7 Days to Die Alpha 19 | How To Setup a Dedicated Server! @Vedui42

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welcome to my channel survivor today

we're going to be looking at how to set

up and dedicate this server file find 19

an experimental version specifically

there are many ways to run a multiplayer

game with your friends you could just do

it straight from your game client just

open up to your friends and they can

connect but doing so has some downsides

you do have the client and the server

intricately connected so if the client

has any issues you need to restart or

you shut it down or crashes the server

goes down as well if you're playing with

your friends that's not desirable

likewise you have to keep the game

client running the whole time even if

you want to go sleepy you want to go out

and do something else having a dedicated

server really solves that issue because

it's its own program that is running and

your friends can connect even if you're

not connected and the good news is that

steam makes that really easy to install

and set up a small caveat however some

people who install a dedicated server

have issues specifically with port

forwarding not being able to have layers

to join them in the game often this is

due to settings on the router that they

have sometimes as an ISP issue where

they don't allow connections inbound and

if you have a lot of problems there's

always hosted solutions that you can

apply for instance I run multiple

servers on ping perfect and they host

seven days that I have calls as well and

while that costs maybe roughly ten years

dollars a month that's actually not a

lot considering as a 24/7 365 kind of

solution I have an affiliate link below

to ping perfect and if you sign up

through me as well using my discount

code you do get a 10% discount your

monthly charges furthermore it has two

48-hour trial so you can try it out

before you decide what to do but let's

assume you want to take a stab through

doing that through Steam so I have my

Steam client here as well the first

thing you want to do is you want to go

up to games here and select tools and

I'm gonna hunt tick game serious to make

it a little bit easier one of the once

you have here or you can actually just

search for it will be the seven days and

I dedicate to the server a mine sense

latest experimental but I'm gonna show

you how to do that you go down to

properties you go down to betas now if

you do none opt-out of all beta programs

you will get the latest stable version

right now when

Publishing this it's alpha 18.4 of when

alpha 19 drops on Monday you basically

select here you go down and you choose

the latest experimental unstable build

and that means it's going to install it

even if it's not disabled but it could

have some issues that's why it's called

latest experimental unstable build this

home will only show up after the fom

pins released alpha 19 experimental

which should be sometime during Monday

the 29 so once you've selected this one

close it and hit install it will allow

you to decide where you should be

installing it and tell you required

space etc but once you have that

selected you hit next it'll download and

installed for you so while this is

happening if you enjoy all my guides why

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maybe maybe comment below on any

