Biker for Dummies - Can I Join an Outlaw MC?

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let's just call this another version of

biker for gummis today the question is

how can I join an outlaw motorcycle club

is that even possible well I guess

anything's possible but let me draw a

few lines for you here let me put give

you the outline and then you'll be able

to determine for yourself if that's for

you there are a few outlaw motorcycle

clubs around some of them in pretty good

membership and it's not that they're

looking for membership but you know if

that's for you that might be something

that they'd be open to but let's start

at the beginning how do i how do I even

begin to join in a motorcycle club

number one you're going to have to have

a motorcycle in a lot of cases and the

way it used to be culturally the

harley-davidson was a motorcycle to have

although today there may be some

variation to that depending on which

club that you're looking at so you'll

want to be able to ride that motorcycle

know the motorcycle know the road pretty

much know the rules of the road and have

a pretty good understanding of what the

biker culture is all about number one

first before we go any further if you

don't have any of that forget it

forget it right now don't even think

about it okay now you've got a you've

got some culture behind you some

understanding of what the biker world is

all about obviously you're going to

start wanting to hang out with some

bikers you're going to try to find

people that may have affiliation or that

may know people let's just say you go up

to the local biker bar and start hanging

out you might pick up a flyer for a

poker run go on that poker run when you

go on that poker run you may see some

Club members there you may not but

you'll start to make friends you'll

start to meet other people and the more

you're involved the more you're going to

begin to know

now as far as joining a motorcycle club

let's just put it in a perspective would

I walk up to your door knock on the door

you open the door and I say hey I'm

coming in I'm going to be a part of your

family I think you'd be pulling a

shotgun out on me real quick or you just

thunk my butt right there on the front

porch any going to happen and it's the

same way with these clubs you're not

just going to walk in the door you have

to gain friendships first you have to

know people it's kind of about

networking so I started hanging out I

start riding with these people the first

thing that you're going to find is

you're going to become what they call a

friend a friend of a friend and they can

hook you up with runs motorcycle runs

poker runs toy runs charity runs chili

cook-offs things like that that clubs

may be hosting or or presenting a better

open to the public at that time you can

go ahead and attend that particular

event so that being said you could

become what they call a hang around or a

tag-along and basically it speaks for

itself you're just going to kind of hang

around with them whenever they have a

public event open to others as a hang

around or tag along you'll go on the

ride you're not going to ride at the

front of the pack you're not going to

ride with the other club members but

you'll most likely be at the very tail

end you're tagging along on the rear

once you get to know the guys you know

so you've gone on quite a few runs with

them they get to know who you are they

may offer you a prospect or in some case

they call it a probate of a probe but in

most cases it's the prospect and and

that's basically they're giving you a

probationary period to try it out

so they're going to be giving you most

likely some kind of identification as a

prospect some of them have like a little

patch it says prospect or probe or some

probate or whatever and that goes on

your vest and that designates you in

that category now you're not a full that

patched member nor do you get all the

benefits of the full patch members but

the full patch members are watching

every move you make and whatever they

ask of you they expect you to do now

once you step into that culture you're

going to you're going to be looked at

for a couple things number one your

commitment to the club respect to the

club and other members you'll get to

know who each one of them are what their

purposes are what they do and respect

each one of them for what they do you'll

pretty much keep your mouth shut and

listen and do as you're told those are

the duties of a prospect now the time

period that lapses in between these is a

tag-along and then moving on to a

prospect it could be years you know it

could take a long time for them to be

able to trust you and realize you know

this guy is maybe our material he may be

what we're looking for so you may go for

a long time in that prospect you may it

may be a short time if you fit in if you

shoe in very well it depends on what

that club is looking for in in members

once you go out of that prospect you

gain full membership where you will be

fully patched that's where you get you

know your back Rock or your emblem and

everything once you're fully patched

member it is a 100% commitment to the

Brotherhood you are you are in and you

are in solid so you are expected to be

there for all of the the events for the

membership for the meetings what they

call sure

to be there for the meetings to respect

the other members to pitch in whenever

it's needed to help raise funds to pay

your dues to pay your dues on time it is

a very rigid commitment and it's a tough

family to be in and there are certain

people that that's what they want that's

that's what they need it's it's almost

military regimented very strict when

they call they go on a ride you leave

everything behind you go on that ride if

it means you know taking a day off work

or leaving a family function to go be

with the brothers that's what you do

that's the kind of commitment that's

involved so if that's for you if that's

the thing that you want to do then that

kind of gives you an outline of how to

how to reach that goal but you have to

be into it you have to make sure that's

what you want out of your life because

once you get into the club once you are

fully patched it isn't something that

you can just say you know what guys I

don't think I'm going to be in this

anymore and just kind of you know take

off your jacket and and say I think I'm

done here it doesn't work that way you

have to go through a whole process to

get out and they determine what that

process is going to be and it might not

be very pleasant in some situations now

realize too that most of the clubs

around have you know their emblem there

their moniker whatever it may be they

have 100% rights to that so even to the

fact where if you get that tattooed on

you they still have the rights to that

emblem and they could remove it or have

you have it removed if you are no longer

a member if you do not follow their

protocol if you don't follow their rules

if you don't attend church or their

meetings as they prescribed if you don't

pay your dues you're going to be booted

out and it isn't just going to be

there's the door see you later

there there might be a little pain that

comes with that too because they don't

take lightly to that at all

so if this is what you want you have to

realize it is a solid commitment it's

not just something to take lightly it's

not just going to be a weekend ride it's

not just going to be a Sunday Drive

whenever you feel like it or or you know

once or twice a year show up and and

walk in there it doesn't work that way

doesn't work that way at all so I just

wanted to fill you in on those things

know that I'm not affiliated with any

club I don't speak for any club in

particular I just throwing out some

figures and facts that I've learned

along the way and thought I'd share them

with you good luck to you in your