GTA 5 How To Install FiveM On PC (GTA Roleplay) 2020 Tutorial

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what's up guys my name is dean aka the

blue crusader and welcome back to the

channel so in today's video i'm going to

be doing

a video on how to install 5m for gta 5.

i did a video on this around a year ago

in this tutorial this is going to be

updated for 2020.

you may have seen a lot of youtubers

play gta 5 roleplay

or roleplay as cops and robbers and play

these really awesome different game

modes on gta 5 and you may wonder why

can i not do that on gta online that's

because they're playing a custom

multiplayer mod which is called 5m this

is completely different to the gta

online mode

which you can play in the standard gta 5

game so if you want to know how to play

gta 5 roleplay

and play on those awesome custom games

that you see a lot of big twitch

streamers and youtubers play on

i'm going to show you how to do that in

this video so we're going to go through

step by step on how to install 5m

get it set up connect to a server and

show you how to play on it

so without further ado let's jump into

the tutorial video

okay so before we get started 5m is

basically a multiplayer mod it's an

alternative to gta online so if you're

bored of gta online

you're sick of all the people modding or

hacking on it or maybe you've just got

sick of all the content and you've

finished everything

you may want to play 5m okay basically


allows you to use modded content so you

can have custom cars custom maps

weapons and a lot more than you can in

the standard

normal gta 5 game which is super

exciting and

it lets you do pve modes and pvp if you

want to fight versus players online

so they can use the original ai which is

in the normal game or they can customize


5m uses the standard internet code from

rockstar from gta 5 but they also

improve it a little bit so the

multiplayer experience can actually be

better than gta online usually is

and the good thing about 5m in

comparison to the other online mods for

gta 5 is it doesn't actually modify your

gta 5 installation

so you can actually still have 5m

installed and

play on gta online at the same time so

what i mean by that is

maybe one night you might want to play

with your friends on gt online and do

some heist

and then the next night you might want

to connect to a role play server and

play cops versus robbers or something

like that with custom content so you can

switch between the two whenever you want

and it won't prevent you from playing

online in gta online and it also

means that you won't get banned on gta

online from running mods

because it doesn't modify your game so

that's the great thing about this on the

website you can

rent a server if you want to host your

own server or make your own which is

pretty cool you can join the discord at

the top if you want to join the

community find other people playing it

if you don't have any friends that have


or gt online which is also cool and on

the forum they usually provide

updates and stuff like that another cool

thing about the 5m website is there is

also a servers button on the website and

if you click on that

this basically shows you a server

browser and this is basically the same

server browser which you'll actually

have inside the mod so you can use this

if you want to search for servers whilst

it installs or when you're offline you

can find

cool servers here you can see what

players are on the server what mode the

server is for example it says pve

simulator some of them say rp and some

of them are just free roam so you can

check what types of servers there are

this one has 40 custom weapons special

menus and vehicles

there's so many different servers this

has nearly 500 players on this server

and it has custom

characters custom vehicles custom

weapons so there's some really cool

stuff here guys to play so

i'm just going to go back to the main 5m

page that we're on before

this link will be in the description

below so make sure to go in the

description and

check for the download link and for the

website so you can keep

up to date with the steps in this video

so what you would do is just click

download client now the good thing about

this is i haven't actually installed 5m


on my pc i did install it a few months

ago but i don't have it anymore

so i'm going along this tutorial the

same steps as you guys would so you can

read the terms of service

most of this is just that you have to

stick to the rules it talks about

privacy and things like that with the

mod so i'm just going to press i agree

because i've downloaded this before and

i've read that before but you guys can

read that if you have any privacy


or about data or if you want to trust

the mod for an example so if you're in

chrome it will download in the bottom


so all you would do is just left click

on it to open it or if you're on firefox

or some other internet browser there'll

probably be another way on how to open

the file but

for the most part it will go into your

downloads folder on windows on most

browsers so

it's just 5m.exe and you just open that

and that's the installer so then it says

thank you you are awesome when you

download it so now we can minimize the

website and you'll see we have

the 5m installer which is in the middle

of my screen

and it will go through some steps it'll

verify your content it'll check through

your gta 5 installation

and it'll gather some of the latest

files now this may take a while to

install guys because

the 5n mod itself isn't huge first of

all the base content for 5m

which is the core installation but that

is around 100 mb so you can see it is


123 mb here just wait for this to finish

it won't take too long to download at

all because the first install for the

main mod

is not big but you'll have to wait to

install that now after you've installed


and installed the other downloads one

thing about 5m

is obviously all the servers have custom

content on it so custom cars custom


you'll have to download them as well

when you connect to the server so you're

going gonna have to download 5m

and then you're also going to have to

download any custom content that the

other servers have on them so

there may be a big download if you want

to connect to the top servers

but this is just what you're going to be

dealing with so you probably will have

to play this on a pc and not a laptop

unless you have a really good gaming

laptop that can run gta 5.

okay so after it's finished installing

you'll just have to wait

and it should reopen again with the next

screen for the installer

now some people may be wondering or

asking how do i install

5m and what do i need to install 5m

which i probably should have gone over

first of all before we installed it with

you now this is the next screen you can

see something is loaded in the

background here

so let's go over what we need for 5m so

for 5m you need the base game of gta 5

this could be gta 5 on steam or it could

be gta 5 on the rockstar launcher or gta

5 on the epic games launcher so

any of those three 5m should work i'm

using 5m on steam so if you're wondering

how i'm getting it to work i'm using the

steam version of 5m

so that's how i've got it to work so as

you can see we've now connected to 5m

and it shows us this landing page and

this is how

we play the game and connect to servers

so from here we can see all of the news

on the landing page we can see the 5ms

official updates

i think these come from twitter or from

their official website i'm not sure

but we can view all the 5m updates what

they've done to update the game

what they've done to update the red dead

redemption one because they have red m

which is for red dead redemption 2.

