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hello there I'm talking smart aerials

welcome to my video I'll show you how to

enjoy in a telephone cable if you have

cut into a cable fear not this will save

you or if you just need to make a cable

a little bit longer and you don't want

to come out professional like myself or

would you please do by the way if you

Sussex England see know that yourself

get me to do it you know you don't a

corporation will save some money BT

charge extortion up please you want to

quit some more saying they do charge for

the quiz suing me or something so here

we go I will show you two methods have

to do this I'm gonna show you the jelly

quit method which is put the best method

to do it you get a really good reliable

connection and you can get in you know

quite small spaces I'll show you how to

do this with me junction box as well a

self-contained junction box built for

this purpose so to do this so what I've

got here I've just got to set the set

side cutters just getting weak a bit of

jacket back anything I've got a jelly

crimp tool and they look like a bit of

pliers locking pliers but or not I've

got this little bit missing here which

is pretty crucial you can do this with

pliers but you said to be a bit more

careful study blade just to preparing

the cable revealing the inner pairs got

a couple of jelly crimps so these are

little things I was talking about I've

got a self-contained telephone junction

box and I've got a bit of just this just

be a cat5 cable it could be two pair

free pair telephone cable so let's begin

I'm going to go on this thought we've

got this much we start with jelly

printer can eprint method because that's

pretty the best way of doing it so it's

gonna Nick a bit of this cable

so you'll reveal the pair's blades now

when you're doing this you'll be careful

that you're not cutting into the inter

pares we just Stanley blade this little

bit string here it's intended to pull

them pull down split the jacket so you

can cut it back and you've got a bit of

urging cable we haven't made the

incision up here I'll not go through

that just because somebody got it they

came to run out and I'm gonna do the

same the other ends as well so obviously

this is the same cable this but this is

to represent a different cable so we're

going to pretend use my powers of

imagination now this is a complete

separate cable I'll pull it to us with a

sweat run off my head as we speak it's

about 45 degrees here today and I didn't

open the windows because I'll have the

traffic coming on the audio so I hope

made the right decision there so we've

got here now so when you're doing in a

telephone cable you're simply joined in

one one cable Curtis so with a

corresponding cable color usually and

that the ones we used to use for

telephone the UK are the blue and orange

ones so at most if you're just doing

this with telephone connections which is

most likely you're probably only gonna

be using to join the blue pair and the

will have to be free so we're going to

be joining blue two blue white and blue

to one blue and orange but if you need

to do this more times with other pairs

and you can do just got used more jelly

crimps so I'm just going to do that now

in in its standard for the blue pair to

be your sort of line for your telephone

extension and the orange to be the sort

of being circuit you don't always need

the orange depend on the system but you

know it's somewhat sometimes good just

to do it just be on the safe side

like so let's get that back on our

second cable here so we've done thank

you similar so you saw see they're two

different bits of cable now with the

jelly crimp you see on the end there

should I get a close but you're gonna

focus you can't say it but it's got

looks few incisions we can just poke a

cable in like that and then you get the

other side you put always the end and

holding it down with the jelly crimped

all the special tool he's got a bit


you'll need to just squeeze it down on

top I'm just going to show you how to do

that so that's that so when you do it

you get a little bit of we all come out

lots a bit of gel it sort of on

weatherproof and gel hope you see that

can you see how you can just melt my

veil that's just sort of make good you

know will I've also weatherproof

connection press it right out now if

you're doing the bar with pliers what

you have to do instead it's just a sort

of gently work your way around so it

will compress is flat I have actually

when I want to conform them I've

actually - two of my hands before now

sort of squeeze you really hard is this

you work what well now it's what we do

it's gonna repeat that a few different

times so I'm not going to bother doing

that cuz I think at least find it won't

off we're just so you put jelly crimp on

those runs and I did it come from those

month and then you've essentially joined

the cable you know you know so if you've

got a little sitting there or kind of

cut it then you've made this you join

the camera again so that's that's the

jelly cream effort actually I'm gonna

quickly show you it's jelly cream from

