and this is extremely

extremely important

the hang around process isn't the


process that comes later that comes next

the hang around prospect is the time

when the club is prospecting for you

and what i mean by that is the club's

going to do what they do

they're not changing anything to impress


but they're going to be doing things and

acting the way that

they always do they're going to put

their reality out in front of you to see

if you don't agree or

appreciate or can't live in that society

of how they're conducting their

day-to-day everyday lives

then that club isn't for you man bounce

down the road

don't take it any further don't waste

any more of your time

don't waste any more of their time or


okay so that is what the the hang around


is all about it's about you figuring out

if this particular club

is for you okay so don't

confuse anything this is the time you

sit back you watch you're not going to

be asked

to do a lot of things as a hang around

if anything

i mean you're more than likely they're

going to let you

observe you know and that's the time to

sit back man don't run your trap

just sit back relax and observe to make


this club is what you really thought it

was it's not a romantic idea of what you

thought it was

it is what you thought it was and if

that is in fact what you

hoped it was and planned to be now it's

time to go to the next step

that next step is finding the guy that

is going to become

your sponsor and what i mean by a

sponsor is

he's the guy that's going to say i'm


for fingers the new prospect

and he's going to vouch for me and say

come on in

you're going to put on cut that says


some clubs have probates i know like up


canada they call them strikers you know


every club has a little nuances that are

might be a little different but

more than likely the general term is

prospect your perspective

remember you're not a member you're a

perspective member of this particular


now with that said you're gonna get your

lower rocker the lower rockers more than

likely going to

either say you know the state the county

whatever territory that the club runs in

um you know and some clubs will actually

have prospect rockers some clubs will

you know i i i've been around the game i


well god started riding my first harley

when i was 17.