if you also have that game i'll do a

tutorial on that sometime in the future

but you have updates for what they've

done to the mod content they've added

fixes they've done on the right hand

side then we have community posts so you

can see

updates from rockstar games and anything

else linked to gta 5 which is pretty


you can see how many players are online

on 5m so the current player count is

around 95 000 which is pretty big to say

that's just 5m

and not gta 5 as well gta 5 probably has

the same or less players

on gta 5 on steam so that's pretty nuts

there's that many players on but


these can be people from epic games

rockstar launcher or steam so it's a

collective of all the players

playing right now and then you can see

the last 24 hours peak so

at the highest point there was over 100

000 players online which is super cool

now you might not be able to see some of

this stuff behind my camera so i'm gonna

just move it and you'll see there is a

few different buttons here so we have

the change logs which is what's been

updated in the latest versions we have

the settings which we can click here so

you can see this link to the blue

crusader which is the connected 5m

account we can also press link here

and it will pop up with a screen and

then it will actually let us link any

other accounts to it so for an example

here it goes to the 5m website and then

we can log in for an example so that's

pretty cool so you would just create a

new account or you would log in

or you can even sign in with google

which is what i do for most accounts

just because it's a lot easier so that's

how you can connect your 5m account but

you'll see that mine is already


to my xbox live and also to my steam

account which is pretty cool

the last time we played 5m okay so i

already have

all of my player details synced with 5m

since the last time i played it from the

sentence here you can also change your

player name so i could just type in the

blue crusader here

if that's what i want to connect as so

that would be my name when we connect to

a server so that's the first thing we

have to do to setup

and for the server browser you can

select the max pings per minute

so this is on default 5000 or you can go

up to 10 000. now believe this is the

amount of times it refreshes the server

browser per minute

correct me if i'm wrong because

obviously most servers are not going to


that high of a ping in terms of the

connection and lag so i think this is

the amount of times that it pings the

server browser to update and get

information from the server so

you can change that if you want to you

can display progress when downloading

in-game streamed assets which is in beta

mode basically what this means is if you

download any custom vehicles

custom weapons or any content within the

5m this will actually show you a

progress bar at the top of your screen

to show you what progress in downloading

that content

you are so if you're 50 you only have


left to download i'm going to tick that

because that's actually super useful

because when you're downloading a lot of

big downloads you want to know when it's

finished you want to know when you can

play and when you can finally get into

the game so i'd recommend ticking that

you can also change a few different

things you can go into the update

channel you can change

this i'm going to leave on release mode

you can untick this and it makes 5m go

into light mode

this is just the appearance of what the

software looks like so we're going to

leave it on dark mode you can hide ips

from the screen

you can reduce blur this is good for low

end systems okay so i would recommend

clicking on backdrop only or clicking on

no blur okay so this is only for low end

system so i'm not going to go into that

but that's another useful feature

now enable background music when idling

the menu

i'm just going to turn that off and then

after that that's all we need to do you

can press exit to desktop if you want to

leave the 5m launcher but we've clicked


so now we can just click this icon in

the top left the 5m logo

and go back to the 5m launcher so

there's a lot of stuff we can do

we can click on story mode to play the

gta 5 story mode in 5m

with any add-ons loaded which is super

cool this uses 5m's engine with its

improvements and it integrates a story

mode into that so that's pretty cool you

