How to enter a pageant

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hi everyone I'm Danny Walker you're

watching pageant access and today's

episode is about how to get started in

pageants alright so you're sitting at

home and you just watch the Miss

Universe pageant and you're like whoa I

can do that I can be mr. Darcy and you

don't know where to start you're like

okay well how do these girls get to

compete for Miss Universe well that's

one thing you have to consider when

entering pageant you have to understand

how to get to the level that you want

the app this is very important when

you're just jumping into pageants now a

lot of girls think that they could just

enter Miss Universe and boy do I wish

you could Wow I would love to just

compete for Miss Universe this year

unfortunately it doesn't work that way

for a lot of large pageants so in Miss

USA for example you have to win a state

title to compete at your national level

to finally make it to that international

Miss Universe competition Miss America

is different you have to win a local

competition so a city title or regional

title then you have to enter the state

competition when that and then compete

at Miss America then you have pageant

systems like them or you can directly

enter the state competition to qualify

for nationals and you can even qualify

for Nationals without even winning the

state title there's a ton of ways to

internationals now every pageant system

is different and I wish that girls

instead of entering a pageant and trying

to be Miss USA and putting everything we

have into it would actually find the

systems that suit them and the people

that they are for example if you're in

411 the chances of you becoming Miss

Universe are very slim and I'll tell you

why because that pageant system attracts

all of these models and all of these

super tall girls so you would have to be

the best contestant in the entire world

basically to win even a state title in

the minimus USA system so that's

probably not the best pageant system for

you now Miss America on the other hand a

lot of their contestants are shorter so

that might be a pageant system for you

now if you don't have

our talent that's a little bit different

that might not be a good pageant to

enter because you don't want to get up

on stage and sing off pitch and

embarrass yourself in front of a group

of people it's okay if you don't have a

performing arts challenge it doesn't

mean that you know being Miss America is

gonna be in your cards but it doesn't

mean that you can't be successful in

other pageant systems like National

American myths where they don't require


or like Miss USA where they don't

require Talent so girls please stop

trying to force a square peg into the

round hole you need to find a pageant

system that works for you and I tell you

you'll be so much happier when I was a

little girl I thought that I wanted to

be Miss America I thought it was the

coolest thing in the world until I

entered that pageant and won a local and

then I was like wow this is not what I

thought it was this is not what what

suited me as a person I didn't enjoyed

that but then when I want a USA tile I

was like wow this feels natural to me

this is awesome I love doing this I love

where I'm at and I'm so so important

when you're looking and especially

you're starting you compete in pageants

systems now listen you've never done a

pageant at all and you don't know what

you want then I say heck enter them all

don't limit yourself just because you

think that in your mind you might want

to be Miss USA when maybe you're the

next Miss America

you never know now another thing I want

to talk about which kind of shocks girls

sometimes is the price you have to make

sure that you can afford to be

competitive in the pageant system that

you're competing in and yes pageants are

expensive at a national level because

everybody wants to win but some pageants

are very expensive at a state level and

some are expensive even at a local level

so it's wise girls to take into

consideration what types of gowns are

these girls wearing win their titles and

you need to do your homework and your

research because so many girls send me

dresses that are you know from Macy's it

looks like you could wear it to your

great aunt's 90th birthday party and now

would be fine but they are not

appropriate to wear for example on the

Miss America stage

and you will not win your title so

really what's happening there you're

entering a pageant you're investing into

wardrobe that will not win I can

guarantee you will not win and unless

you're just going in for the experience

I mean it that then that's great but if

you're going in to win that's your end

goal then you are gonna be real

disappointed when you don't walk out

with that crown and the answer is pretty

simple for that it's because you weren't

able to necessarily afford the wardrobe

that you needed to capture that title

and that is just the reality of pageant

growth I am so sorry if I'm the first

one to tell you this but somebody needs

to tell girls this now let's say that

you still want to become Miss America

and you know that it's gonna take an

expensive gown then maybe you need to

take one year off really get those

sponsors so then you can go in and be

prepared to win that pageant sometimes

that's what it's gonna take

I'm not saying don't do something

because it's impossible you can't afford

it I'm just saying be smart about it

do not waste your time spending five

years in an organization with okay

wardrobe when you could have maybe saved

up for two years wore the best gown on

that stage and taken home that state

title you really got to think of that in

terms of money when you're looking for

these pageants and deciding what to

enter is something to at least consider

I know that this episode might not have

been everything that everyone wanted to

hear but I just think it's so important

to be honest with girls and really give

you an understanding of what you're

getting yourself into when you enter

pageants there are so many benefits to

pageants and they provide so many

wonderful opportunities for girls but I

just wish that more girls understood

what it's gonna take to win a title so

they can be more likely to win that

title and better prepared to do so I

hope that this video was able to answer

some of your questions about pageants if

not you guys can always message me or

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