What is 88rising? (Ft. Rich Brian, Joji, Keith Ape, etc.)

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today we're gonna talk about

eighty-eight rising if you're interested

in rich Brian Joe G Keith a p-- or any

of the other great artists you might

have seen associated with eighty eight

rising this will hopefully be a solid

introduction to what exactly this

company is unlike Brock Hampton or on

future eighty eight rising is more of a

brand than strictly a musical collective

formerly known as cash only this is an

American mass media company founded in

2015 by businessman Sean Miyashiro

however originally the company did focus

on music more than anything Sean started

by signing Brian post posed a dancer and

choreographer who was worked with

musicians as big as Justin Bieber he's

also a recording artist who released his

first EP slow love and bangin in 2017

here's a snippet from the track Murder

She Wrote another one of the first

signings to cash-only was Jonathon Park

a rapper who goes by the stage name

dumbfounded he's been releasing music

and has been well known in the battle

rap community for over a decade here's a

snippet from one of the tracks he's

dropped through eighty eight rising

protected all cost in the last of the

early signings to cash only was producer

Josh pan he's probably the biggest

mystery of all the artists associated

with eighty eight rising at one point

there was even a rumor that he was

actually a collective of twenty

different artists all releasing under

the same name he hasn't really released

a full-fledged project but instead he's

been doing some remixes and creating

beats for his friends over the years

here's a snippet from his song give it

to you

featuring vocals from abre


in 2015 dumbfounded showed Shaun the

viral multilingual trap banger it jima

by South Korean rapper Keef ape


this song was absolutely huge it was a

rare occurrence of Asian rap music

starting to be taken seriously in the

United States keith ape and the rest of

his crew started coming over to perform

the song at festivals - incredible

reception eventually Shaun got in

contact with him and helped orchestrate

the remix which included waka flocka

flame ASAP ferg dumbfounded and father

launching the single for the remix and

having the music video premiere on

complex helped 88 rising raise funding

and get more financial backing from

their investors in 2016 they started

releasing content on YouTube and soon

began working with some big

up-and-coming artists the higher

brothers are a Chinese hip hop group

composed of members Massey wadies eNOS

IP and mellow there are two major

releases have been the 2016 higher

brothers mixtape and their debut album

2017 s black cab the brothers got a

popularity boost after 88 rising

released a video of some well-known

American rappers like me goes well

yachty and playboy cardi reacting to

their music here's a snippet from the

video they reacted to made in China

and now for the two big heavy hitters in

88 rising first we have Japanese

Australian producer rapper

singer-songwriter George Miller who goes

by the stage name Joe G he began his

career in the spotlight with his YouTube

channel filthy Frank where he would post

these surreal bizarre videos that

included music grants and a wide variety

of other politically incorrect content

in 2012 he also started a character

known as pink guy where he would create

comedic hip-hop songs while wearing an

all pink skin tight suit however over

the years creating these videos for

filthy Frank and pink guy took a big hit

on Joe G's mental health and as of

December 2017 he has retired all content

relating to his alter egos since then

he's had a lot more time to focus on his

own music instead of worrying about his

comedy under the stage name Joe G he's

been releasing these Lofa songs that

blend John Rose liked rap electronic and

R&B the songs are often very

minimalistic involving melancholic tones

and soulful vocals his 2017 EP in

tongues features one of my favorite

songs over the past year so demons Brian

Emanuel known by his stage name rich

Brian is an 18 year old Indonesian

rapper producer and songwriter in 2012

he started listening to American hip-hop

music becoming more and more familiar

with the English language through

rappers like childish gambino 2 Chainz

Tao the creator and Macklemore he wrote

his first rap song in 2014 and recorded

it on his iphone over an MF DOOM

instrumental in 2015 he released his

first official song on YouTube living

the dream

which he has since deleted he then went

on to release the song and video for dat

stick in February of 2016 the video blew

up and it currently has over 90 million

views that stick was given a big push in

America after 88 rising released a

reaction video to the song featuring

rappers like Ghostface Killah 21 savage

designer and more Sean Miyashiro then

worked to get yet another remix of an

Asian rap song featuring well-known

American rappers this time coming in the

forms of Ghostface Killah and puia brian

has since moved to LA but he's not a

permanent resident of the United States

quite yet

when describing his music people have

noted Brian's very deep voice his gruff

but versatile delivery and in general

his raw skills as a rapper but funny

enough like Joji he also has a

background in comedy around the time of

death stick he would often release these

darkly comedic videos on vine and

sometimes YouTube since then he's tried

to distance himself from comedy and

focus on his own music in February of

2018 he released his debut studio album

Amen which features some big tracks such

as glow like that there's a few more

names to go over in the 88 rising camp

such as August await and Nicki but you

can find them both on head in the clouds

the company's first collaborative group

album released on July 20th 2018 this

hard-hitting project full of summer

bangers features mostly everyone from

the 88 rising crew plenty of appearances

from the higher brothers rich Brian Joe

G and more and then great features from

people like goldlink pump Everett

playboy cardi and so on the breakout hit

of the album is definitely midsummer

madness which is solely featuring

members of 88 rising


but as I said before 88 rising as a

whole isn't just music it's kind of

unlike anything I've ever seen in the

pop culture landscape Sean Miyashiro has

described the company as a hybrid

management record label video production

and marketing company they're

headquartered in New York City but also

have offices in Los Angeles and Shanghai

they stay up to date with current trends

without being too on-the-nose about it

there are smart business people but they

also have some uniquely morally just

values they're helping promote and unite

Asian culture with American hip-hop

creating a bridge between two vastly

different worlds

Mia Shearer has stated the 88 Rising

wants to try and represent not only for

Asian immigrants but for all immigrants

this whole company in how it operates is

something really really exciting and I

can't wait to see how it keeps evolving

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