Yurt platform: adding brackets to 4x4 and attaching 4x6 beams

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we have all of our posts installed and

it's time to move on to installing the

brackets as well as the four by six that

will be the base of the floor for the

yurt after looking around and trying a

few different brackets we decided that

the two side-by-side go back all the

other ones we had we wanted to make sure

that it had the best support since it's

gonna be our floor we went through and

we leveled everything and sealed

everything as well as went through and

measured each one of the four by six

boards we just measured the four by six

four boards and the next step is to

install the brackets to the posts with

decking screws and then lay your four by

six in place exactly where it's supposed

to go and screw that in measured pretty

much to a tee we ran off in a few

different spots because we had to move

the sauna to do rocks or roots or stumps

and we ran into measuring problems later

on well not problems well we just had to

do a lot of calculating and a bit of

math to figure out exactly what we

needed to cut so now that we had all the

measurements done we can lay them in

place screw them in and once we got that

we'll be back to show you the next step

so until to install these brackets you

simply place them on the top make sure

your in line with the center board and

we're using two inch screws so they kind

of meet in the middle that's all I'm

doing to offset that is putting them in

at a slight angle

you just want to hold it in tight

and repeat the steps on the other side

this is how you check your crown of your

beam each beam is usually bent slightly

so before you do that you just want to

go through before you screw them on and

look to see if there's a slight bump in

the middle of the board check it this

way you put a box on the end of it there

just to make sure that when we flip it

back and forth it doesn't get dirty and

muddy mucky so here is the angle in

which you want to check to see if the

crown is on this side or the other side