How to join an affiliate program

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hello everyone welcome to admit Academy

my name is Lea Catarina vasana I'm

content marketing manager at the Academy

we continue making the videos on how to

work with admitted and how to earn with

affiliate marketing and today we are

going to discuss how to join an

affiliate program and we will also

discuss the mediation before joining an

affiliate program we need to discuss the

immigration my duration is the time when

advertisers process your application for

joining their affiliate programs they

decide if they want to work with you or

not and then they will accept your

application or will decline it there are

two types of moderation first one is

outer accept it's when advertisers allow

publishers to automatically during their

affiliate program the second type is

when advertisers moderate all

applications by hand and they read all

the information that you have provided

and make the decision according to this

information so let's start first of all

we need to choose the ad space from

where we are going to drive traffic we

have a Facebook page about gadget sales

and here we share information about

different gadgets at discounts of course

it's just a test group and we don't have

any subscribers here but if we had

subscribers we can assume that they

would be interested in gadgets so we

need to find some programs which will or

provide products like gadgets

smartphones tablets and so on ok let's

start we need to open the section of

programs here by default you can see all

the programs which correspond to your ad

space but we can change it by just

selecting the sales region all also here

you can find all the filters which you

can use to find the necessary program

the program you want which will

correspond to all have chosen parameters

and let's do it first of all you can use

search filter here you can type in any

name of company which you want to work

with for example here you can type in

work income and you can just select it

and during the problem of booking but

let's go back okay we don't have any

other choice in our mind now we need to

choose sales region let's assume that my

year audience is from the United States

it means that for example if I choose

here United States I will drive traffic

from this country

ok next one is action type I'll let it

be cells just most of affiliate programs

pay for sales but then this important

box is that we need to check the box

outer except as I have explained there

are advertisers who allow publishers

automatically join their affiliate

programs and if you check these box you

will see only such advertisers ok the

next one is as a Dyson category as we

have a Facebook page about gadgets we

need to choose household appliance and

electronics the next one is traffic

source if the check these box we make

sure that that we Taizo we will choose

will allow our traffic source and here

we choose social media because we have

the Facebook paper there we have a

Facebook page okay so now on the right

we can see all affiliate programs which

correspond to all chosen parameters and

let's choose one but we should also

mention that you can save this selection

you can press the button save and just

come up with some name for example we

have an ad space gadget sale I can type

in gadget sale got it sale progress

press and safe okay now let's choose

some program which we want to join let's

go to the next page and let's just this

first of all we need to choose first of

all we need to check their parameters of

this affiliate program let's check what

we will get wait for it's paid order its

the sale okay and we will get paid 6% of

the order mom sounds good and let's just

just in case check the traffic sources

ok social media it's loud perfect now we

can press the button join and during

this program let's check if we are going

to use this as face that's right now as

face now we need to read all terms of a

field program it's really essential for

the future cooperation with this

advertiser okay here we can see the

traffic source we have checked them and

now you need to check the box I agree to

their terms and conditions and shall

comply with them we check this box

because we have actually read the terms

and conditions if you haven't done that

it's better to press this link and to

read it okay and now we need to describe

how we are going to promote the

affiliate program I will publish

promotional posts with affiliate links

to the products and here indicate on my

Facebook page ok we can also mention

here that the Facebook page is about

cultures the more information you

provide here the easier it will be for

the advertiser to allow you to start

working with the affiliate program and

now we press enjoying okay my

publication was successfully filed and

we automatically proceed to the page

with the advertising materials here we

can copy

default affiliate link and start sharing

it with our subscribers if they click on

this affiliate link and buy some

products you will receive the reward

also here you can copy the binary code

and perform any other actions we have

just checked how to join a program with

set up auto accept let's now review how

to join an affiliate program where

advertisers moderate their applications

by hands the honest process is pretty

similar we need to open the section all

programs and choose all the parameters

here we need to choose the sales freedom

again it's United States then we need to

choose the action type let it be sales

and here's the only thing different we

don't check this box outer accept then

we choose there advertiser category it

still household appliances and

electronics then we choose traffic

source it's again social media ok and

now on the right we can see more

problems it's positive progress which we

can join let's choose Lenovo and we need

again to check what will get paid for we

will get paid for the paid order some

exact percentage of the order amount ok

that sounds good now we need to press on

apply and here we again choose the ad

space and here you can see mortars

author Philip problems you need to read

them and then again check this box and

here you should provide much more

information about how you're going to

promote this affiliate program because

when advertisers moderate your

application they actually read the

information which you have provided and

they will make the decision based on

information you have provided okay let's

provide information I will publish

promotional posts with the fillings to

the products on my Facebook page we can

assume that my subscribers people aged

from eighteen to for example 40 and they

are interested in gadgets here you can

provide much more insights on your

target audience on your ad space and how

you got promote for example you can say

that you will also use not only Facebook

page but you'll also use target

advertising Facebook target and so on

and then we press enjoying and again my

application was successfully file

perfect and now we can check the status

of working with different advertisers we

need to open the tab my programs and

here you can see all the programs with

which you have applied for if you have

successfully joined some affiliate

program you will see the label joined if

the advertiser has rejected your

application you will see the request is

rejected and the last one you can also

see here the application which will be

moderated and you can choose put check

the box here on hold and you will be

able to see the security program also

you can see it here their application is

pending so that's how it's done

we have joined two different programs

the first one we have automatically

joined and we are ready to work with

this program the second program we are

waiting for our application to be

moderated and we will find out the

reserve a little bit later and we should

also man

that when the advertiser decides whether

to decline your application or to

approve it you will receive their

notification via email there are several

reasons for their rejection for example

it can be non target audience if you

have a Content project project about

vision and about fishing tips but you

want to join some affiliate program with

makeup products it's likely that your

audience is non target for this

affiliate program one more reason can be

that you're going to drive traffic from

the forbidden sources of course that

dizer doesn't want to work with such

publisher and the last is that probably

you have provided not enough information

and that it as I can't make the decision

based on this information ok so that's

it the last what we want to mention is

that you should understand that when

you're doing an affiliate program you

sort of conclude a contract with an

advertiser for future promotion and for

future Corporation and thus it's really

important for the advertiser that you

provide necessary information and

explain how you're going to promote the

products of this advertiser and that

you're not going to harm the reputation

authentic thus we strongly recommend to

provide as much information as possible

when you join the affiliate program so

that's all for now thank you for your

attention don't forget to subscribe to

our channel we are going to make many

more videos and if you want to ask any

questions please ask them in the

comments we will reply them thank you

for your attention bye bye