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best kept secret actually

was called one night stamp i don't know

how many of them know

now but yeah it was that was the

original name

and it was actually supposed to be a

one-night gig

one-off gig so my guitarist and me

know each other from a very long time so

we used to play together and

we have competed with each other in

college competitions and all that

so um so there was this one show

where i mean specifically this gig where

he called me up and he's like hey there

is this friend of mine getting married

uh he doesn't have any idea of any band

or anything but he wants some music that

needs to happen

and he was like okay are you free can

you come and like perform it's just like

we're not going to rehearse anything

just come there

yeah you know the song you know the song

you know okay just get together play for

like an hour or something and then just

get it over with right

cool no problem yeah used all this so

when that

met uh met my vocalist that was first

time i met him

and uh asked each other like okay what

song do you know what song you know so

we made a list of about 10

15 songs and then we just performed it


to my stupidity i forgot to carry

something which is important about the

drum kit

and i'm like oh god what do i do now and

like it's okay anyway let's just wing it

let's just do something right and then

we performed and

absolutely went flawless and yeah

everyone had a great time

and we were like wow man this is a good

gig it was nice to catch up with you all

this nice jam session you know

hour week 10 days later my vocalist

again calls up and he's like hey there's

an enquiry for another show

are you free can you play it's going to

be the same songs it's going to be

the exact same thing yeah same thing the

guy wanted the same songs

and this one i was like oh wow okay i'm

a cool man anyway i'm free no problem

let's do it

so when did that and as that kept going

from two three shows it became

15 shows became 20 shows right and then

we started thinking man maybe we should

actually like reverse

properly get our chemistries together

figure out something and then like you

know play even if it's just over the

weekends or you know for a small

club game or a pub game let's just play

and that's how it started and it went on

and that two months gigs went to one

year went to three years

and now it's almost going to be 10 years

since we're being wow