A Prayer of Surrender to God's Will

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Manawa Gong - Tae Yong Yong Satine

panino magma at Makaha alumni when Ilan

in Pattaya yo Socky gamma here Apna Apna

pehoe Hindi poet Oh an Guha arcane Janu

stone lay on our own a torn apart onto

Hoopoe Nakayama Padmaja @ KO i

memorandum plan Ozaki boo high at Angus

Tony oh hey ho hey pal pal a Dios amah

to Logan Pony no ho hindi ko ko Alam

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pero Nayyara sabi nila kata me Peter

Solomon a man along in a Cabana globe at

Manny wanna non-aryan poka-yoke Makiki

knee a to two goons arming the san kna

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Capuchin ponents ISA mullah Angela had

maraming salamat PO do sama a diamond

earring new on arming the Sun Peter

there are several women who are watching

right now and they're so depressed

because they don't know what to do they

don't know even alarm company la pocha

amina con la mañana at maja me sane

omaha patina to talk suna Nagumo

vanamali pero hindi po yan and para an

opinion on Jose on Mali po-han Deena

Baba go nippon bunka homily la lu la

montagne malulu book saying un problema

they are right now right now in the name

of Jesus I speak healing upon your

troubled minds I speak healing upon your

troubled Souls and let the Lord come and

minister to you let the Lord heal heal

your depression heal your fears in the

name of Jesus

Pocoyo non-latin panino Jose I come

caralluma Pizza Tanya Paula Cunha hindi

neena how you eat one an oppa Bobby on

ghanian poor unjust Amira on time

peter-patter there are several women mel

and si lang paragraph Suhani Lang Lakes

you pass honey Lana here aside they're

always using they're always in pants the

Lord is just healing you instantly

receive your healing in Jesus name

someone also that's you have a problem

with your central nervous system and the

doctors can't seem to pinpoint the exact

medication to give to you and you're

always having uncontrolled reflexes bas

Tanguma golilong you are more you leg

more and you don't know what to do the

Lord has heard the cry of your heart

he's right this moment releasing his

mighty healing touch when you receive

your healing in the name of Jesus some

are also suffering from psoriasis the

Lord is healing you instantly you're

never going to have psoriasis again in

your life receive your healing in Jesus

name someone with a brain tumor on the

right side of your brain the Lord is

healing you now from that tumor in fact

go and have a checkup

Parimal Amin Mona wall a Nutella gong

two more John let's see if your healing

in Jesus name melody no no no not gay on

you just feel this certain weakness come

over your body you be Glenallen you feel

so weak

and sometimes you need to look for a

chair and sit down because you just feel

so weak it comes and goes and you're

afraid now one time you may be out and

then this might happen to you have no

fear the Lord is releasing his healing

touch on you right now receive your

healing kapatid in Jesus yes Peter

there's a man who's watching and he has

a kidney problem and he's afraid for his

life but the Lord is telling you

have healed you I've heard your prayer

just trust and believe in me I am your

God and there is no other there's also a

woman who has gastric ulcers and the

Lord is giving you wisdom right now and

telling you how to take care of this

persistent gastric ulcers because he

wants to heal you in the name of Jesus

there's there's also a mother who's

watching right now and she's so trouble

because she has a rebellious child mmm

you know mom just keep on praying to God

for your child lay a hand upon him and

speak blessings and and instead of curse

words to your child you speak words of

life and blessings to your child and see

how it will come to pass in his life in

the name of Jesus yes cat I saw that

child in fact in endearment India child

young young adult you Nikita ho pero you

still live with your mom and in and out

you come in and out of depression you

just lost your job you broke up with

your girlfriend and uh no harm tell

again you're so Restless and you've been

very impolite and rude towards your

mother just right now the Lord is

causing you company to repent honor your

father and your mother so that you will

live long and that all may go well with

you right now receive that in the name

of Jesus there's also someone watching

right now you're in your late 60's and

you have a mild air in your aorta and

you're scheduled for a procedure the

Lord is just mending your eye Horta

right now receive your healing in Jesus

name Thank You Lorraine Eko now I'm Dom

kana Bernanke Galina jamala Papa Paula

Paula Tanya naman kamek I began at sabai

Sabina teeny high ugh I'm Jose I'm a

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