questions you might have also make sure

you enable notifications you get

notified of all my new videos I put out

a lot of seven days to die videos guides

and tutorials normally and hopefully you

find those useful as well after a while

steam will telling you that it's

completed the download and it says a

launch but we're not gonna do that just

yet you want to configure it first what

you do is you go to properties on this

server you do local files and browse

local files and that will open up the

directory that is basically the full

install of this server there's a few

things in there the first one is where

you would go forward there log date and

we'll get to that a little bit further

down you'll have the server config the

XML so you want to open that up I use

notepad plus plus because it's a pretty

good way to edit files the server config

dot XML contains most of the settings

that you want to configure for your

server not all there's a couple of

additional things that you might want to

do but this is the main one most of them

have a very good comment of what this is

all about for instance server name most

call it whatever you want to some of the

description URL etc first really

important one is the server password if

you don't want to allow anyone to just

connect to it you set a password for

instance my game servers always have a

password so that I can share with my

friends and the people in my community

server login confirmation text is pretty

good allows the game to pop up a box of


before people get admitted into the

server and all tell them to basically

continue it continue to enter all they

can leave which means that if they're

having some time to before the

connection and everything and

initialized is opt before they connect

it gives them an opportunity to you to

sort of leave get some coughing come

back and they haven't actually spawned

into the game until they click continues

this is really useful server port

default you if you don't know what

you're doing don't change this one

because it changes some of the port

forwarding disability again to is public

than anyone concede normally you want to

probably change this to one so only your

friends can see it for instance server

makes player account play around with

this was it really depends on that what

kind of server you have how strong it is

and how good performance it is if you

want to control the server over either

the control panel or telnet you have to

enable an or disable this and depending

on your what you choose make sure you

set a password Oh change them don't use

the default ones you see enabled so ESC

is EC anti-cheat sometimes it gives you

problems so then you want to switch this

to false there's no real harm of having

an enable unless you have problems with

it so I would just leave it truth now

the big ones here we have the game plan

this I configured the world now you get

this is where you set where you're gonna

play with novice game when you're gonna

play with preachin over you're gonna do

a random world generate that so if

you're gonna do novice can dope region

just put that in if you're gonna

generate your own world you have to

change this to rwg so instead of Navis

game put in rwg the seed that one is the

game will generate a world depending on

you put there so asdf will look

different than if i put something like

this and if i this I change it like this

it changes as well because this is just

a seed that it starts to generate from

and what this means is that if I make a

game seed rwg with a game seed of 1 and

if you do want exactly the same way with

RW and one our matches will look

identical a soul that's basically how it


size default is 4096 you can definitely

pump this up if you go too high it can

take quite a long time to generate so

4096 or double 8100 and

the two is probably reasonable for

gaming groups and of course your game

name change to whatever you want to have

make sure you maintain it and don't

change it later on because it actually

will impact the folder structure so set

this once and then don't touch it

game wood survival you could do creative

and stuff like that but I'm assuming

you're gonna play or not so I'm not

gonna change that one had difficulty

again some of these settings are same as

you're seeing a single-player and it

will explain a little bit what it's all

about you might want to have an XP

multiplier you can enable or disable the

creative mode daylight length of the

game behaves if you die or if you quit

whether you're gonna drop things so not

a lot of these settings you probably if

you don't if you haven't played around

with these ones before you might want to

just leave them at default if you are an

experienced parent you could tweak them

as you want to for instance Blood Moon

enemy account if you have a really good

system or you don't have too many place

you could bump this one up to twelve or

sixteen which means that you have a lot

more concurrent zombies doing the Blood

Moon whole night some multiplayer

settings down here for party shell kill

range hundred meters default I normally

put at 500 player killing mode I

normally put to kill strangers only or

no killing kill everyone basically means

to be a friendly fire which can be

really deadly when you're playing with

your friends so in this case I'm gonna

go back and I'm gonna change this to

test one the server password and I'm

gonna save it I'm gonna keep everything

pretty much else what it was I'm gonna

close it and this one thing more that I

want to do I want to play around with

this server admin to xml's

unfortunately the server admin found

it's not here a way to access it the

easiest one is just go to your Start

menu and type in percentage AppData

percentage and that will give you

location off all your application data

if you know where that is then it

doesn't matter but this is how you get

it easily do an update a lookup and then

you go to seven days to die and you can

go into saves now this is the server

admin to XML and you want to use that

one for one very specific reason it

allows you to set that admins otherwise

you don't even have admin powers for

yourself when you're playing the game so

all you do is that you copy let's say

this line

here I'll beat that one I put it here so

that's outside of the comment 1 and then

you put in your steam64 ID you can get

this one through Steam and it's a nice

thing that they added on here you can

put it in a name this was a problem for

they didn't actually have this so when I

was running my service I put in all the

Steam IDs and I had a long list of them

and then I actually don't know what what

the numbers actually correspond to so I

have to keep an offline file and

everything so I'm really glad they added

this hint and you know it's just helpful

but make sure you do that and change

this into your own steam ID

don't leave the default one if you don't

do that then you don't actually have

admin powers on your own server so you

need to update this one with your steam

64 Eady remember it's the steam 640

which will start with a seven six five

series of number and we want to proceed

to startup so we'll back here on this

theme client and do launch and it will

be starting the server saying that is

writing the log it'll pop up a terminal

window here and let's see you start a

server it'll do some loading it'll tell

you a little bit what happens if there's

any issues it will also throw up some

errors here so it's an easy way to see

if something is really going wrong and

the key thing to wait for here is first

to say start game done it'll say game

server in a successful cetera and that

means the server is running and while

you in the console ear you can actually

type help it'll give you a big listing

of comments that you can do and this

window is good because when you want to

shut down your game you basically tap

shut down

you don't just close the whole server or

kill it in windows task manager because

that can cause some corruption you do as

shutdown and we do that it will shut it

down and we are done

while the server is running after it has

