How To Transfer To The 75th Ranger Regiment | After Enlistment or Commissioning

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what is going on everybody so today we

are going to talk about joining the 75th

ranger regiment for those of you out

there who did not

get the chance to enlist with an option

40 contract

so if you didn't know in order to be in

the 75th range regiment when you

initially enlist with your first

enlistment you are going to have to go

for the

option 40 contract now some of the

problems that some of y'all might run


is uh either you don't meet the

requirements at the time of the listing

or there's just not any option 40

contracts available for you i believe i

had to do a little bit of research on

this video

and every month there are and fifty

infantry option 40 contracts and about

10 option 40 contracts for other mosses


aren't specifically infantry so if you

want to go infantry then your chances of

getting in the 75th on your initial

enlistment is going to be a little bit

better but

this video is for those of you out there

who didn't actually get that opportunity

so let's say you enlisted or even

commissioned as an officer

and you still want to be in the 75th

range regiment but you didn't get the

option 40 contract

or for officers no officers end up going

uh as a ranger or special forces if you

guys are curious i'll talk about that in

just a little bit it's a little bit

different for officers but for enlisted

soldiers if you didn't get the option

for the contract

what are your options well it's actually

pretty simple

but there are going to be some specific

requirements that you're going to have

to meet and i will leave

all the links in the description down

below if you are curious and you want to

join the 75th range regiment

if you want to go ahead and email them

and submit your packing stuff that i'm

going to talk about

check the link in the description

because that's where you're going to

find everything so in order to

transfer into the 17th ranger regiment

you really don't need that much as a

lower enlisted soldier you essentially

have to fill out two different forms of

pre-screening for rash

and then also a da form 4187 i believe

which is essentially

a form requesting a transfer into the

75th ranger regiment

upon completion of ras the ranger

assessment and selection program

and that 4187 form your chain of command

is actually going to have to give you

approval to do this so if your chain of

command does not want you to end up

leaving the unit for whatever the reason

maybe they

really need your mls and they don't want

anybody leave right now

then you're going to be kind of out of

luck for a little while but if they are

in favor

of you switching to be in the 75th range

regiment they're okay with signing off

on that

then really all you need to do is get

the approval of your training command

fill out that form

do the pre-screening contact the email

in the description that's going to be in

the 75th ranked regiment's website

send over your packet because you're a

lower enlisted soldier and then wait i

think it said

six to eight weeks for your orders or

your rejection letter or whatever

they're going to send you so if you're

lower enlisted that's some good news for

you because you can essentially do this


after you get done with basic and ait

you can essentially submit that request

to transfer into the 75th range regiment

and it can obviously get approved or

denied but the possibility for you to do


is still there it's probably a little

bit unlikely for you to get approved


right after ait your chain of command

might not approve that because they'll

be like hey

we just got you here so just keep that

in mind

but you know a year or two down the line

if you're still interested in doing it

then you can definitely do that and if

you have a good packet if you don't have


article 15s or any ucmj actions pending

or anything like that that have happened

anytime recently

then you're going to be good to go you

got a good pt score odds are

i'm thinking in my opinion if all that

is good

you got a high pt score a high gt score

um your chain of command is good you

possibly throwing like record letters of

recommendation and stuff in there then

you're probably gonna have a good chance

of getting picked especially

if that mls is in me now if the mos is

not in need

at the time then there's not much you

can do about that you can just apply


later but like i said before for

officers it's a little bit different and

for warrant officers it's kind of the


as officers and again link in the

description if you guys

want to actually check this out if you

are about to commission as an officer

it's gonna be a whole different process

so in addition

to the documents that you had to get


that i talked about for the lower

enlisted there's going to be additional

documents additional things that you're

going to have to fill out

and there's also different windows in

which you can transfer to the 75th range


as an officer so the first thing for a


officer is you can't switch to the 75th

ranger regiment

as a second lieutenant which means you

have to wait at least 18 months at the

time that you get promoted to first


and those orders go through then you can

submit your packet and request to

transfer into the 75th range regiment

if you are i believe there's three

different mls's i know one for sure is

infantry officers if you're an infantry

officer you have to have gone to ranger


first there's i think it's 13 series i'm

not exactly sure but

link in the description for the 75th

range regiments website where you can

find this answer

but if you are not those three mosses

then you don't have to have been to

ranger school

before applying to the 75th range

regiment as an officer so once you get

all that stuff done i'm not going to go

over everything because then this video

will be even longer

link in the description down below

warrant officer is similar

it is going to be a longer application

process that you're going to have to get

you're going to have you're going to

have to get

those letters of recommendation letters

of recommendations as warrant officers

and officers so it's a little bit more

front on your part as a warrant or a

commissioned officer

but it is still possible so i want to

say if you have any

very specific questions if you're

actually in the process of wanting to do


if you're already in the army and you

want to be in the 75th range regiment

i'd obviously definitely recommend the

links in the description i'm going to

take you through the 75th

website one of the links is going to

take you to the page

that is going to show you the it's going

to basically link you to the documents

that you need

and you can go ahead and print those off

and fill those out yourself give them to

your chain of command

and then they'll also have the emails in

which you need to contact so everything

you need

to join the 75th range regiment after


is in the description of this video so

for those of you out there who

really want to do this definitely check

that out but

this video kind of just served for the

purposes of getting those

links out there uh to help you guys out

a little bit so

it is possible to join the 75th after

enlistment some people

may or may not know that you may think

oh gosh i didn't get my option 40


i'm never going to be a ranger that's

not true so that's gonna be it for this

video i hope you guys enjoyed it if you

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guys have an amazing freaking day and

good luck with

submitting your packets to the 75th

range regiment and i'll see y'all