and i remember and some clubs still do

this today

if you were a prospect they took duct

tape and put a big pea on the back of


your vest on the back of your cut and

that's all you had was just this

big duct-taped pee and i

i don't know i i still miss those days

sometimes but

um you know so you're a prospect

you have a sponsor and the next thing

you need to do as a prospective member

is show

now it's time for you to show your worth

to the club now is the time

that again you don't get too vocal

it's better to be seen than heard um

one of the first steps that you need to

do is put together a prospect

kit now no you don't

run to you know the five and dime and


a prospect excuse me can i buy a

prospect kit

it doesn't work that way you've got to

put together your prospect kit

and what the idea of the prospect get is

there items that club members that the

full patches

particularly your patch your sponsor

okay so when you put together your

prospect kit

think about anything that your

sponsor might want you know anything


toothpicks dental floss condoms

uh vitamins nasal spray i don't know

you have to know that i carried

various items in in my prospect yet

everything from

the condoms everything from a couple

extra rounds for

a firearm that i knew my sponsor carried

um so i you know any kind of situation

make sure that you have a knife make

sure that knife is

razor sharp uh because i guarantee you

you're gonna be cutting things

all the freaking time um

and i know one of one of the clubs that


we had they would test the prospect's


and look for sharpness they would

literally take let me see that prospect


they would check it and if it wasn't

sharp enough

you got totally john sit down and

sharpen that knife if you don't know how

to sharpen that knife

there's going to be a patch that's going

to show you how to sharpen that knife

this is a learning process for a lot of

prospects if you don't know how to do


that is their deal is they're going to

try to bring you up to third level

they're going to try to make

you as knowledgeable as the rest of

these guys

in certain areas so you're going to get

an education about

the biker lifestyle in general but

you're going to get a huge education

about the club and the brothers and

the mental aspects

of what that club is all about how they

do things

and why they do things so as a prospect

you've got your prospect

kit and everybody says well how long do

i have to do this for

why do i have to wash bikes why do i

have to change oil why do i have to stay

in security why do i have to

stand here and serve beers at a party

why do i have to do

well because that's what they want you

to do

and no patch should ever ask you to do

something that they're not willing to do


so think about it when they ask you to

do something

is that patch willing to do what he just

asked you

if the answer is no that club's not for

you that patch is a disgrace and you

need to get the hell down the road

if the answer is is that patch willing

to wash a bike is that patch

willing to change oil is that patch

willing to serve beers

and the answer is yes well then what's

the problem man

this is a family if you will

these are your brothers soon to be

brothers or

hopefully future brothers if you're

doing things right

so what would you do for your brother

you know there's a lot of people that

can talk to smack hey brother hey


you know and then there's always that

response of don't bro me if you don't

know me

all right so there's too many people out

there that don't know each other

they end up in this club and these clubs

you know they

here's a little statistic for you most


last three years max three

years think about that and i know three

years sounds well that's decent amount

of time right

now on the larger scale think about

these clubs that have been around

60 70 years i mean

you know some of the oldest clubs out

there man they've seen it they've done


they have experienced so many things and

if the new members

get anything from the old members that's

what makes a solid club

and as a prospect you're learning that

whole scenario you're learning that

whole upbringing you're getting a phd

in club life and it should be raising

you up

now if it's bringing you down it's not

for you man

it is it and trust me club life is not

for everybody

i'm not in a club anymore why because

club life ain't for me

i've been in too many clubs i've seen

too many things

it's just not for me i'm not and i'm not

i'm not wrapping them i'm not saying

it's a bad thing

it's just not for me at least not


i'm an old man now you know it's for

young bucks

and the young guys are the ones that i

have to carry on tradition

you know guys like me will be dead in 10

years so

don't sweat that prospecting is one of


funnest memorable points of being a part

of that club

that you're going to have i know that

sounds strange i know that sounds

ludicrous to anybody that's going

through prospecting right now

or maybe even thinking about prospecting

for a club but i guarantee you you're

going to look back after you're a full


man i kind of missed the prospecting

days of when people would do this and do

that it was fun

even though it might not be fun at the

time so you know

you're going to run into some some

scenarios it's like really i got to do


yeah and then hindsight it's like kind

of like you know

i'm going to summer camp i don't really

you know your parents are making you go

to summer camp and i don't want to go to

summer camp

and you get to summer camp you meet a

bunch of buddies you have a ball

you know you you do some panty raids

whatever the hell you do at summer camp

never went to one of them

but you know and at the end of the

summer cam it's like son of a gun i

don't want to go home man i want to hang

out with my new buddies

it's like that okay so trust me

prospecting isn't all that bad it's fun

take it for what it's worth it's kind of


uh if you were in the military or any of

that stuff

a lot of it's a head game man you know

they're going to get in your head

they're going to play with your head

physical stuff don't worry about that

man what are you gonna make you stronger

it's a plus all right on to the next

topic and that is all right i made it

i'm a full patch baby


i'm rocking that patch i'm going to run

around all over and i'm going to show

everybody and everything

okay by then man i'm telling you right

now it's going to be old hat you're

going to be

very accomplished you're going to feel a

very huge sense of pride that you got

that full patch

and that's all cool but now becomes the

responsibility of carrying on the club

you are now

the icon of that club you are


for the reputation and the future of

that club

you are responsible for any of the other


so you know as one of the old sayings go

you know your brother might not always

be right

but he's always going to be your brother


if it's a one in all in man

and you got to have that mindset and

you know it's up to you now you can vote

you can vote at the meetings you know

sometime called

church so when you go to church you get

to vote you get to start steering the


for me it was real simple man i steered


early on once i was a full patched

and that's how i become a chapter

president at one point

in the greater things of club life

man you know there's some really cool

um aspects to it one of the things i

always enjoyed was

you know there's a chapter wherever

in a different state maybe in a you know

i'm from illinois

from the chicagoland area and one of the

things i

enjoyed was hey there's a chapter down

south and

freaking you know not too far off the


well great man i'm gonna rock and ride

down there and

i got a place to stay it's kind of like


i don't want to say ghetto but it's poor


timeshare i don't know it but it's more

fun because you got brothers down there

waiting for you

show you around you're going to get a

lot of the

tours that nobody else will ever see

so there's some good things about club

life for me

club life became daunting it became too


of you know holding back on the reins on

me of what i wanted to do

um and so i moved on

uh as i generally always do man i

i'm very much a loner always have been

probably always will be

all right guys i hope you took away a

little something out of here

if you're gonna join the club i wish you

nothing but the best

i wish you guys to stay safe

uh ride smart you know be smart in your


and fingers is out