10 Tips For Tryouts (MAKE THE BASKETBALL TEAM)!!

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tryouts are right around the corner in

today's video I'm going to give you 10

tips that are going to help you make the

team so when you go in that locker room

and you look to see if your names on

that list your name will be on that list

you won't be cut if you follow these 10

tips hey what's up y'all coach Rock here

the official trying to fry love

basketball TV and in today's video I

want to give you ten tips that can help

you make your team this season the

season is coming up quick it always

happens fast it's funny because it

really creeps up on players without them

even knowing the season ends they cheer

what's the end of school everybody wants

to hang out summertime comes around they

just play open gym play video games they

don't take it serious

preseason comes around they're like oh

crap I need to get in the gym next thing

you know is tryouts and a lot of you

guys aren't ready well whether you've

been really working hard in the summer

and I hope you have been or maybe you

took a little break this summer either

way if you follow these ten tips it will

give you a much better chance to make

your team now I can definitely speak

from experience on this not just as a

player because as a player it's

important to know how to make a team but

really as a coach now I used to be an

assistant coach at the varsity level in

high school at the highest level in

Virginia which were at the time was

triple-a now they do all different types

of 5 6a but at the time it was triple a

double a single a and I was the

assistant coach at a triple a high

school we were a decent school you know

we weren't the best but we were decent

so I'm going to give you tips from a

coaches standpoint so that you know

things that myself as a coach what us

coaches are looking for when we are

trying to pick players to play for our

team now keep in mind the coach probably

already has a few players that he knows

are already going to be on the team so

they can go in there and they can suck

they could do whatever and tryouts but

if they already have a good connection

with the coach they're going to make the

team but guess what

you can't control that so there's no

point in getting mad at the coach or

getting mad at that guy saying oh it's a

scam it's setup it's no reason getting

mad at that when you can't control that

let's focus on what you can can can't

control the first thing is you can

hustle all coaches appreciate hustle we

want to see guys dive in on the ground

we want to see guys hustling on defense

getting back on defense

we won

see guys that are winning the sprints we

want to see the guys who have come out

to put their heart on the floor because

those are the type of players that we

need on our team whether they may not be

a star of a team but guess what we need

those guys on the court in real games

and in practice to really have some

heart to really hustle to set the tone

for the rest of the team number two keep

it simple you're not going to impress

the coach by throwing a cool behind the

back pass or trying to do some crazy

jelly layup it's not going to get the

coach's attention what's going to get

the coach's attention is keeping the

game simple making the right PLAs not

taking too many dribbles hitting shots

when you're open playing defense those

are the things that are going to really

excite the coach about you it's not

going to be the no-look passes that lead

to turnovers again it's not gonna be the

spin moves in the lane up and under that

ends up getting blocks into the stands

that's not gonna make you stand out in

fact it might make you stand out but in

a bad way and you'll be sent to the

bottom of the list the next tip is to

speak up be vocal coaches want to hear

you talk whether you're on defense

you're not off the hay pic come and pick

coming I got you I got you

past yeah well you're passing to talk on

defense talk on offense talk to the

coach if he's talking to you and you

have a question or something don't be

afraid to ask the question coaches want

to see players that are engaged players

that have high basketball IQs and the

only way you can show that is by talking

so don't be the guy that's they're all

quiet because I don't know maybe you're

scared maybe you're timid that's not

going to help you in tryouts next tip is

stay positive it's very important that

you always have a positive mindset

whether you're making a mistake or if

somebody on your team is making a

mistake now in tryouts we can't pick who

we play with right the coast just picks

like you five are shoe five so sometimes

you might get pick with players that you

don't like how they play but you've got

to stay positive that's going to help

them and it's also going to help you as

a coach we love the street players that

are positive on the court you make

something good happen or somebody makes

something good happen give them a clap

Pat them on the back hey good job man

you make a good pass acknowledge their

finish don't worry about your pass

you throw a bad pass don't get mad at

them for not catching it but don't get

mad at yourself either for throwing

pass just say dang forget it next play

and let's move on but stay positive now

the next tip is an extremely crucial tip

and that is to play to your strengths

a lot of times I've seen players that

might just be defensive Stoppers but

then we get in tryouts and they're

