How PVLACE got signed to 808 Mafia!

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I joined up Lincoln with 808 mafia oh

yeah the best story okay I have like two

options for the story there was like

there's like one option I always told

but when I met like soft side for the

first time he taught me a different

story I can tell you both of the stories

I still don't know which one is right

all right so I went to a music school

and I couldn't sleep at night and I was

both going through Twitter yeah the

story is the truth the story like works

with Twitter all the time because like

there was a guy selling emails from

producers and he was like 100 bucks for

a soft cites email and I bought it with

my last money because like back then I

was so broke as [ __ ] and I bought it and

then I sent I put it in the drop box

with all the samples and send it to the

email address and a lot story is

guessing from 808 mafia he was like on

Twitter and she said like hit me up for

collapse and the number and back then I

didn't even know where I didn't even

know how to produce a hip hop production

paternity works I didn't even know oh he

wants money for a collab mmm I just hit

him up and said yeah I want to call up

and he said like 200 or something I was

like oh [ __ ] he wants money no I was

like I was not in the community you know

I was coming from EDM I didn't know that

like all the producers are so want like

money for everything you know but I get

it because like you take a time and in

this time you could be making another

make money everywhere somewhere else you

know so I get it by a call you need to

pay for collapse and then yeah he I said

like yo I have fire samples I ignored

the 200 and I said like yeah I have the

fire services let me send it to you and

he gave me the email and I sent the

samples to him so I don't know which one

was it

but I think it's what it was the first

one that I bought the email address

because Southside okay it was like this

the next day I woke up now the next week

I woke up and got myself ready for

school and [ __ ] I went to toilet and

bathroom then I look at my phone because

I was like check the phone like after


in our when I wake up and I checked my

phone and I was like oh [ __ ] I had to 12

missed calls from a plus one plus one

number and I knew like plus one it's

like for USA and was like who the [ __ ]

was calling me I called back and it was

South Side mmm yeah so yesterday and

then I I remember it to this day like I

remember it was like yesterday I was

sitting with my boxes in there in the

room and I was like like this and my my

face turned red and how is it called

when you had high blood pressure

yeah and I had the whole day high blood

pressure that my I had like my head my

head was hurting a lot yeah and this

didn't go away for a week because I was

so pumped so hyped that this happened

and I remember it like it was the best

moment in my life I I just randomly sit

there in like in the room like this with

boxers just getting ready for school and

my mom was looking at me like what's

going on and I said [ __ ] it I don't go

to school anymore and she was like mad

as [ __ ] at me because like you need to

know I was like the worst student ever I

dropped out of three schools I went to

two jobs created the two jobs I was like

the worst kid ever you know I only

smoked weed all the [ __ ] damn time

and it was crazy you know and then I

said to my mom I'm not going to school

anymore she was like almost getting the

bell and wanted to slap the [ __ ] how

were you at this time and it wasn't one

year ago

but like you know polish moms even when

you're 50 they're gonna like receptors

show you with a bed you know it's like

Poland you know and so basically he

caught me and it was so fast and he had

like he had like an accent you know from

the hood and [ __ ] and and I can't even

remember what you taught me like and I

just heard like the n-word like 10 times

yeah I'm going to sign your watch oh

please you know and

it was gone it was so fast it came it

was like one second and yeah the best

thing and then I really didn't go to

school today I was like [ __ ] it you know

and actually the next day I called at my

school and quitted the city yeah so I I

was so I knew it because I knew the

melodies are so good just somebody needs

to hear it you know and that's the thing

and I was so that was the thing I I knew

that like when somebody hears them he is

going to [ __ ] with them a lot because

like bighead went crazy and he keep it

kept me motivating

he said yeah you choose you crazy but

back then he was like on the only to

overflow pump that's why he hadn't like

to it so much time and now he said like

oh I'm so sad I couldn't sign you back

there and you know yeah and that's the

thing how did you get the same with the

big hit the big head just email email

just Nemo yeah just send it to them and

he replied mmm so once you got the phone

with Southside and he told you you

wanted to sign he was the next step did

he send you a contract they actually the

contract took like two months mm-hmm

it was a pretty hard time because like

Brock came I think Brock came in like

that's the new manager right now but I

don't want to talk [ __ ] but I think he

came he came in like new and everything

needed to be like getting ready and [ __ ]

