Join 4ocean for Ocean Cleanups

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hi I'm Alec Schulz and I'm Andrew Cooper

in 2015 we took a surf trip to Bali

Indonesia and saw firsthand just how bad

the world's plastic pollution crisis

really is we wanted to make it our

mission to solve this problem and we

have we started cleaning the ocean by

ourselves until 2017 when we started our

ocean cleanup company for ocean now

we've become the world's largest ocean

cleanup company employing captains and

crews seven days a week to clean our

oceans and coastlines we've operated out

of 27 different countries and to date

we've removed over 2 million pounds of

trash from the ocean and now we're

inviting you to join the clean ocean

movement all of our cleanup efforts are

funded entirely through the sale of our

bracelet the for Ocean bracelet is made

from our ocean plastic and the recycled

glass bottles that we collect every

bracelet purchase helps fund the removal

of one pound of trash from the ocean and

supports the for ocean cleanup movement

so visit for ocean comm today to become

part of the solution