Path of Exile: Using Chat Scanner To Get Your Uber Lab Trials Fast & Easy!

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what's up guys lifting hand this video

I'm gonna show you a method on how to

get your Google Apps trials a little

easier and a little more streamlined

what you need to do is that you need to

first of all know the names of the

trials that you're looking for and I'm

gonna give you a link down here to this

page here these are the names of each

individual trial that you need to unlock

the uber lab now what people typically

do is that they will go to global 820 do

that by typing slash claw ball 820 and

then you join up in this chat people

share their trials and for free you

don't have to pay anything for it a lot

of people also going in and saying I'm

looking for this trial or wants to buy

this trial it shouldn't do that in

glo-blades women you just need to wait

for people to share it and when they

share it you can join up with them now

the thing is you don't always want to

just sit and and pay full attention to

the chat ride you want to be gaming but

as long as you just keep global chat

open then you can keep gaming I would

recommend you download the program

called Mercury trade and I am using that

myself for just trading but it's also

really great for if you want to get your

Google app trials because what you can

do is that you can use the feature down

here called chat scanner

so you set it up and it looks something

like this yeah and in the chat scanner

what you want to do is that you first of

all want to activate it and then each of

the individual trials the ones you also

saw on the image before you want to add

a keyword for these for me I've just

added the I the last word like truth

fear grief rage pain and doubts and

those are the the trial trial co-writes

I've completed all of them right now and

then whenever someone offers a trial in

global 820 you will get a notification

and you can see that up here this for

instance here is someone who wants to

share his swirling via I think and you

can simply then add a quick response

that says invite me please or something

like that or you can whisper the guy

directly rights

and this makes it super easy forget all

your trials then when you once you've

completed swirling via what you would do

then is like the lead fear so that

doesn't proc again and doesn't get

registered in the chat scanner and by

doing this you can well you can unlock

your trials really fast I've also added

like it and not something that makes it

so that it doesn't include this for

instance because sometimes people will

be typing looking for which they should

not wanting to buy if you set an

exclamation point in front of these it

will filter out those messages but of

course the more info you antia the more

sensitive it's gonna be and the more

you're gonna pick up so this is a really

easy way a fast way to set up your

trials there once again this was a

another one swirling swirling fear and

it's solved and then you simply click

invite or whisper deep layer you can get

two trials real fast and if you're in

doubt of witch trials you've solved all

solved already you simply go to the

eternal labyrinth I in this area down

here you click this you can see the ones

that you have solved you then need to

compare that to the image he Adam that I

was talking about you can see what you

have ad in the right words in the chant

scanner and get notified when those

trials are coming up I did this and it

took me 20 minutes I had all of the

trials then and I was just sitting there

grinding out some some experience so I

go check that out don't ask for trials

don't say you want to mine them or

anything like that

share your own trials with other people

and just wait for people to offer the

trial that's what I wanted to show you I

hope it's useful thanks for watching and

bros do you even heard