How To Make Free Airtel Call For 1 month without any interruption.#CUG(#CCP,#POLCOM,#AGRICOM .ETC)

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hello guys welcome back to our epic IDM

youtube channel today i'm going to be

teaching you guys how to make a free

call on Edison Network get all that can

make free call on a network by migrating

tree hugger plant called CCP so after

migration to retire front you have to

press the code and subscribe

with the pin because the Association of

200 now I can solution of five fold and

constitution of its own in are depend on

how you wanted to last for this only

normal circumstances the - then I think

is enough for you to make code for

almost a month without any interruptions

so now guys I'm going to start the

ideality could announce there isn't

ordinary theme this theme in my phone

right now is an odd Maximus 90 could you

tell you that you never my green ever my

Griffin talkin now to subscribe for 500

you're going to die

choose seven sticks start to London us

200 ash so now this study plan

I never might did this scene he still

smash connect and I am I greeted to CCP

tungsten as you can see star one to 135

ash this status planner never my dresses

that is why you see this mask connect so

if you your theme is our I want to

migrated to the active plan for you to

be able to make calls with your families

relatives and their friends for more

amounts between the scene we know about

continuum a great return can now this

thing is I would magnificently but let

me try to press the community that into

indeed I won't be able to subscribe

there are true seven six two hundred ash

so as you can see here you say you are

not allowed to subscribe for this plan

there are study to the plan so now next

step right now right now if for also my

great to see you

G plan c ug plan mind you so now let's

migrate for the plan by Finkley dine

star through to seven ash please follow

me follow me please

so die little by the ball we just seem

to also focus tempranos are available

this luggage program that nearly daily

star two to seven ash I will advise you

to get a new SIM card for you to blow to

spoil it so first to welcome to PPT CP

Paul ad networks in Asia twist copper

particle before I forget I employee you

guys to get a new SIM card for you to be

activated on it and the person you want

to be calling with your family latex of

a wife or your girlfriend or a boyfriend

you have to be on the same plan and the

first subscriber suspicion to obvious to

do at least two two on the nav

subscription or five upon the near

suspicion for you to start enjoying each

other but after all a person can do this

subscription and the other person can

cute or need so you can still enjoy the

cause what I mean is that the first

timer the first time are the first time

doesn't go to subscribe to two people

two of you that you want to be calling

each other for almost a month you have

to subscribe at the same time but after

the first time we finish the season for

the next one following emote a person

after subscribe after it doesn't Sasuke

finish you can be calling each other if

ostinato be two thousand we just saw got

only so now I will eat my dinner to see

if you let me check my talent so I want

one starts at five ash absolutely magnet

or CCP let us see as you can see my

your palate plan is a tenth repeat CCP

now before it was much connected we can

recall now the cold let's start by

dropping the codes for suspicion of -

inner only to choose seven weeks to

order - this sort of food for five

ordinary you can see so also sets with

laughs enough ballot or saucer for this

plan is

I don't want credit yes so only my money

is not up to factored in yes

so if you just do this sociation

imitates affection and do it for the

opposite your friends also so if the to

oscillation we can start calling each

other for almost a month without any

interruptions stop wasting money by

buying chocolates at cards and using

good it's real soft in the nation for

art just follow this v and enjoy

yourself without any interruptions

Kumiko solution squad are sweet as wish

so if it is that they are softening now

if it is coming nearer moon we die -

seven - seven six - three ash these so

special code for two ordinary can afford

- in there I will be comfort for the if

he also says because I love any credit

on my phone now you want to do

subscription of 800 naira the my wish I

thank some people can talk for almost 12

hours body almost alpha D so the more

you wish the more you want the thing to

be long so star to seven six eight

hundred - as I showed you earlier this

code is meant for us we are using it for

business that just willingly I will

willing to drop it for you guys on this

my youtube channel just for free so you

can make use of this opportunity our

very happy

I think this Italy now is not existing

anymore does not match any existing plan

so you can make use of this 5 folder 1 &

2 on the now on the eternal now one is

no existing on the Taliban anymore so

you guys we have them some for usual I

will advise you and encourage you to

subscribe to our YouTube channel for

more videos

you never regret we are dropping a

little video just if it is too completed

so our advice you guys affect our

YouTube channel follow me follow us on

Instagram post at epic a DME follows

those are sharpies Facebook page epic a

DME so you will never reveal thank you

all and thank you for being so please

subscribe please subscribe thank you

god bless you