How to Join the SAS - SAS Selection and Training (Special Forces Documentary)

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how to join the SAS the Special Air

Service often simply referred to as the

SAS was formed in 1941 and since then

has led the way as one of the world's

best and most famous Special Forces its

selection process is known and respected

worldwide and today we will be looking

at what it takes to join the world's

best Special Forces first of all to even

apply for SAS selection you need to be

between the ages of 18 and 32 serving in

the British Armed Forces with over 39

months left to serve or have been a

member of the SAS Reserves for over 18

months the selection for the SAS is

split into three stages endurance jungle

training an escape-and-evasion and

tactical questioning and selection takes

place twice a year once in summer and

once in winter before even beginning

selection potential recruits must pass a

basic medical test and pass the battle

fitness test which consists of

completing a squatted 1.5 mile room in

under 15 minutes followed by an

individual 1.5 mile run in under 10.5

minutes the next stage is the Special

Forces briefing course which includes a

detailed briefing of the whole

experience plus a compass and map test

swimming test first air tests and a

combat fitness test for those who are

successful next up is stage 1 endurance

which is also known as the hills phase

and lasts for weeks during which

candidates March cross-country against

the clock with the distances covered

each day increasing culminating in what

is known as endurance this is a march of

40 miles or 64 kilometers with full

equipment scaling and descending Penofin

in 20 hours by the end of the hill fares

candidates must be able to run four

miles in 30 minutes and swim two miles

in 90 minutes or less

next up for those successful during

stage 1 is the initial continuation

training phase over four weeks recruits

receive training and weapons handling

including foreign weapons demolition but

drawl tactics and other essential

battlefield skills during this fairs

every recruit that is not already

parachute qualified is trained in this

skill in addition recruits a trend to

the British Army regimental standard for

signalling following the hill fairs is

the jungle fairs that takes place in

Belize Brunei or Malaysia and lasts six

weeks candidates are taught navigation

patrol formation and movement and jungle

survival skills in four-man teams

following this is the week-long escape

an evasion candidates are formed into

patrols and carrying nothing more than a

tin can filled with survival equipment

are dressed in old Second World War

uniforms and told to head for a point by

first light being hunted the whole time

the final selection test is arguably the

most grueling resistance to

interrogation lasting for 36 hours

during this time directing staff subject

them to numerous interrogations during

which candidates must not reveal any

significant information recruits may

only volunteer their name rank serial

number or date of birth all of the

questions must be answered with I'm

sorry I cannot answer that question if

you manage to pass all of this then

congratulations you are one of the 10%

of candidates who managed to

successfully make it into the Special

Air Service