How to join a motorcycle club in GTA V (QUICK WAY TO GET MONEY 💰 !!!!!)

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girls welcome to the first video on this

channel like first proper video and

today I'm going to be showing you how to

get into like a motorcycle club so if

you have a bumper you can start earning

money so here's all you need to do I

think it's like to two hundred thousand

in your bank you need so you need to go

on oh one thing so you need to go on to

the internet go on to money and services

mayors bank foreclosures enter site so

as you can see one maze bank foreclosed

now so if you got into club houses

what you gonna need two hundred careful

it's up to you which one you buy but the

one that I bought I think it was the

cheapest is the 200k club house it's

quite far out in the countryside so if

he it's good when you have a fast car if

you want going class I just got one and

they say this one in the city cross bar

and really okay so they got live in

price they're closer to city up here

it's where it's gonna be really cheap so

you need to I've already got that so I

can show you but um you got this and

then if I

so okay all right we need to go outside

I'll show you that Clubhouse is on the

map and I'll show you how to get into my

cycle club sir

yeah they're quite exciting today it's

just a quick episode just to show you

like what to do so if I have to get

website so if I don't go on my map now

look it's my clue how she gets call it

whatever I just call it G Oggy

so I've got my Clubhouse so you want to

hold on Xbox it's the to square button

near the home bar so you must have on

that and you you need to hold it in so

as you can see there's like all these

different options you wanna go to a

motorcycle club after you've got the

proper service there and then you want

to start a motorcycle club and they like

you'll be a president of the motorcycle

club and then you can

so everyone just sound a bit old because

I am so yeah thoughtfully enjoyed this

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like this so alright the other