What is Global 820?

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what's up YouTube we are here today with

a quick tip on global 820 most of you

exhales probably know about global 820

but if you're not aware of global 820 or

you're just aware of maybe how spammy

regular global chat is if you're ever

looking to join in to level up your

masters if you're ever looking for a lab

carry whether that's cruel Merck or uber

maybe you're looking for a particular

map Rota a lot of people use poor Joyce

as map rotations because of the

experience so a lot of people that are

rushing or racing for level 100 will use

global 820 to try and invite and share

in poor joys asylum maps wrote as in

fact there's for Joyce asylum map

rotation right there that somebody's

asking for in global 820 so what is

global 820 so what you can do is in your

chat you can simply type backslash

Global 820 and that'll join you to this

chat room location the reason why global

820 is known as global 820 is because it

was launched on August the 20th as a

channel and so it was known as global

820 that's where the name comes from and

the reason for this channel was

specifically for people who were looking

for trading masters as well as leveling

masters so a lot of the time if you're

looking for the ability to unlock higher

tiers of your master crafting or of your

masters workstation then what you need

to do is you need to level them and in

order to level them most efficiently

what a lot of people will do is they

will join something called rotations so

what is a rotation a rotation is where

several people will group up and each of

them will visit in turn one another's

hideouts and take turns clicking on

their master this is right now bulk ease

hideout but if I go to my hideout then

everybody will take turns clicking on

their own master and will do the daily

mission now I've I've got this zoomed up

here just so that way you can see what

is global 820 but you know we can we can

zoom out just a little bit

so that way we can actually see what's

going on here here's our daily mission

we're not gonna start this daily mission

right now because not everybody from our

group is here yet to start it but we'll

take turns rotating so you know all do

our daily mission pop it open and six

portals will open up and all six of us

will jump in we'll all complete Zana

we'll all get sauna experience for that

and then we'll go to somebody else's

hideout and they'll open up their

masters mission we'll all get XP from

that so on and so forth so instead of

every single day you're only getting

daily experience from your master one

time you're getting daily experience

from your master six times which helps

you level that master up a lot faster if

you have any questions about rotations

or about global 820 feel free to leave

us a comment down in below and of course

somebody is trolling right there with

somebody saying how to join global 820

which is great and they're saying that

in the global 820 Channel oh boy I guess

I guess game chats in chat will always

suffer from spam and from trolls but

anyway if you've got questions leave us

a comment down below and good luck in p

OE incursion as you're leveling your

masters and enjoying all of the free

rotations and lab carries and lab

completions in global 820