Canceled Spirit Airlines MasterCard | $9 Fare Club Refund

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I canceled my Spirit Airlines credit

card and got a $9 fare Club refund I

hate to say it but I feel liberated free

a couple of years ago I got the spirit

Master Card with relatives on the other

side of the country flying spirit has

appealed us at times the fares can be

incredibly cheap so if you can stuff all

you need in a bag that fits under the

seat in front of you you're good to go

if not you have to pay for a carry-on

bag pay for your check bags pay for

every extra so it can add up quickly and

no longer be cheap but if you aren't


and don't need any frills then spirit

can be a great option in flight offer

the in flight offer of bonus miles of a

spirit card for signing up was hard to

pass up with the idea that we may be

making last-minute trips more frequently

later I signed up for the $9 fare Club

which gives you access to cheaper

flights and cheaper purchasing of

carry-on and checked bags always cancel

the $9 fare club each year don't be

stupid like me write down the date to

cancel this club and make sure you

cancel it the first year costs $59.95 if

you are actually checking bags

this can be savings and if you fly often

in even better savings having the spirit

card gives you better value for the

miles that you have and having the $9

fare club gives you even more discounts

on the cost of flights at times and how

many miles you need to redeem for a

flight remember the spirit master card

and the nine dollar fare club or two

different things

anyhow year one $59.95 year two and on

$69.95 yes that's right if you want to

stay a member the annual price goes up

$10 to $69.95 so even if you want to

stay a member it's better to cancel your

membership close to the end of it

then sign up again when you book your

next flight trial membership of nine

dollar fair club there is a trial

membership of the club that works out to

be two months for 1995 if you don't fly

spirit often but being a member will

save you more than twenty dollars when

booking your fare this could be a smart

way to do it

however cancel it in ASAP the trial

membership of course will automatically

renew into the full membership at the

higher rate of $69.95

if you don't cancel it refunds are

unheard of but I got one last year I was

so irritated when I missed the deadline

to cancel this membership I called the

card service by Bank of America and they

would not dispute the transaction

I called Spirit Airlines and they said

it is absolutely not refundable because

it is all explained in the fine print

this is true still it's irritating to be

charged for something you don't use or

benefit from at least if a monthly

subscription box charge goes through

because you forgot to cancel or skip you

actually get a product in exchange for

your money in this case you have nothing

tangible to show so all last year I

didn't use my spirit card once and I

didn't use the nine dollar fare club not

out of spite or irritation but just

because my travels did not make spirit

an option or logical choice so this year

I had the calendar reminder set up to

cancel I finally cancelled and was so

excited turns out the fees still showed

up on the bill I couldn't cancel the

card now because it showed a balance I

dreaded to call spirit back but I did I

talked to someone very quickly and to my

shock she refunded the theme saying I

see that you didn't use the fare Club at

all in the last year so I will process a

refund I couldn't believe it I was

prepared to hang up the phone irritated

defeated in merely in tears

dramatic much over another year of being

a sucker but here I left victorious

cancelling the spirit master card after

leaving a few days for that to process I

went ahead and called Bank of America

this morning to cancel I kid you not

automated answering included the call

was less than four minutes hooray

I'm free would I ever bother with the

spirit Master Card Spirit Airlines or

the nine dollar fare club again

absolutely crazy right but if I do now I

am armed with a power of knowledge

instead of waiting to the last possible

minute to cancel the fare club trying to

make its cost as worthwhile as possible

I will cancel it well in advance in fact

I may only do the trial rate if I only

fly spirit one year and if the fare Club

will save me more than twenty dollars

I'll just cancel it stat think of

America throughout was pretty good

especially this last time I found our

customer service representative to be

nice friendly helpful and efficient

although the last girl I think I woke

her up

but it's Monday so total pass Spirit

Airlines can be a pain in the butt it's

not for the faint of heart if you are a

minimalist packing traveler who needs

cheap fares though it can be great I

mean literally they had fares from

Pennsylvania to Florida for twenty three

dollars ten cents one way recently

incredible and for our location the free

parking is a huge plus use Spirit

Airlines and are nine dollars fare club

at your own risk there are a lot of

strings attached but if you know where

they are at you'll be able to prevent

them from pulling extra cash out of your


do you have nightmare stories with

Spirit Airlines or their nine dollar

fare club or do you recommend them and

use them regularly or do you have any

extra tips for someone who may consider

using Spirit Airlines we'd love to hear

them want more for more lifestyle and

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