Casting On a Small Number of Stitches on Double-Pointed Needles to Work in the Round

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so I'm going to show you today how to

cast on a small number of stitches for

working in the round on double pointed

needles and I love my signature needle

arts double pointed needles they're

smooth and beautiful and sharp and

lovely all around so I can't say enough

good things about them one of the main

questions I get asked about the

signature needle arts double pointed

needles is the length and I always get

the 6 inch double pointed needles that's

my favorite length

for everything toys sleeves socks

anything you would knit in the round

tops of hats anything six-inch that's my

favorite okay so a lot of times in my

toy patterns what I have people do is

cast on nine stitches and join them to

work in the round and in my class as

I've taught I noticed that a lot of

people have trouble just with those

first couple rounds so I just want to

show you how I do it here so I cast on

three I do a little bit of a strange

cast on but you just go ahead and do

your own long tail cast on that's what I

do I taught myself to knit if a little

bit of a strange way of doing things now

when I start my second needle I really

give it a tight pull just so it's right

up next to that first needle and then

I'll go ahead and start my third needle

you can see here I have the two needles

and I'll go ahead and grab my third

needle I always work on three double

pointed needles you know in knit on to

the fourth one so that's my favorite way

of doing that okay so now I've got my

third needle going

and there we go so now I'm ready let me

show you here what I've got did they end

out of the way I have three stitches on

each needle and they're kind of all set

to go right in the round they're not

twisted or anything right in a row and I

just will take my fourth double pointed

needle here and I will go ahead and

start knitting in the round so they're

just joined up they're all set to go I

can show you one more time to see here

they're not joined I have three needles

and they're forming that triangle that

you want to see they're not twisted and

then I will just go ahead and start

knitting that first round I'll move to

the next one

and I just leave that end out I just

find it really easier to just take the

end on a yarn needle to close up that

hole that to me is a lot easier than

doing some kind of fiddly cast on where

you weave that ended and then pull it up

closed I don't mind doing that at all

and I've already completed one round so

there we go that's the inside of my

circle there I've got nine stitches on

three beautiful signature double pointed

needles thanks for watching