7 Ways to find Band Members | The DIY Musician Guide

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hey Steven here would another DIY a

musician's guide in this guide and we'll

go over seven ideas you can use to find

all the band members so it can be really

daunting looking for other musicians

band members whatever you want to call

it and back in the day for me I it was

just me looking for four people left to

my own devices so understand it can be a

bit of a struggle and I've been to a lot

of auditions and I've held a lot of

auditions for four musicians so I'm not

surprised that one of the most questions

that's asked is how do you find over

band members so I'm gonna go over seven

ideas in this video but before that

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videos like this okay number one ads in

music shops now this is probably the

most iconic like certainly for me it's

basically you have your main snappy bit

of ads very copy at the top and the

bottom strips where you can either put

your phone number or email address

basically something that somebody can

get in contact with you and you'll know

how well the ad is doing if you come

back next week and some of the strips

have been ripped off and it's not doing

that well maybe you could just adjust

the coffee a little bit more not just

you don't have to just put this in music

shops as well just put it anywhere you

think the people or the musicians you're

after would go okay number two open mic

nights now think about it these events

are just brimming with musicians now you

don't have to play them just know that

there are a lot of musicians there and

you could get in touch with the problem

promoters all the organizers ahead of

time and let them know that you're

looking for musicians maybe they'll call

out these kind of things in between the

bands and artists and just get to know

people mingle

number three face book pages and groups

now you want to check if your city or

whatever you live has a dedicated

Facebook page or group for example

Liverpool hasn't really got one called

Liverpool bands and it has an associated

group and all the time they're always

doing shout outs from other musicians

looking for drummers basis or whatever

or just actual musicians looking for a

whole band so it's really where

doing okay number four for nothing

before I post on social media now you've

got Twitter got Facebook Instagram

YouTube take advantage of all these

platforms to get your message out a

really good tip is if you're posting it

on your Facebook page or your Twitter

profile make sure this message is pinned

to the top of your page number five

Facebook advertising you've got an ad

they're out that targets someone by

location age what instrument they play

what music they're a fan of its endless

really and with the right ad copy you're

sure to see some results you just need a

bit of a budget okay number six read it

now some lists of Facebook and Facebook

groups your city might have a local

subreddit that you can use all the way

down okay lastly number seven listing

website now truth be told this is how I

found all of my band members back in the

day I found it really effective bought

that was pretty much free internet when

it was like black and white but it was

great a good couple examples Craigslist

which I used to think it was an American

thing but we've got over here now and

one that I know everyone will be

familiar with it's Gumtree now they

offer read advertised on what you may

want to pay to get more visibility on

those ads okay that's it that's seven

let me know if you've got any other

ideas because there are probably

millions more ideas that I just haven't

come across yet if you want to see more

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channel and I will see you next time

with another DIY musician guide