Majority of Airport Workers Vote to Join 32BJ

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why are airport workers gathered here

today at our Riverside Church thousands

airport workers are here today at

Riverside Church to say they want a

union and they say they want a contract

for all the contractors at the Port

Authority these are the top 13

contractors who do work for

subcontractors at the Port Authority

Airport cleaners security personnel

passenger service thousands of of sign

cards in there ready to fight for a

contract they want parity with the port

contracted workers and that they want

their union and so groups of clergy

members are counting the cards the

Honorable mayor Dinkins and Freddie

Farrar and Reverend Forbes from

Riverside Church they're gonna are

overseen the process and then we'll call

on the contractors to listen to the will

of the workers so Rob what's going on

right behind you at this table right now

is that's what's happening there Canada

cards yeah the table behind people

actually counting the thousands of cards

coming in for the different companies

and then we'll go through them and see

that demonstrate that an overall

majority want a union they want 32bj

they want a contract and the Port

Authority now has power to set wages we

want those wages to be parody with and

report contracted workers who actually

have a make a decent living at the

ensure the just one more question Robin

should these workers today vote

overwhelmingly with these cards to join

32bj what will be the next step you then

go to the Port Authority negotiate

directly with the Port Authority or

would you be going to the contractors to

negotiate directly so the next step is

we've got to get the port authority to

set a way standard we're calling on have

to be parody of road to parity with the

already contracted workers we're also

going to take that to the contractors

and say these workers deserve to be on

par and the airlines and contractors

should get in the room and stop dealing

with these workers to stop ignoring up

or he should an ordinance of an utter a

word for recently support each year he

also said that the commissioners but

really I gave the poverty is performing

seven wins under status to be

appropriate not here with brothers and

sisters unfortunately some of the

workers obviously the daughter agrees

but all there is not and the promise of

where the tension of sentences is going

to happen we don't really have a certain

thing so when we say here today that we

support they put a hoodie on the effort

but we also play these fine as our on

that we believe by unique 32bj the

airport workers by their experiences

inside ha 32bj after union half invader

chance to realize the province of the

corner on it and a better way to enforce

the quadrants we ensure that every one

of these workers yes but they have heard

a masseur now can we love today

Thank You Bishop you later I welcome

brothers and sisters from here sir the

32 today they're essentially from Erik


my song or something try to get this oh

sorry I'm sorry my name is reka Elliot

and I represent 1150 their way cleaners

allstate making workers at JFK Airport

we are our maintenance workers baggage

handlers little joke people post using

attendances guy attacks we were mainly

for AAA american airlines JFK i-80 and

terminal one group association at JFK i

wish i could give in flowering tidbits

but it's been a very long here and even

still in this game of total war nobody's

trying to hear us right now but they're

going to us yeah

so today we're going to count the hearts

that we have to be representing which

will represent the majority of our

borders committing fair wages benefits

and a zoo