How to join 2b2t

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yo what's going on guys today's video is

going to be how to get on to B to D org

so the first thing you're going to want

to do is go into new installations

you're gonna have to come down to 12.2

because they're lazy and haven't updated

the server and I'm joking I actually

don't understand why I just know that

it's I'm 12.2 you

you're gonna play I'll get back to you

guys once the games actually opened

actually taking way longer than I

expected this to is it's only 56

megabytes in my internet does not want

to download it so once you get in you're

just going to want to click on

multiplayer none of your other servers

are gonna work on it unless there's a

random server for some reason that is

you're going to want to go into the

description and get this link right here

or type this in your LaCie self it's to

be 2t dot org like that I'm gonna click

on that then you're gonna click and wait

for this cue it's gonna be some

god-awful long time

I like how it doesn't tell you anymore

this is super sad

so yeah I'm time twelve thousand five

hundred and nine D twelve thousand

twelve hundred and five Jesus I don't

remember how to say numbers I should

have never left school thank you this is

how to get into to be 2t if you want to

look at my other videos those will be up

on screen right now I mostly do tutorial

videos I'll get back to you guys with

another video sometime soon peace out