7 Days to Die PS4 beginner guide - New private game adding friends

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let's see you're starting up in the

games you want to pick a character these

characters are all from walking dead

molly was a really fun character in that


all your Carly it doesn't matter

Sumalee I don't generally play any of

these except the private game Navin

Navis Jane Dean however you're saying

this that was game I guess

is the one where you can find a map on

line four and it stays the same random

gin is like an infinitely huge world it

definitely will be a fun one to put

later to start just learning I would

stick with this one because you can kind

of learn where things are

so try the game options this is on

PlayStation 4 of course difficulty

settings for a beginner I'd started

scavenger that's kind of the default

adventure zombies run put definitely I

never run walk it day and run at night

is I've never run so it's still they

still run at night at you if they see

you but that's the lowest you can go

so you can't I think he can do always

trying to where they run whenever they

see you but then in the aggression you

have normal that's all you can do at

feral obviously to start with you don't

wanna start a feral daylight length

I like 18 that means your days are 18

long of sunlight and then your nights

are shorter that way you can do sixteen

but then you're gonna be spending a lot

of time at night you know hanging out so

I like 18 not adoptions that's a new one

I guess I just do it on this kind of

leave it

if you're killed by a zombie that

dropped your backpack

you could I guess you could do your tool

belt you drop your tool belt and then I

have your backpack on you but I usually

have my good stuff in my tool belt so

kind of rather have my tool belt

drop unclean nothing I leave that enemy

memory you could read what all these do

enemies spawning I then I'm very little

you can do disabled so this if you want

to try disable just to learn the game

that's not a bad way to start just to

figure out your menus all that kind of

stuff but you're not gonna want to play

on that because it's not very fun very

low is not bad


respond I leave most of this at its dare

drop that's a really nice one so the

plane will fly over once a day

you can either do none so it doesn't fly

over at all or you can do it where it

drops less frequently but I like 24

hours 24 hours cycle this one I believe

is how long in real minutes it takes for

20 hours to pass so that would make your

day quicker so 30 30 minutes of you know

our time here's an entire day on the

game 40 minutes I could set it higher so

we have a little bit more time so 50 now

so it'll be 50 minutes for an entire day

to go by we can set it at that to start

with that's not bad to give yourself a

little bit of time it'll make your

nights longer though too so I don't like

cheating takes the fun out of the

challenge of that and a multiplayer

that's an asset basically it


I don't really want to hurt my friends

and I good sighs I just leave all this

stuff pretty much stock whatever it

starts with so that's it then I just

push that back down to the lower right

you can see what you do push back and

then you start the game it's going to

ask you to pick a title I'm just a pic

to you because I already have one under

Street practice once

your name's just how you know it in your

no file so I said okay that's the name I

want and it's gonna throw me somewhere

and now

that's game that's all Arizona which is

cute because that's where

I guess I would live in the high forest

or forest come on he takes a wide load

it's definitely taking a while to load


Oh lovely okay so then I'm back in here

I'm in the burn zone which it's good

that zombies don't spawn here because

normally this is a good place to die you

can find some good loot in here so I

guess if you did spawn here wouldn't be

too bad because you can usually find

some good stuff in here before all those

zombies come in kill you moldy bread you

can make antibiotics with moldy bread

just a heads up

oh I pushed my r3 twice to pick that up

but if you want to loot like you find a

box and you want to loot everything in

it I keep forgetting to do this so you

push triangle to open it now I want all

that stuff so instead of pushing r1 and

individually like putting them slotting

them in here you can push your your left

control what is that thing called your

left control button I guess a little

goblin I always forget the names a

stupid controller so let's find me right

next to a so I can do it again so much

control pad I guess I have a torch on me

this is a new game I just started

somebody's already lived here obviously

with spikes I people have made homes

here I not a big fan of that was

unlocked even usually I have to break

those doors in but that one was unlocked

so I just open it people have made homes

here I think it's more of an online

thing oh my gosh a potato

those are hard to find and once you have

them you can like make seeds and grow

them and have more potatoes and then you

can animal you make stew I found a pot


okay well if there's like I said good

loser again I would want to I keep doing

there that I like all that my tool belt

cuz as you saw I said it so that when I

die I drop everything but my tool belt

you could set it to backpack and then

just keep stuff out of here that you

kind of don't want to lose the problem

is is that you need this stuff

constantly on you know that's what I'm

using so if I'm finding his aam be it

have my weapons in there if I so if you

drop that when you die that would kind

of suck because you have to go track it

down you can find it on your map and

that's what I wanted to open this one

about Oh see now when he if you find a

house like this see this you could

actually take that little candle with

you which you know honestly it's but if

you take the candle with you you can

place it when you're in the home that

you want this is definitely not a home

that I would want but I might not even

stay here tonight there is stuff set up

and this one already does it was a

fireplace there's I already found a pot

in potato so I wouldn't eat that potato

some of the stuff is kind of harder to

come by

like oh and I believe you can yeah you

can take these so like I get if I find a

new home I can go place those so that's

kind of cool yeah

honestly I don't know that I would want

to stay in this house

see anything else I could really loot

here I could knock out some cotton

fabric basically though okay the general

idea of what I was making this for is

that if you start a new game wherever

you start and you have a friend that

wants to join you so if you in my other

video you can see when you push down the

square button and you hold it you bring

up that little quick menu if you use

your left analog stick that's what I was

trying to find earlier analog stick you

go over there see the players so next to

crafting players so you want to mouse

over it and then let go of your ex this

is going to have that the player list to

add somebody to begin with though you're

gonna need your options button so you

hit your options button that brings up

that menu and there has invite friends

you'd hit X and then you could pick the

friends that you wanted to add then you

would confirm that and then when they

log on to their game they can accept

that invite and then they will appear in

this world now the reason you want to

hit this the square button and go over

here is that because after your player

has been in he added to your game

they'll be they'll be a list right here

I believe you click to begin with you

click allies first click and then after

that you're gonna want to put see how it

says show underneath map you're gonna

want to show them on your map and that

way you can find them that's something

I'd just we just discovered so that's

super helpful when you start because

they're gonna randomly spawn somewhere

different than you are so that's

definitely something you want to

start with yeah so that's basically the

the menu for adding somebody and that's

why I wanted to start with and starting

a new game