How to connect 9 dots with 1 line

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hello today I'm going to show you how to

connect 9 99.1 straight line so

first-growth nine dots and we need to

fold this how we are going to fold this

is first fold it into half and then fold

it into another half well you can fold

it this way but I just think this is

easier to do in this method and then the

idea is that if we paint this line with

maybe an acrylic color paint then

because paint will go through the layers

of the paper these will be painted with

a single line but then this line is left

out uncolored so what we do is that we

also need to fold this side that so that

it will align with these lines so we

just fold it like this so you can see a

triangle like this so initially I talked

with acrylic color paint then this is

the result it's not so pretty then I try

with a marker you can see is bit earlier

that I call it color so I'm going to

demonstrate how to do it so before you

do it put some nap gift under the paper

because it's gonna go through and you

don't want to ruin your task so what

it's just easy you know

be patient and go through the line let's

see how it looks like so look so click

ok so this is steel on colored but these

are wall colors so let's see once okay

well just to make it easy I know this is

not really cool but I would color like

this yeah

yeah I think if you color many times

maybe 20 times the marker would go

through the paper but I don't want to

miss my marker so yeah yep

so voila you can see all nine dots

they're connected with a single stroke

well it wasn't I know I had to paint

many times but still it's a single

stroke yeah thank you for watching and

if you have any question though I

thought there will be a question don't

hesitate to leave any comment and I

always appreciate your good comments

okay thanks bye