6 Tips to Joining A New Badminton Club

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hey guys I'm still recovering from my

illness but doesn't mean I have to stop

talking about badminton just because I

can't play it so today I want to give

you six tips for joining a new badminton

club tip number one use any advantage

you have the advantage that's the

easiest to use is money

when I started playing I didn't know

anybody in the badminton world I didn't

know anyone I didn't know how I could

join clubs I didn't know if there were

clubs so what I did is I got a coach I

paid money to get a coach obviously

coaches our higher level player they

have their own clubs if you pay access

to a coach and you kind of prove to your

coach that you're you know very serious

and you work really hard in training

your coach is more likely to introduce

you to his club or if not his club he

can help you introduce you to higher

clubs or higher players and if your

coach vouches for you people are more

willing to play with you so the easiest

way to get a coach is to just pay for it

I know that's not a possibility for

everybody and maybe some areas don't

have many coaches but that is kind of

the easiest way to get into a higher

level club or at least have somebody

vouch for you there's any other

advantages you have such as I speak

Chinese so when I went to America I

would actually go to Chinese groups and

I would start speaking Chinese and they

would always be excited to play with me

because not many like blond Americans

can speak Chinese so if you have

anything like that as your advantage if

you're a manager and you have some

employees that are maybe better than you

at badminton you can kinda maybe push

your way into the badminton group try to

find some advantages and use your

advantages whatever it is tip number two

be an active participant if you get

included in a group if there's some sort

of text chain or Facebook page or WeChat

group be active don't just join and stay

silent try to talk a lot introduce

yourself this could also be in person if

you are introduced to a new group you

know introduce yourself find out

people's names start talking to them ask

them questions about them

people love when people ask questions

about them be active be very talkative

don't be shy because if you're shy

sometimes it can come off as snobby so

you need to be like maybe overly

friendly and maybe like a little

ridiculous sometimes but that really

works tip number three don't be a


okay don't be the person that takes all

the priorities and never bring some

yourself don't be the person that never

pays even if you think you're better

than the rest of the group players don't

be that person like don't think that

playing with you is such an honor that

you can just play for free so definitely

pay and definitely like bring birdies

bye everybody water once in a while

don't be a freeloader and don't think

you're too good for a group even if you

are one of the better players in the

group you're never too good for the

group which brings me to my next point

tip number four don't be a dick nobody

likes to play with a dick okay it

doesn't matter if you're the best ever

nobody wants to play with you there are

a couple people in one of my groups they

act like it's an honor to play with them

that if they choose you as their partner

like you are so lucky and you should act

like it and what happens nobody wants to

play with them even if you're gonna win

a game it's not at all fun to win a game

with somebody who either looks down on

you is not taking it serious or every

time you make a mistake they go or they

try to tell you what to do better like

nobody likes to play with those kind of

people so if you're in a club and you're

one of the highest level players be

gracious think about when you play with

higher level players and think about

when a higher level player might go to

you you feel really really bad so if you

are a high level player in a club be

gracious be kind be encouraging

everybody knows you're better okay you

don't have to act superior if you're a

lower level player in a club don't be

like the whining sniffling oh I'm sorry

I'm sorry I'm sorry

nobody likes a partner that's constantly

apologizing everybody knows your level

it's obvious by your footwork and your

gameplay so you don't need to advertise

your superiority or your inferiority so

be gracious be kind badminton is a

social sport and people don't have to

play with you they don't have to include

you always get the birdie if it falls on

your side and your

get it don't wait for the other side to

get it partner does something and

apologizes say hey no problem we'll get

it let's go you know Jo don't be a dick

tip number five play the long game this

is one of my favorite tips and this is

actually how I've kind of snuck into

some of the higher level groups that I

play with what you do is you do kind of

sneaky because clubs are more than just

clubs there are social groups too so

even if your level is the same as

someone they're not gonna be that

willing to play with the stranger so

what you kind of need to do is introduce

yourself in a sneaky kind of sly kind of


sometimes club members you know that

getting off work they're coming in late

sometimes maybe there's one club member

or three Club members and they just need

like a fourth person the easiest thing

to do is to go up to a stranger who's

maybe waiting for more their club

members to show up and you just say hey

you want to warm up with me just for a

couple minutes my clubs slow to arrive -

most people will just accept that and

say yeah cuz most people are eager to

play sometimes you can get away

immediately with after like a few minute

warm-up say hey you guys want to just

play a quick game sometimes you might

get kicked off you know sometimes their

Club members might come we're playing

the long game so joining joining a

higher-level Club will take a little bit

of time so you need to be patient so you

kind of need to introduce yourself so

hitting for warmup is a great thing or

if it's very busy there's people just

waiting just start like chit-chatting

maybe you see someone has like a nice

racket or some shoes and you can say oh

hey I've been looking at that how do you

like it do you recommend this racket Oh

tell me you know stuff like that so you

do have to be brave and you do have to

talk to strangers with this one but the

more familiar you are with this other

club the more likely they are to be

willing to accept you and then you know

maybe maybe warm up or casual chitchat

will turn into oh we're short a guy do

you want to play with us and you've been

like yeah okay or you know it you're

playing with them you do in halftime

your club have to time their club and

you get added to their group this is

kind of a sneaky way but it's how we

make friends right we don't just like

make instant friends with everybody it's

like you slowly get familiar with people

six show that you're willing to work for

it if you're lucky enough to kind of

casually play with some higher level

players or if they even invite you to

club night you got a show that you're

willing to work to be with that I've

known some clubs where they make people

play for years until they're actually

allowed to join the club and to join

them in competitions you need to show

them that you're willing to work on it

and that you are working on it if you

get included into a higher level group

you can't just like you know lay on easy


you gotta you got to keep at it because

if they invite you they can uninvite you

so make sure you stay hungry and make

sure you keep at it

and work hard towards proving to them

that you deserve a place in the higher

club honestly people and other clubs

will see that and people and even higher

clubs than the club that you're trying

to get into they will also start

noticing your eagerness and your

enthusiasm and that your rising through

the levels not just one night game but

over a period of weeks or months other

people might be watching you and so it

could be a gateway to even a higher

level club and playing with higher level

players one bonus tip it's not about

joining a group it's about leaving a

group if you join a higher level group

it means you got to leave the lower

level group don't burn bridges as you go

stay in the chat group stay talking to

them from time to time don't immediately

leave them like you're a teenager and

you were just picked to eat lunch with

the popular girls okay don't forget your

old friends maybe a few of them you can

bring with you once you're established

in a new higher level Club and there's a

couple old people in your old club that

you know are working really hard why not

invite them for a night or two at your

club it's always nice to kind of pay it

back because somebody vouch for you so

it only helps all of us if we help to

kind of raise the level of everybody

don't act too cool to your old group

just because you joined a new higher

level group so that's my bonus tip 7

don't burn bridges so let me know what

you've done to join higher level groups

and how you were able to move up in

level and in club play and please like

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