How To Join Elite/Specific Army Units

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what is going on guys so the other day I

was asked if I can make a video on how

to join specific elite units in the army

and yes that's that's what this is so

this video is probably not going to be

too long but if you're interested in

joining a specific unit in the army

specifically then this video is for you

and I'm gonna go over if it's even

possible or how likely it is to actually

join some of these specific units and

maybe what some of your best options

could be if you're looking to join like

the 75th Ranger Regiment or you want to

be in like a Special Forces Group or

something that's very simple that's very

straight forward if you want to be in a

7th Ranger Regiment then get an option

for any contract in your contract and

then make it through wraps and get

selected and all that if you don't do

that then you can still apply later on

you can go and talk to us and to the

Ranger Regiment recruiter like a

specific 75th recruiter and you can go

that route and apply and if you make it

through wraps again then you're gonna be

in that unit same thing with Special

Forces if you want to go Special Forces

you're gonna get like an 18 x-ray

contract and then if you make it to the

selection process you're gonna miss

those forces in one of their units but

if you're looking to being like the 82nd

airborne or the hundred and first

division which is the question that I

was asked is how to joint into one of

those two then it's gonna be a little

bit more tricky or maybe there's you

know a duty station near you that has a

specific unit that I don't know maybe

has one of your friends in or something

and you want to join into that specific

unit how are you gonna go about doing

that I hate to break it to you but it's

not possible to guarantee what unit you

are going to be in whenever you join the

army it's just not possible for active

duty if you are a reservists you select

all this stuff is a totally different

process but if you're going active duty

and you want to join the hundred and

first Airborne if you want to do in the

82nd airborne some other miscellaneous

units somewhere or maybe you want to

join the 1st Infantry Division big red

one is the

like nickname or whatever if you've ever

heard of that so there's some specific

unit out there you cannot guarantee that

but there are things that you can do to

give yourself the best chance to go

about joining a specific unit and before

I go into that I do want to talk about

another situation that would give you a

pretty good possibility of going into a

specific unit if that's all you care

about and you also care about going to a

specific duty station maybe you want to

join a specific unit because for

whatever reason like it sits near home

or whatever maybe that unit is your

friend's own unit maybe you want to be

on the same duty station there is an

option option 18 for an enlistment

contract which guarantees a duty station

your first duty station that you go to

there is that option that is rarely

taken rarely talked about I knew this

might have been a thing and I did do

some of my own research search and some

regulations and stuff so I am gonna put

the regulations that I found the option

18 contract as a possibility it is as

far as I know as far as that most recent

2018 regulation that I found it is still

something that you can do the only thing

with this is though you're going to only

guarantee your first duty assignment

you're not going to guarantee in a MOS

so if you don't care about your mo s but

you SuperDuper care about the duty

station that you go to then this could

be a possibility for you just be aware

that this the mo s that you get is gonna

be needs of the army is probably not

going to be one of the greatest is

probably not going to be something that

you really really like so this is kind

of like a last resort type deal but just

be aware that that is something that is

out there that not that many people know

about now as far as giving yourself the

best chance to join some of these elite

units if you want to join an airborne

unit then you're gonna have to get

airborne in your contract if you don't

get airborne contract in your contract

you're going to have to just hope and

pray that you get assigned to that unit

and then you're you're good to go but if

you do have airborne in your contract

then you're going to get assigned to an

airborne unit and if you're like an

airborne infantry soldier for example

then nine times I change

join the 82nd Airborne Division the

101st is like an air assault unit you're

not going to get Air Assault and your

enlistment contract so the best way to

go about joining the hundred and first

is cross your fingers and hope that you

actually get that opportunity so there

are going to be MOS azure different

options that you can pick so if you do

like the option for contract where you

get airborne in your contract you know

you have a pretty good possibility of

going to the 82nd airborne or at least

some other airborne unit a good

possibility going to 101st if you get

that in your contract if you don't get

airborne in your contract then you can

just go ahead and cross off the airborne

units off your list that you want to go

to and if you do happen to get assigned

to one of those then that's just pure

luck and if you want to increase your

chances of joining one of those specific

units then your MOS is going to have a

factor so if you have just some generic

support MOS or whatever then if you want

to join a melete unit then it's a little

bit less likely but if you want to go

infantry everyone like I said you're

really likely you're probably gonna go

to the 82nd airborne really just some

combat MOS and airborne then that's a

pretty likely situation for you I'm not

saying that it's like 80% likely I'm

just saying when you're going from like

a 5% chance it just happens to be super

lucky and get the unit that you want

versus like a 40% chance or something so

just keep in mind it's not a guarantee

whatsoever now if you're sitting there

thinking well okay maybe I don't

actually join in the specific you know

unit that I want to be in initially what

about you know later on can I transfer

to that unit that I want to go to now

unless you're talking about Special

Forces or the 75th Ranger Regiment the

answer is essentially no and I'm

thinking about making a video on the

process of switching units if you're

active duty like when is that something

that you're actually going to be able to

do because 99.99% of the time you are

not going to be able to switch units if

you're active duty whereas if you're a

reservist or a National Guard you can

switch units whenever you want you don't

have to have a reason like you would if

you were active duty so if you really

really really really wanted to join the

one hundred and first Airborne for some

reason and you join another unit and you

just like okay well maybe I can transfer

the likelihood of that happening is very

very low you find some way to get to go

to Air Assault school it's not super

difficult to go to from what I

understand I've never gone to it but

from what I understand it's not super

difficult to go to if you have like an

airborne unit or something or especially

if you were to go into an air assault

unit for example that's gonna be pretty

easy to get but you're gonna have to do

that and then actually communicate to

the unit that you want to go to you're

gonna have to have the MOS the skills

the rank that that unit needs there

needs to be a vacancy slot and then

simultaneously your unit would have to

like have a surplus of your rank in your

MOS and not really need you to let you

go and that may sound like it's a

possibility but it's actually like very

slim slim slim slim to none that it's

gonna happen so that's gonna be here for

this video on how to join specific elite

units in the army it's it's next to

impossible if you actually don't get it

your first go-around it's just luck

really at the end of the day if you

don't do one of those things that I

talked about to put yourself in the

position to being one of those units

it's just gonna be luck at the end of

the day so keep that in mind but that is

if there's video hope you guys enjoyed

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