How To Join 4-H

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hey ah let's set your favorite for

Eicher and today I'm going to be giving

you a detailed explanation of what 4-h

is how you can join it and why you

should join with that being said let's

get into it so what is forged anyways

this is a very commonly asked question

and today I'm going to be answering it

for you 4-h is an extracurricular

activity that teaches kids important

life skills from ages 9 to 18 they will

be able to use these skills in the

present and in the future if you made it

this far you're probably itching to see

how you can get involved

well don't worry it's simple and I've

got you covered the way people get

involved with 4-h is by joining a local

4-h club 4-h clubs are basically where a

large group of people come together and

form a group which is typically called a

4-h club now that you know what 4-h is

let's switch gears to 4h projects 4-h

projects are where kids learn new things

and important life skills in a group

setting and where do you find these 4-h

projects you may ask you find them at

4-h clubs each Club is different some

offer a wide variety of projects as

whereas some focus on one specific

project club members parents who have

experience in our skilled are the ones

leading these projects now that I've

covered what a 4-h club is let's find

out how you can join one all right hey

guys we're back and joining me is Carson

my fellow Morningstar's 4-h officer hey

guys so we're going to start off by

googling our local 4-h Extension office

or AgriLife office so you can see owns

this on the screen obviously now take an

account this is for our County right so

everything we're doing you do exactly

the same this is the format this is the

plan but you just replace it with you

know your county name or however you

want to do it like that okay now we have

the number so now I'm typing in the

phone number and it gave us and I'm

calling every Texas A&M AgriLife

Extension Service Montgomery County

please make your selection from the

following three because that's where

this might be a little bit

you just have to listen to their options

right hi this is a Carson Crescent

calling because I'm very interested in

4h and I wanted to know what clubs are

in my area I live right off those about

242 okay what am I we do have 25

organized clubs throughout the county

but the one that I have that's gonna be

closest to you it's gonna be my

Morningstar 4-h club and they actually

meet there off of the off of 242 really

did I have some contact information for

the manager whoever's in charge and

Maureen stars manager her name is Mary

Eastman thank you give me your email and

I can send you our complete club listing

just for you to have just in case you

need it

that would be great my email is Carson

Kressley meal com thank you so much you

too okay so there's our phone call right


that's that's basically where you're

gonna start you're gonna start by

googling your local Extension Office and

then you're going to call them once your

County Extension agent sends you the

email with the listing of the clubs and

the club's recommended for you there

should be some information like the

manager's name her phone number his or

her phone number and his or her email so

you're gonna take that and then you're

going to either call or email her

whichever you prefer whichever is

easiest and then once you get in contact

with her she's basically gonna give you

the details of the club so the projects

that are listed the things you can learn

through it and you know the officer

position is just whatever things that

that club features because each club is

a little bit different right right so

once you're there she'll probably direct

you to 4h connect online and that's how

you officially enroll in the club that's

like the official I think when you're

enrolled in that you're also Android

enrolled in Texas 4-h so it's a little

bit bigger than your club but that's

what is necessary to join a club

so right here Carson's going to look

that up okay that website the exact

website is 4-h online all one word no

capitals calm which you can see right

here there you click on there you will

get to your registration you'll want to

go down this case it's Texas if you are

setting up a profile you want to select

your county we have a long list a really

long long list

how come REE in our case then the email

you'll create your password

obviously that's private and all that

and then it's as simple as after this

creating login yep okay so now that you

set up your account you want to confirm

some profile information you want to do

your email your last name your mailing

address your city your state zip code

primary phone correspondence preference

and county here you'll want to make sure

that update member records with the same

address is checked

you know confirms and password details

update password and then you'll continue

so now that we've hit the continue

button yeah it brings you to this page

and you will want to add a new family


probably youth first so once you've gone

through your personal information you'll

fill out some additional information

mostly read it but then you'll want to

you know have some electronic signatures

and you'll go through your health form

that's a big thing that you need to know

your medical history and stuff like that

participation your invoice and payment

are required in order to be actually

completely set up and then you confirm I

believe in the confirm option there will

be an option to choose your club once

you do that you are completely signed up

on 4-h connect so yeah it's it's as

simple as that so really your the main

things you need to know are your health

information and your personal

information so I mean it might be a few

forums but believe me it's worth it in

the end now that you have an idea of

what 4-h is and how you can get involved

I'm going

tell you why you should get involved

first off for choose a friendly

environment this strongly encourages

kids to step out of their comfort zone

and try new things

second it builds kids confidence in

their abilities for example public

speaking is something most kids hate to

do but since through 4-h they practice

it so often it becomes second nature to

them with the right motivation in

practice you can have a girl or a boy

who hated us speak in front of ten

people go to speaking in front of a

hundred people I've seen it many times

working with their fellow 4-h members

and group projects or competitions will

help them in future job situations and

it will also help them to build teamwork

skills and last but not least 4-h builds

character and friendships that will last

a lifetime with that being said I would

encourage you to contact your local

AgriLife Extension Office today and see

what club you're interested in joining

thanks for watching guys and as always

we really appreciate if you would

subscribe drop a like and hit the bell

below and remember 4-h is for everyone