52 week $$$ Challenge

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hi guys welcome back to my channel in

today's video I would like to talk about

the 52-week challenge I used to share

this all the time on my channel but it

became such a controversy about me

having all this cash and people were

saying that they were paranoid they were

scared for me and all this stuff and I

kept saying I go to the bank I withdraw

the money I come to show for video

purposes and then I'll take it back to

the bank my bank knows what I'm doing

that I make videos and I'll show it for

video purposes I mean there's cops at

the bank I mean there's nothing that

would make you feel unsafe and so that

just kept going on and on on so I

stopped sharing that video but I think

all those people have unsubscribed from

my channel and so I have new people that

know that no she does not carry around

all that cash she does it for video

purposes my channel is 90% about

budgeting and I I'm a visual person and

I feel like sand actual cash and seeing

me handle it it just becomes more real

that's why cash envelopes will work for

a lot of people so anyways I've been

getting requests about why the stop

sharing those videos what other type of

saving challenges do I do can I share

that excetera and so that's what I'm

going to do today I have went through

the whole year because I do the 52 week

challenge I've been doing it for

probably 5 plus years and I'm down to

the last little bit to shade him but I

decided since I had a recent

conversation with one of my subscribers

about it that I would go ahead and share

that now so let's get into it so what I

did was I just made this little chart I

did one for my husband and one for me

this is my husband side over here and

this side over here it's my part I'm

going to show you exactly how we did it

all I did was I just numbered on the

piece of paper 1 to 52 and for me

I just picked and choose the number

every Friday of what I wanted to pay

like if I chose 11 that's what I pay for

that week I'll show you up close what

I'm talking about this is the small

calendar that we used and we started in

January of 2019 we chose to do it every

Friday you can choose whatever day of

the week you like my husband did it the

traditional way I did my bingo style

what I mean by that he started that

Friday he put in $1.00 the next Friday

he put in $2 the next week three dollars

and then four dollars and then February

came $5 $6 $7 $8 and he just kept going

from there

me I did my eyes a little bit different

like I said I did it bingo style since

I'm going to Vegas

I used my Vegas piggy bank and I keep my

coins in here and Aylin a piece of paper

I just numbered it one two fifty-two I

cut them out and I fold them up and I

threw them in here so every Friday I

came in here and I pulled out a piece of

paper and whatever I chose that's what

amount of money that I put in for that

week it doesn't matter how you do it

just as long if you do one to 52 and you

put in that amount of money each week

you're going to come up with your one

thousand three hundred and seventy-eight

dollars so let me show you what I'm

talking about with me so January the 4th

2019 I pause 52 dollars how looks like

home okay maybe I should've did in my

husband's away so I was like ah it's

okay the next week I pulled 51 dollars

so I had to put that in the next week

four dollars so I was like okay alright

and then the very next week $50 so I was

getting my big money out right away just

getting it done and over with

then February came and then it was $3

and then the next week was $5 and then

big number again $49 and then $6 and it

just kept going all the way

throughout the year I'll flip through

here so you can see it we just kept

paying and pull in and you know just

continued on with the challenge and so

here we are now to December and I had

worked some overtime get these pages

here it's old I'll show you right here I

had these three numbers left so I was

like okay I added them up and this is


I had $60 extra so I just went ahead and

took another number 17 24 and 19 out of

here and I just threw it away and so I

have that $60 right here so I'm gonna go

ahead and I'm gonna write in the numbers

even though I'm gonna write in 1724 and

19 because that's actually cuz I went

ahead and drew it out you know to finish

the game and it was a seventeen twenty

point 19 it's alright it down here so

right here would be 17 dollars and then

$24 and then $19

so I'm actually done my husband on the

other hand he still has a little bit

more to go

he's got these three to go see and I'll

flip over here and show you see he has

oops 50 51 and 52 to continue on to do

and then he'll be finished with the

challenge now you all know that I use

the 52 week money I use it to go to


that's one of my savings plan because no

matter what happens like as long as I

get that 1378 saved I can go to Vegas

or I can go to Vegas for 1378 and have a

good time but I like to go

big sigh save extra money all throughout

the year for Vegas because I mean that's

the only thing that I like to do I don't

do anything else special besides going

to Vegas and Gamble okay y'all ready

let's do it so 100 200 300 400 500 600

700 800 $901,000 20 40 60 80 1120 40 60

80 200 20 40 60 80 90 300 dollars so

that's 1,300 dollars 10 20 30 40 45 50 I

do want to 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61

62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74

75 76 77 78 one thousand three hundred

and seventy-eight dollars my challenge

is complete


alright guys that's all that I have to

share for today thank you all so much

for watching and I'll see you in my next