trying to dribble going crazy shooting

threes and they never even make threes

and their workouts and they don't

practice it they don't practice pull-up

threes they don't practice crossover

threes but then for some strange reason

we get in tryouts and they're trying to

do that to impress the coach when again

they're not doing anything but making

themselves look bad so do what you

practice and stick to that stick to your

strengths if you're a defensive stopper

that really buckle up on deep show that

defensive prowess and then on offense

don't make stupid plays don't make

bonehead plays but don't try to go crazy

either don't try to make the big play

don't try to take a shot if you know you

can't make it drive the basketball then

kick or do something that won't really

set you out there is not being able to

do it so stick to your strengths so the

next tip is arrive early not know how

high school and middle school kids are

after school they want to hang out with

the fringe I want to talk to girls do

all that type of stuff but you got to

get to the tryouts get dressed get on

the court get your shots up get warned

early because as a coach I don't have

time to warm you up you got to be ready

I only have two hours to see who I want

to be on my team this season and I only

have like three days to see it so I

don't have time to wait for you to be

late to warm up and get shot so I don't

have time for all that so I'm not going

to wait soon as I'm ready as soon as it

hits the time where we're supposed to

start I'm starting whether you're in the

locker room whether you're in the

hallway biessing around or whether

you're on the court and you're ready

either way I'm starting with or without

you the next tip is be aggressive but

under control there's nothing worse than

a guy that plays passive on the court

that's scared to make mistakes as a

coach I don't get mad at players for

making mistakes

as long as those mistakes are in good

faith as long as they're really trying

to do something positive then I don't

really care about the mistakes now if

they're out there just making bonehead

plays like I said doing behind the back

passes and doing crazy stuff that they

don't need to be doing that's when I get

mad at mistakes but if you take a shot

miss or you try to hit a man cut in and

you accidentally throw it behind them

and goes out of bounds but you saw it I

don't get mad at that so play aggressive

and by that I don't just mean take the

ball and drive to the basket I mean play

aggressive in everything pick your spots

take your spots

play aggressive on defense box out play

help defense yell for screens just be in

the game be present in the moment and be

aggressive next tip pretty much goes

without saying but be in shape earlier I

mentioned how I want my players to be

leading the pack like we're running

sprints and stuff I want my players to

be leading the pack there's nothing

worse than us starting the day doing

three-man weave or doing three on two

two on one and dudes are gasping for air

already like you got to come ready you

got to be in a shape that goes to the

work you put in the summer so I mean if

you come out of shape there's nothing

really you can do except try to get in

shape for next year that's the thing

we're getting in shape is it doesn't

happen overnight

so if you have tryouts like next month

and you're not in shape that's plenty of

time to get in shape but don't wait the

few nights before tryouts to try to get

in shape tip number nine be a listener

listen to what the coach is saying

that's one of my pet peeves is when I

tell everybody or I blow the whistle and

I tell everybody huddle up and people

are still shooting or still dribbling

and they're not listening

you have to listen coaches love players

that listen because if you listen then

it makes it much easier for you to

understand what I'm saying as a coach it

makes it easier for you to understand

what I need on the court if you don't

listen then I really can't have you on

my team because you're gonna serve as

the distraction for the rest of the team

and the whole team is going to suffer so

you got to be able to listen last but

not least play with confidence and

tryouts whether you're making mistakes

whether you trained well you didn't

train well you got to play with

confidence now I will say if you put in

the work in the summertime playing

confidence will come naturally right

because you know you've put in the work

you've earned it and you're going to be

confident on the court so that's why you

need to be working to get better every

single day but when you're in tryouts

remember that work you put in remember

how hard you work you deserve to play

confident don't step on the court and be

timid even though all summer you've

worked your butt off I know what

happened some time the players they end

up getting cut saying that they didn't

do what they should've did or they

didn't do what they could have did

because they were just shy or they were

timid and and they didn't want to take

the tryouts over they didn't want to do

too much look you'll be better off

trying to do more than playing timid now

again we want to keep in mind all the

tips I said where you want to be

aggressive under control and all that so

don't by doing too much doesn't mean

going crazy trying to make crazy plays

it just means going hard playing your

best playing confident not afraid to

make mistakes so play confident if you

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