Prospecting for a motorcycle club - Some of the stuff you will need to know

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I figured I sneaked off on the bike man

don't tell the doctor am I supposed to

be on the damn thing but I would hear

over out sugar river they call it real

[ __ ] pretty stuff over here it's

actually where the Black Hawk War was

fought in this area and yeah it's a real

pretty place man you'd a fish camp right

here on the river got the old fat boy

out but to find doctor's orders right

now they're not supposed to be driving

after that damn surgery but too nice of

a day Buckham so let's talk a little bit

about prospecting prospecting prospect

and prospect and that's what we always

get questions to so figured I address it

a little bit here today prospecting is

uh it's a big commitment it's a big

commitment man when you really think

about it because depending on what kind

of Club you're looking to get into it

can either be easy or it can be hard and

the most important step with the

prospect and I believe is you got to

hang around give it at least six months

to nine months of hanging around a crew

to determine if it's the right one for

you the biggest mistake people make is

they want to jump right into it and next

thing you know it's not for them you

know the best club I think I've ever

been with had to be two black Pistons I

love the black Pistons to death awesome

guys not only in the Pistons but the

outlaws - you know I've been away from

them for [ __ ] 2006 this has to be but a

lot of good memories in the club a lot

of good people in the club a lot of them

I still stay in contact with so the

Brotherhood was there but the biggest I

think difference nowadays that I'm

learning especially after the new


aged as I call it a new biker all these

Facebook groups and stuff I think the

biggest difference I see is more people

want to just rush they don't actually

want to get to know people and that can

be detrimental to yourself and the

motorcycle club and people are always

asking me well why you always

recommending people not joining a

motorcycle club but the answer is quite

simple because you're wasting the

motorcycle club Steinman if you don't

know what you're getting into and if

you're not committed to what's going on

again dependent on the motorcycle club

most of the time I'll recommend a bait

or you know a biker right organization

or a riding club there's nothing wrong

with the riding club nothing at all you

know get out there right and joy you

know there's nothing better than riding

your bike and go on a party with a lot

of tits and a lot of [ __ ] being thrown

beer everywhere a good old biker party

but when you get into the MC type of

stuff depending and you know what it all

depends which side of the fence you're

gonna fall on I know a lot of people out

there say our clubs independents our

clubs this or that well in the old days

actually there was no such thing I was

ear either on one side or the other I

haven't been around the MC scene for a

while so I don't know how it is right

now I can't sit here and lie and say

this is how the [ __ ] is what that's

something to think about if you do

decide to go with an MC then take the

prospect time and you're my prospect

time was I thought it was the best time

of my life I actually had [ __ ] fun

during the prospect period most people

are afraid of it but if you're truly

into it then you won't be you know like

I said if you're with one of the bigger

clubs national clubs or support clubs

which the Pistons was city outlaws then

you're gonna meet a ton of people a ton

of people I used to love going down to

Daytona Atlanta I loved going down there

you all the swap meets and you got to

meet the other chapters the other

brothers and that was wearing your patch

so that's uh you know a big plus is you

get to know people world you know

worldwide actually well nationwide in

our case even though you know the

Pistons were in Europe and all that

stuff but that's the big thing you're

gonna want to do is really make sure

that's what you want to do and once you

get into it put 100% into it you know

what's some of the stuff that you do

during as a prospect now you're in a 10

bar watch bikes do all the [ __ ] work

that's what it's really about but at the

same time there's a lot of fun in doing

that because the people you get to meet

yeah they're gonna [ __ ] with ya but in

the end once you get the patch it's the

best thing in the world I remember

getting my patch from red at the time

and it was the best feeling I added in a

world like I said that was the Pistons

and before that I was in a club in the

90s that's actually what that tattoos

about if you're in there yegor yegor I

just met up with him again he's tough

being a predator --is with us it was a

club that it was actually started by a

mercenary that fought in Angola you know

he's from Portugal came over here in

early 90s got us all set up then went

back they actually lived in [ __ ]

teepees and [ __ ] over there real [ __ ] I

know some of them actually went on the

forum the Hells Angels Portugal crew it

was a pretty good stuff man

guy is uh you know like jappo lucky eh

is lucky still in the joint Igor let me


is he still over in Pendleton but those

guys were real cool a lot of ball you

know but it was a different kind of Club

you know you had your motorcycle club

and then

you had chapters within the joint it was

a big thing back then you know so real

good club but at prospecting and stuff

you're gonna have to get used to

carrying your kit you know your aspirin

yeah you know a good prospect kit you're

gonna have aspirin water to fix tampons

rubbers all kinds of Tylenol all kinds

of etc aspirin and the whole goddamn

nine yards you're gonna need so but take

your time if you're gonna prospect and

see if that's what you truly want cause

like I said a lot of the problems that

are going on nowadays is because people

don't know what the hell they're getting

into that's where the rats come in and

people flipping on the you know drop of

a dime and that's what's really sad yeah

it was unheard of in the 80s or the 90s

early 2000s now it's just like a regular

damn thing and don't ever take a

prospect patch from one of these clubs

off the internet and especially from

somebody who's never prospected before

so cuz why would you want to listen to

somebody who's never done it by

themselves that's the biggest problem I

always had with Lubezki or lollipop as I

call them dude never prospect it a day

in his life those starts the iron order

you know did the mail order thing and

then as they got bigger hey you got a

prospect this prospect that this

[ __ ] never even prospecting in

Dana's life so why would you listen to a

schmuck like that it's ridiculous people

this ain't rocket science with

motorcycle clubs it really ain't it's be

a man be there for your brothers make it

through your prospect time and then the

hard [ __ ] starts right after your

prospect time trust me it does but this

was just a short video that I can get on

a GTV because they only give us ten

minutes I'm gonna make a longer one

later on this week you know getting into

the real particulars or what prospecting

is why what you're gonna expect all that

good [ __ ] but I'm gonna go out there

enjoy the ride a little more while I'm

defying doctor's orders and getting

everybody pissed off at me when they

find out I'm out on a [ __ ] bike but

screw them right welcome

but everybody out there stay cool stay

safe and don't forget to watch a some

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there the subscribers are coming and

we're getting a lot of great feedback

because of the daily programs but until


I'll talk to you later guys