using it's not normal for this sort

situation but these are sort of free

ways I can to put free cables in these

ones so these particular ones although

not as common you can use your split in

the telephone cable as well so if you

need this it'll split it two different

directions you can use their money makes

a good reliable connection now the

second method is the the junction box

method so basically with these we use a

Crone's also an IDC punch down school

the same sort at all your dues for cat5

cable in

rj45 sockets and you know certainly be

under telephone extension socket and we

just punch these down into the correct

quick sections let's do that now I'm

gonna do the same thing again I'm gonna

prepare the cable by revealing it I've

send you around now here we've got one

two three four five six

yeah but you bring notice for the sharp

ones among you that would let you got

four pairs that's because the cat for

I've got four pairs a to fit a two pair

telephone cable will have two pairs and

total four cables and a free pair again

we're free pairs so that's designed for

a free pair telephone cable in that

eventualities don't worry about the

other pairs if you're doing it for a

telephone extension just connect two

pairs to five and three what any pairs

you need to commit so don't worry if

you've got a spare cables it's it's not

like you know you've built a bit of

furniture you've got these parts left

over and you think Christ I'm sure

that's a can port and then your kid sits

on it and it falls it falls apart we're

not going on instance like that won't

work so a good way I remember in this

which way they go so one pit one two

three they're your solid colors yeah

fourth one six they're your white colors

with the stripes so blue and white would

be way I remember it's blue too and then

orange is free and one would be green if

you using that and then on these ones

it's one orange is for white and blue is

five one green is six so pairs one and

sex is one and you get one pair B one O

six two and five will be another pair

and free and for pin up a pair so they

they sort of work their way in so if you

remember that solid pairs on the on the

one two three and then they work the

pair's in you should be able to work

this out or so job with your comment

section below and I have to explain to

you so what we're gonna do

they're going to get that into the right

section so blue - like I said okay with

the punch down tool we're going to punt

that down and it actually compresses and

cuts it at the same time so you've got

any excess it will help you make a nice

neat job

what haven't Swit it that I brought that

where the right place

let's get that in so now I've got one

blue into the section five and I'm gonna

get that down and like I said the only

thing we now if it's for a telephone

extension or telephone line if it's for

an extension we need the ring circuit as

well if it's didn't come in line then we

don't need it or so it's all sockets but

let's just put it in so solid orange in

number three there now all say that's

just one end yeah so we've got to put

the other or the second cable into the

junction box as well so we come we kind

of prop we can come in either way you

usually come in the opposite side and

then in this box it's got a little bit

you can nibble out there you just saw I

hope you can see that you just nip

around in it you're sort of supporting

and we can go into the other side so

remember with any bridges or anything

like that you can even patch on top of

it if you wanted to but we can pass the

other side so but the purpose this video

onto a patterns the other side

let's get these cables ready - lets go

straight over there so about my phone

kind of thing

and where's that one so that's gotta go

it's a five there and then orange to

that one now so that would want noir in

that loop but that would be two separate

cables going in like so then we can just

put the lid back on our junction box

there obviously the nipple out of there

and screw it back down and then we've

got a junction box now that junction box

also itself has two screw holes there so

if you need to screw it onto a skirting

board or something like that and I keep

a fixed vision you can do so as I

mentioned we've got a little cable tie

sections here Eve wrens anyone put a

cable tie in there

so we have tension on the cable keep it

nice and snug

no that can that can that can sit

happily on a scoreboard or something

like that

nothing you can do is we don't like that

method or you haven't got the Crone so

you could just use a box like this to

put your jelly Crimson's so jelly crimp

see if you sort of feel you know I

figure out where they can fit you can

put your Jenny crimson and you've got a

jelly crimps in a box it sorts it at me

and which I sometimes do something I

sell because I prefer jelly crimps well

beneath this type of connection but

that's taken to it so that's that's two

methods there how to how you can join

your telephone cable I hope at home

helps you I hope you like this video

maybe hope so I hope you save some money

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