Voodoo Stardom in Uganda

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I'm in select Alex Yama but but Rosetta

put another one to hold your money put

it down

I'm producer Alexia in Uganda in East

Africa this is my new musician I want to

make him famous but super super comedy

super job

here you can get money you can't be a

great person or a good person without

sacrifice that seems I'm going to use

what Manny's sacrifice sacrifice is very

very important in this world Uganda has

the most powerful natural power

we want to make what monthly data is a

tornado Putin a job bagging a job Utica

natural powers are live monster by

almost all people in Uganda without

separating that young Catholic or Muslim

or a more sub Catholic but I believe in

natural powers

Jojo guru he's genuine Eric hueco mundo

me never go away

nobuta Oh Joe musical company owner


whatever in our culture

they are bad spirits and those good

speeds that's what we for witchcraft

quality dough in my whiskey I receive a

problem but I want to be so fast now I

feel stupid sacrifice way to do


yeah I'm not so fast they all come to me