How to join the 77 Clan...

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so obviously you guys and gals know that

I'm sort of in the 77 clan right now and

that means I am extremely clouded

however I always make time to answer DMS

and reply to comments right but recently

all of the 77 members have decided that

they were too jealous of my cloud in my

looks so they've decided to get me back

for it this is what my DMS look like

after one hour it was crazy that

everyone believed them and wanted to

collapse ace me the great Kari but I

understood that since I am so amazing

and clouded it's hard not to clap chase

me here is one of the conversations I

had with a 77 grinder so epic Slayer 19

said yo can I join 77 as a creative

slave please bro i watch all your

content I responded with bro

I don't recruit people off the MS that

would be stupid to which he replied dude

but it said that anyone that DM you can

join 77 at this point I was kind of

tired of answering DMS so I said stop

DMing me he replied come on are you

going back on your own word I am a very

good fortnight player and I can probably

beat Sirk and all the other 77 members

I'm actually coated and skilled stop

trying to dodge lmao 1 view on me so I

replied stop DMing me he then said after

all this time I thought you were a good

youtuber and listened to your fans now I

see that you are fake and I can't wait

for everybody to expose you I'm not a

snitch but I hate the fakes to which I

responded with

stop yammering me Kenneth dragon 19 then

said I bet you are going to use this

against me as harassment or something

but you are just hurting yourself you

are on a great player and you are even

gay keeping me out of joining 77 what is

the point of the RC then hashtag 77 is

suss but like hashtag 77 is fake

so then I replied stop the enemy epic

slayer 19 men responded with LOL that

moment when you can't come up with a

comeback laughing emojis I made the

decision to say stop