How to Become a Five Percenter

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and Saab was looking over some things

and and I thought about some statistics

and again if you read any book about

success and I'm and I'm focusing this

this I'm making this in the narrow

context here of finances obviously

success includes more than that I know

that you know that I know that if you've

been here any length of time but I'm

focusing my concentration in that narrow

area because everybody has that need

quiet is kept everybody in here has that

need and even if you've got more than

enough if you if you're godly and

following Jesus real tight you still

need more because guess what God is

always talking to you there's always

more work there's always more missions

there's always somebody to sin if you

can't go you need to be able to send

them amen and so here's one of the

statistics that just stands out no

matter how many ways and directions I

read it and that is if you were to take

a hundred people that are 25 years old

right now that by the time they are 65

years old the statistics tell us that 95

percent of them will be dependent upon

other people their families or the

government in order to sustain their

everyday life ninety-five percent it

tells us that five percent will be

financially independent and that 1% of

that hundred will be what we call rich

and obviously you know that's a relative

term don't you amen

so so here's what I'm saying think about

that in this land and this is the land

that I know America where this is a land

of tremendous opportunity and even with

all our Chileans of dollars in debt are

still a land of great influence and yet

95% of and I mean know the books that

I'm that I'm read they're not just

Christians some of my Christians are not

but guess what that would include every

how is it that 95% in such a land of

abundance by the time they reach what we

call in our culture retirement age there

there's not enough folks I believe

there's something wrong with it and I

believe we need to do something about it

there is no reason why anybody in here

especially especially the younger you

are but there's no reason let's just

make it general why anybody in America

should not come to the place where they

are quote unquote retirement age and not

be financially independent

there's no reason and there's no reason

especially if we're Christians

especially the God that we serve now

again I want you to do like this for me

to just do like this now tell your

neighbor attorney they be say loosen up

listen up look look look at me look at

me offerings over offerings over so

we're not taking an offer I'm not taking

it off we're done with that we don't we

don't do those we don't do those games

so all things over so just this relax

and I believe allow the Spirit of God to

challenge you because really what I'm

trying to do is challenge you to want

more for your life so I got to be very

practical today cuz cuz listen York

I'm gonna say I'll cuz I'm on identifies

as a whole lack of success as a whole is

not acceptable you mean you got a not be

accepted that can't be acceptable with

you I want to challenge you to want more

for your life I want to challenge you

and this morning fact there's a title

for your met for the title in your notes

here this is called how to become a 5-4

sinner how to become a 5-4 sinner only

5% they say would be financially

independent or rich how to become a 5%

and what we're going to do is look at

some very practical things that we need

to do we'll find them in the Word of God

but they're going to have very practical

application folks this time out for the

church lacking

time out for you like especially being

who you are

time out for it game over for that it's

time out for the church being broke

especially when the world around us is

kicking butt and taking names I have a

problem with the world as a whole

I love the world God loved the world I

love people but I have a problem when

the world is is in many cases more

tenacious about getting getting it done

and making it happen

then the church is I have a problem with

it and I think something's wrong with it

and I think we need to change our

thinking and I think we need to

understand that it is a spiritual matter

you see when you become a five percenter

there's a spiritual benefit behind it

and here's what I want to list number

one go to proverbs 13:20 to how to

become a five percenter

proverbs 13:20 to these for you I want

to run through these rather quickly so

encourage you to just to turn with me

quickly to them proverbs 13:20 to the

first reason why you need to be a five

percenter is because when you're a five

percenter you will have the power to

impact at least two generations after

you proverbs 13:20 2 let's read it


ready read leave if an inheritance to

his children's children and the wealth

of the sinner is laid up for the justin

will deal with the be part of that later

but the eighth part says that a good man

does what leaves an inheritance unto his

children's children how many know that's

two generations after you you see when

you are in a place where you have

reached what we call here that five

percentage where you're financially

independent you have the ability to

affect two generations after you at

least amen

and see we need to care about not just

us but the generation after us so I want

to challenge you and here's what you got

to do when you talk about finances you

you got a and we're going to deal with

this the finances deal with your


there is nothing perhaps more emotional

a subject than finances because it deals

with all kinds of things and fears and

hopes and dreams and insecurities and

all of that but here's what you got it

here's what we got established the first

step right from the beginning

first of all God loves you God is your

source and your your your future is in

him your value is in him amen and as

long as you follow him your your feast

you'll see success so you got it you got

it you got it just open up and say okay

God whatever you want me to receive in

this I'll receive it alright so notice

this he says a good man leaving

inheritance to his children's children

so you can affect two generations let's

go over to a first Timothy chapter 6

first Timothy chapter 6

verse 18 first Timothy chapter 6 verse


first Timothy chapter 6 verse 18 of

course actually go back to verse 17 he

says charge them that are rich in this

world that they be not high-minded nor

to trust and uncertain riches but in the

Living God who gives us richly all

things to enjoy that they do good that

they may be rich in what good works

ready to what distribute willing to

communicate that means to be giving and

sharing verse 19 says this laying up in

store for who themselves a good

foundation against the time to come that

they may lay hold to eternal life so

when you are a five percenter in other

words when you come to the place where

you're really walking in real financial

independence the reason why that's

important to you as a believer the

reason why you want to take these

principles and things that we're here

and not just be satisfied with where you

are but strive for your highest

potential financially the reason why is

not only affecting two generations but

also so that you can be rich in good

works because here's what God said he

said I don't trust in it trust in me God

says but but being put in a position

where you're financially independent so

that you can be rich in good works

because he says those good works will

not only affect you here but they will

affect you eternally in other words

there will be things that you will be

eternally recognized and honored by God

himself forth because of how you use the

dollars you have now did you know that

how you use your money here will have

eternal consequences it's not just about

the blessing on the increase you receive

it it's beyond that it includes that

butt-fuck you're gonna be living

eternally month way longer than you're

gonna be living in this temple around

and do you realize that because of your

generosity because of your giving

because of your giving to missions and

good works and

and and giving thousands and millions

because you've reached your potential to

deal with all the issues that are going

on beyond just our neighborhood amen

because you are ability to feed the poor

and to clothe the naked

many of whom we may never see even if we

don't do a person we give to

organizations that can do it

Jesus says them as much as you've done

it to the least of these my brother

you've done it to me which means

there'll be eternal reward and

recognition because of those resource

users but guess what if you don't have a

you'll miss out of night you'll miss out

on that measure of eternal reward that's

available and it doesn't mean that you

won't go to heaven but it means praise

God what we want to do is maximize the

glory that we can give God while we're

here and what you need to know is that

as a Christian you being financially

independent and I'll use this work rich

put you in a position where you are able

to cause God to be magnified to an even

greater degree that's why it's important

it's not about greed it's not about

selfishness it's not about materialism

see we have to break this concept that

we have that the idea of being rich or

even talking about it means being

materialistic let me tell you straight

up that is a religious spirit