9 dots problem | Join with 4 lines (Experts) | Join with 3 lines (Masters)

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this is a classic interview question to

tell the creative thinking of a

candidate your task is to join these

nine dots with four straight lines

without lifting the pen



you probably have tried to join them

with different combinations but the key

to solve this problem is to think

outside the box

draw the first line diagonally joining

the corners and the center then continue

drawing the second line along the length

and stretch it outside the box now draw

the third line by joining the two middle

dots and finally join the last two

remaining dots with a fourth line now as

you already know that we have to think

outside the box here is a bigger

challenge for the Masters and many big

organizations present this challenge to

the candidates in the interview to

identify the most intelligent candidate

amongst them the task is to join the

nine dots with three straight lines

without lifting the pen


this looks impossible to achieve the


possible and this time it leaves a great

ability to think outside the box

so start joining the dots this way

so with three lines you have joined the

nine dots

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