How to change from 2.4GHz to 5GHz

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what you guys good another video here

for you in this one we're going to be

taking a look at how we can change our

preferred Wi-Fi band in Windows 10 or

any other type of Windows computer

really it's basically wanted to change

it to 5 gigahertz now if you've got a

Wi-Fi adapter and you're running 2.4

gigahertz I think someone mentioned it

in the comment section the other day

when I did a Wi-Fi video they wanted to

know how to force change it to 5

gigahertz so this go ahead and take a

look at how we can do that now first you

need to make sure that your computer is

compatible with the 5 gigahertz now I've

already done a video on that so I'm

going to just quickly show you here not

going to go into too much detail if you

want to see this video then check a

couple of days ago and you'll see it

there but basically open up your command

prompt and just type this command in and

it will give you the information on your

Wi-Fi adapter you should see here the

radio types supported and if you've seen

the generations on here like AC you know

you're going to have the 5 gigahertz

supported there and even the likes of a

generation n should support those so now

we know that the Wi-Fi adapter does

support it what you want to do is go

down to the start button here right

click on this and we want to go to

device manager here open up the device

manager and from here what you want to

do is go down to where it says network

adapters open this little window up here

and you should see now your your Wi-Fi

adapter all your Wireless that that's

all wherever is you're using on your

laptop or whether it be a USB type like

this one now what you need to do here is

a right-click on this one and go to

properties and from here you want to go

to where it says advanced inside the

advanced you're going to get a bunch of

settings inside here be careful when

you're playing around with these because

you don't to miss up you

or Wi-Fi adapter you have to reset it

but basically what you're looking for is

a setting that allows you just to enable

the five gigahertz and as you can see

here on this adapter which is the

realtek type driver based adapter here

you will see this one here which says vh

t 2.4 g and that is enabled if you want

to force it you could actually disable

this and this will enforce it to 5g now

once it's made those changes it will

shut down and you will need to go back

into properties then back into the

Advanced tab here now we need to go back

into oneness mode now and check that out

on the wireless mode you want to look on

the drop-down and you can see here on

the drop down there's a bunch of

different settings here we can change

now if you want to force it you can go

into the AC mode here and force it to

only use that value so it's only going

to use this AC value and none of the

others so the problem with doing this is

if you're going to struggle to connect

to 5g and you do only force it to the AC

recommended value here then you may have

trouble connecting so just be careful

when you're doing this okay that's why

they leave this on auto so it will find

the most strongest connection and

connect to it and it will use all of the

values here to connect to so just bear

that in mind okay but if you do want to

force it you can force it to AC another

thing you may see here is preferred band

now depending on what type of driver

you're using some of the driver ones

will have preferred band and I'll show

you an image of what that looks like on

the screen right now and if you are

using the pervert preferred band you can

just change that to 5 gigahertz and then

you should be forced that adapter to use

5 gigahertz so that's another thing you

can do it doesn't list it on this

Realtek 8h one for a you wireless LAN

adapter here it doesn't show it on here

but this is the way you can do here and

there's a bunch of other settings which

we're not going to go into in this video

but basically what you're looking for

here is is the actual mode heat and cv

HT 2.4 G we've disabled that and also

going into the other one now what you

need to do once you've done all this

stuff if you've got preferred mode ear

and enable that and also the bandwidth

you may see something saying bandwidth

as well you can go in there and change

the bandwidth also another thing you can

do is go into your router and type in

your route sir to connect to it so you

can see here mine is you

then need to put in your password and

username to look into your interface

here once you're inside here you will be

able to go to the Advanced Settings and

you should now see why let's click on

the wireless button here your menu may

look different to mine but you just need

to go to the old wireless settings here

and then going to your wireless signal

settings from there and you should be

okay so just check those so wireless

signal got to go into wireless signal

here inside your wireless signal you can

see here we have wireless frequency 2.4

G now if you don't want to run

2.4 G and you want to force it to use

only 5 G then obviously you can put the

tick inside D disable 2.4 G and this

will force it to only use 5 G and that's

basically how you can also force it to

only use 5 G on your Wi-Fi adapter now

again I can't stress enough that if

you've got issues and it and it's not a

very strong signal you may run into

problems so it's always best to leave

both but if you do want to force it

that's basically how you can force it to

only use 5 G another thing you can do

here as you can see wireless mode you

can mess around with the wireless

here and you can see it's going to be

forcing this now as to use a n and a C

and this is a mixture of the values that

you're asking it to connect to and you

can see the enable 5g will use a bunch

of these different ones depending on

what's the strongest now if you want to

force it even further you can do by just

using the AC if that's what you want to

do you can force it to use that sort of

technology and that will obviously be

what it's going to connect to again you

could run into difficulties when you do

that another thing here you'll see these

are grayed out and it don't matter what

you do here it's grayed out here so what

you're going to need to do I think if we

disable this smart Wi-Fi it will allow

you to now take control of what you want

to do so you can see here we do have 20

megahertz 20 to 40 megahertz or 20 to 40

to 80 megahertz depending on what you

want to do you want to connect to then

that is the best thing I would probably

put it up to this one if I was forcing

it to go to AC here and that way you're

going to force it to stay on the higher

ones here as well also you've got the

channels here and this is another thing

you can do if you get income sort of a

confliction on the channel that you're

using maybe a lot of other people are

using that channel in your area you can

get an app for your phone and it will

look at your Wi-Fi and it will tell you

what channels are really really busy and

what you want to do is use a channel

which is not as busy as your neighbors

so for instance if you've got a lot of

people in your local area that are using

the Wi-Fi and they're very close to you

then you may want to change the channel

to something that they aren't using and

that way you'll get full control of that

channel for yourself and everyone else

will be using the busy Channel which

will slow things down so that's another

thing you can do there anyway that's

basically how you can forced your 5

gigahertz connection on your

gene or on your laptop and that's

basically how you can force that adapter

to connect to 5g now obviously just

bearing in mind that you always want to

try to connect to the most stable and

fastest one possible but sometimes just

putting it onto a forcing it to 5g isn't

always going to be the fastest so just

bear that in mind anyway hope this one

answers all your questions my name is

Brian from beretta Computers code oh

okay thanks again for watching guys and

thanks to your continued support have a

great weekend and I shall see you again

for another video real soon bye for now

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