How to Join the 501st Legion - Star Wars Cosplay for Charity

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I'm putting this video together to give

you a brief rundown of how to join the

500 first legion the 500 first is an

all-volunteer costuming group that was

found in 1997 in south carolina since

then it has expanded to all 50 states

and over 50 countries worldwide while

the follow first is not a part of Lucas

Films or Disney they are the go-to group

for screen accurate appearances if

you've ever seen a Star Wars villain on

TV the news a sporting event for example

they're almost always guaranteed to be

members the 500 first legion the mission

of the 500 first is to promote interest

in Star Wars facilitate the use of

costumes and to contribute to charities

and assist with fundraising to join the

500 first the first resource is to go to

the 500 first comm website read the news

look around the site and look at all the

great things that the group does next

you can browse to the costuming tab on

the costuming tab you can pick the

costume reference library also referred

to as the CRL here you'll find what is

called attachments this is a way of

organizing the characters in the


alright so let's assume you've chosen a

costume you can now look over the

costumes appearance look at the general

requirements scroll down to the bottom

scroll around just look at all the

requirements for the costume this gives

you kind of a general idea of what's

required as you scroll down towards the

bottom you could look at the optional

items for the costume next I recommend

that you find the online form for the

detachment you have chosen if you go

back to the costuming tab and go down to

resources it'll pull up all the

detachments for the stormtrooper

costumes for example you can go to WWE

armor net or you can do that by clicking


register to use the website and you can

now scroll through the various threads

such as build threads where to buy

pieces and parts where to get help and

get a better and extending of time

effort and what the cost will be for

your costume many 500 first members

assemble their own costumes the build

threads will help you see what's

involved with the build also it's

important to note that not only must the

costume be screen accurate and follow

the CRL but it must also fit you

properly ok so you've picked a costume

looked over a few threads and now you

know what you're in for

so let's find your local garrison the

500 first is broken up into Garrison's

on the main page of the 500 first

website as a map let's pick our country

and pick our state I'm just going to

pick Alabama because it's the first one

in the list here you'll see the officers

of the 500 first for your area it also

lists all the members and their costumes

the first person you want to contact is

the GML this stands for the garrison

member liaison this is the person can

help you with more information let you

know about upcoming events and maybe

refer you to other members who may be

able to help you assemble your costume

at times members will have what's called

an armored party where several 500 first

members get together to help others with

costume assembly tips tricks and things

like that so let's assume you found your

garrison you've assembled your costume

and you think you're ready to join the

Empire the GML will point you to an

online application form that will get

the ball rolling on the 500 first

website after that your GML is going to

request numerous photos of the costume

various poses showing all the details of

the costume all of these are examined

and the GML will eventually send you

back comments and possibly some of the

photos will have markups showing items

that need to be corrected once this is

done and you have satisfied the

costuming requirements they'll issue you

an approval and you'll be assigned your

unique member ID number during your

application process you're going to

provide five ID numbers for your

operating number and the one that's

available is the one that they'll grant

you and then after that you can start

trooping with the 500 first making

people happy and raising money for