started up you can connect it local on

your LAN and that's a good way to verify

it if you can connect local tool and you

know the server is running fine you can

connect and you know you can play on it

now what happens if well it doesn't

start up there some errors well the

console window will actually tell you a

little bit about it you can also go to

seven days to die server data open up

and you'll see their output logs here

and this output log will pretty much

mimic what was in the console window

that you said that you saw just now

and in my case obviously says that

everything was fine and that I then shut

it down but if there is an issue it will

usually tell this an error and it will

indicate a little bit of information

around what happened normally the only

things that go wrong is that one you

already have a server that is running

and using the pots that it needs to use

but more commonly is that someone while

you probably edited this server config

that XML file and messed it up maybe you

remove something maybe you didn't

enclose something properly and so on if

that really happens go have a look at it

if you really can't figure it out

there's a way to fix it that billable

careful about this do don't do this if

if it's working or you go to properties

and you do verify integrity of tool

files what will happen then it's that

steam will go I find I'm gonna check

every file to make sure it's the default

file and if it isn't they're gonna

overwrite it with the correct file now

what also happens then and don't do this

unless you really need to is that if

you've configured everything with a

server configure that XML it will

overwrite it so once you're done and

everything is working it's actually a

pretty good idea to just take that file

and create a copy because it means that

even if you reinstall or update the

server you have this old file correctly

but in a copy that it's not going to get

overwritten this can be an issue for

instance if you are updating the server

from nineteen experimental to nineteen

to ensure of instance or nineteen point

one if you do that the server config

will be rewritten by the default version

and you will lose all the configurations

you're having this you'll lose your game

name you'll lose your CD etc and if you

don't have a copy of that it's really

difficult to recover so always make sure

you have a copy of this file so how are

you all done well not quite normally

you're not quite done because people

might not be able to connect properly

into your server there's one more thing

that you need to do at least one more

thing which is really port forwarding so

what happens now if you run the server

and you are your self connected if you

have a friend on Steam and they connect

or join a game on you or you send an

invite Steam basically handles the

connectivity so they connect through you

through your session and into the server

but if you then disconnect if you quit

and you leave the game their connection

will end up being terminated

as well and you want to resolve that by

having port forwarding that enables them

to input your external IP and port and

they will connect directly to your

server because your router will forward

this on to the game server this can be a

little bit tricky most people who come

to my discord and ask for help or having

issues are having issue with their port

forwarding so I'm going to leave a link

in the description below which has some

resources from that steam on how to do

their portfolio in general what this

means you have to Ford TCP ports you

have to Ford UDP ports and that is done

specifically based on how your router is

function it's all individual individual

models individual brands handle it

slightly differently and that's where

part of the challenge is but keep in

mind these ones normally 26900 TCP and

UDP 26 926 9 or 2 again these are the

default ports if you have changed this

and the server config that XML there

will be different ports but I would

definitely urge you to keep the default

ports while you're setting things up

just to make sure things are working and

if you really need to change it later on

at least you know you have had it in a

working state once so if you don't know

how to do this while here's the site

that is pretty good so I'm gonna click

there cite this with just a link and

this website have a has a bunch of

brands and models willed instruction for

that specifically so I'm gonna check

here of how to do for d-link it in which

is a pretty common router and I'll click

on the specific model that you want to

look at it'll give you some of the

information and it'll tell you how to

log in how to access it but the

important thing is where you end up in

the end is under the advanced and it

tells you to go to port forwarding it

then tells you to verify that have

enable they'll tell you that you click

to enable it such as up here you have to

type in the application IP and

everything TCP ports and the UDP ports

etc and then you click Save Settings and

again make sure you don't use this Xbox

Xbox Live ports you should be using the

the posts that were just shown on the

steam web page which are these ones and

if you get this correctly then your

friends will be able to be by accessing

your external IP

and the port to connect your game server

so what if it still doesn't work well

that's when you have a bit of a headache

unfortunately because now we're into

troubleshooting so the first thing you

want to do make sure that when you start

up the server that it says that it

started up and that you couldn't connect

locally on your local PC if you can it

means the server is running fine and the

problem is elsewhere second thing to do

is verify that port forwarding again

look at the instructions for your

specific router model and make sure

everything is taken in properly you can

have your friend adjoined through Steam

invited cetera that at least shows that

they can connect but if they can't

connect through the IP and port that you

provided either it's the router that

it's not properly configured or if

you're unlucky you might have a pass

through the Windows Firewall when that

popped up and said hey do you want to

accept this or not

so you might want to just temporarily

disable your Windows Firewall and make

sure you re-enable it after you test it

out but if that doesn't work you might

also want to have a final look at

whether your ISP is blocking inbound

traffic there are some ISP Internet

service providers which actually block

inbound traffic once in a while someone

comes to my discard and we're trying to

troubleshoot it and it actually turns

out there is B it's not allowing people

to run a server at home and that

obviously includes game servers so let's

say you've done all this you still can't

get it to work well this is where we

sort of have to open up and see what

else we can do and one possibility is to

go for a hosted server provider they

basically handle all the updates

everything and all you do is you log in

you configure things and you play with

your friends it's you normally open 24/7

365 which makes it a lot easier to

manage if you're playing with a group of

friends it cost is normally around 10

USD per month and I have a link in the

description below for my affiliate link

to ping perfect that I've been using for

many years now there's also a 10%

discount code which gives you attempts

and discount monthly on your charges you

can try that out and they also have a

48-hour trial I use them for my 7 days

that I server or have a conan ex-house I

have actually right now 3 arc survival

of all servers as well so I do use them

extensively myself and if you are a few

friends $10 per month is actually

really reasonable it just solved with

the issue with having a lot of headaches

with a dedicated server installing your

PC is specially if you having problems

with your friends connecting this is

worth the try out I wish you good luck

with your dedicated server install and

hope you enjoy alpha 19 and I will catch

you again next time

special thanks to the great patrons

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