can test that out you can launch the

replay editor

you can learn how to create your own

content and mods for your servers or

in 5m which is really cool there's

resources for tutorials on mod in here

you can host a server it shows you how

to host servers or you can start a


so what we're going to do from here is

we want to connect to servers you guys

are watching this tutorial because you

want to know how to connect to a 5m

server and now that we've set up

we can basically do that so what we're

going to do now is just click on play

as simple as that and then you may be

familiar with the server list that we

saw on the

5m website it's exactly the same on the

5m software so from here we can just

connect to a custom server

now you can click a server and when you

click on a server it shows you all the

players on the server

it shows you all the resources that you

have to download and it shows you things

like the server's ip the tags which

sometimes show the game modes

and also their custom discord so if you

want to join a server and be a regular

on there

you can join the discord and become part

of the community which is a really cool

thing to do on smaller servers so we're

going to click the logo go back

and press play again and we're going to

try and search for a low player game

with not many downloads because for the

purpose of this tutorial i don't want to

be downloading a lot of content because

it will take a long time to connect

now there's a lot of things on 5m the

reason i love 5m is there's so many game

modes you can play roleplay you can play

zombies which i've done videos on in the

past which have been pretty successful

and you can play free roam so there's

just a better version of gta online


so we can go down all these lists and

you can have a look all these servers

now the blue servers are really

important because most of those are

public servers

some of the servers will have white

lists on meaning that you'll need to

apply on the website to join

so i recommend just looking for servers

which are really basic i'm just going to

join this

pvp eu busted cops versus robert so i'm

going to click that

and just press connect to join the

server and then what it'll do is it'll

obtain your steam information

request any content or connection

information from you and then it'll

download anything

that he needs to download so this is

cops and robbers so this is a basic

server so there's not actually going to

be much to download here because the

concept to this game mode

pretty simple so now it says fetching

info from server so it looks like we're

not going to have to wait too long to


and now it says welcome to busted

so this is a loading screen so you will

get this when you connect to a server

you'll have a 5m loading screen

sometimes it'll play some music

it'll display useful information which

you should read before you connect to

the server so it'll show rules

on the server which you want to read so

you don't break them how to act on the


if you want to play seriously on a role

play server you should probably read all

this stuff

just to get up to date with it it'll

show what you do as each role on the


the controls on the server which is

really interesting as well

and other things like this map which

shows you where to go on the server

which is actually

really really cool which is mainly just

the gta 5 map so from here

we just wait to connect to the server

and download any content

and that's just how we play and it's as

simple as that when you join a server

you just wait for the screen

and once it's got everything that it

needs to join and it's launched gta in

the background

then it'll connect you to the server

just like what it's doing now so now you

can see the gta 5 is open

and it says entering session in the

bottom right this is how you know that

is actually joining the game and it'll

go through a few different steps and

then just connect you to the game and

that process was super simple

and just like that we've connected to a

5m server which is pretty exciting guys


and this is the first 5m server which

i've played in a very long time

so it will show a few different things

overlays and things you need to know and

it'll connect you

to the server and boom how cool is that

we've literally connected now to a 5m

server thanks for watching guys

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