and he did they didn't had like

everything fixed and it at a at a place

and that's why it took like two months I

just cut it okay so after you so it took

two months it took two months yeah but

like it was the best two months ever

because I did need to go to school and

Maytag melodies all day yeah it was it's

pretty fun it was so pretty fun you know

it's still so fun I mean like with music

and with my samples I'm here right now

sitting in Los Angeles you know and I

never thought I will come to America

ever you know and like music brought me

here and I meet all those people like

you you know we meet we we meet each

other and stuff and I meet south side I

meet artists like that's the dream like

cry I could never believe it it's like

if you taught me this two years ago I

was like who the [ __ ] what the [ __ ]

you're talking

right so when you when you sent you the

contract did you have a lawyer or did

you have anyone look over oh yeah you

know we Germans you know I always have

two lawyers to two lawyers and we even

like I even said yo I don't want this

percentage like make it this make it the

nangi but like it's also really [ __ ]

with my [ __ ] and he said yeah you can

get the percent that you want you know

mm-hmm you know in Germany it's like oh

wait we we love contracts we love

contracts and we love lawyers so that's

the thing in Germany this is a German

thing is like you don't take me

seriously last yeah yeah and I knew I

could like make some percentage because

I knew like you know sent me mother sent

me melis and every day he was in life

like playing this melodies and I knew

okay I can like I was called leverage

like negotiate and negotiate a little

bit you know mm-hmm and I got like

pretty [ __ ] amazing contract when I

when I say the contract to some people

they say like how the [ __ ] did you get

it and it's just like people need to get

a [ __ ] lawyer

what so what's the problem it wasn't

that hard like and get two lawyers I got

two lawyers but I stayed at one cuz the

one other guy was like very like a very

good guy and what the other one was like

then he doesn't give a [ __ ] because he

worked like for Kendrick Lamar and [ __ ]

and that's why he doesn't so did you

call to entertainment lawyers yeah 20

Miller's I just randomly type in on

Google you think a lot a lot of people

are just like man take what every right

they don't they're even yeah that dumps

[ __ ] think about Tracy it's like when

you get in the industry it's not about

the law it's about the passion anymore

it's like a making money and I love

money and I'm very good at making money

you know and I always had this hustle

and my insight because my parents are

refugees from Poland and I saw them they

had nothing and my mom is like big as

fancy like I can tell what she makes but

like she's like a good company and my

dad like works the audio to like in a

higher spot and that's the thing I saw

the hustle you know I love it because my

my my my mom came with just a backpack

to Germany and now she got like this

hugest company and [ __ ] and that's as a

cut right I was thought I saw the grind

and I wanted to make money and [ __ ] more

and that's the best thing ever making

like with your with it with music making

money it's like crazy so

amazing it's like my hobby I work ten

hours and it feels like two hours for me

mmm it's so amazing

so then why after you signed everything

like like how did a know how did your

daily lifestyle and everything like what

were you doing like just send a sample

pack somebody oh yeah it was pretty

chill I woke up play the [ __ ] game

with something on a Playstation went out

to eat make samples if I didn't want it

to the samples I just like go outside

have some fun you know I don't I don't

have like a schedule and I don't want to

push myself too hard because like I know

when you when you work with like with

messily and not physically it's going to

[ __ ] you up if you do is constantly like

10 hours or 12 hours you know you need

to keep yourself healthy but when you

keep yourself healthy you're getting

going to have like a more like

creativity and stuff and I know that

that's why I don't like make like 20

melodies in the role I always make a

pass you know I always go out I smoke

something I eat something I play some

games with my friend then I make another


and when I do it like this it's always

the best melodies but when I try to make

like ten in a row it gets like trash

it's very first first one it's like good

the second one is good to button on and

it goes down you know and that's the

thing and I need to like make something

else and then go back and that's the

lifestyle I live and it's it's always

like I always make like eight melodies a

day like in in LA I know in LA and I

keep myself like push myself really hard

because I'm every day with Southside and

give him surplus I try to make back 20

but like it's a motivation though I am

in America I need to push myself so hard

you know yeah

but in Germany I keep it healthy

balanced so I can always have like new