How to Join the SAS Reserves - SAS Reserves Selection and Training | UK Special Forces

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21 and 23 SAS make up the reserve units

of the SAS these units provide those

unwilling to commit themselves full-time

to military life with the opportunity to

become a member of the Special Forces

however unlike the full-time SAS where

their selection process is well known

and there is plenty of information

online there is very little information

about the specifics of joining the SAS

reserves in order to join the SAS as a

reserve soldier those with no previous

military experience must be between the

ages of 17 years 9 months and 42 years

and 364 days be able to complete a two

kilometre run in under 10 minutes 15

seconds through a medicine ball 3.1

meters and complete a 76 kilogram

mid-thigh pool prior to undergoing SAS

selection they must complete basic

military training courses these are

alpha training which takes place over 4

weekends and Bravo training which is 15

and a half days alpha and Bravo

neck up phase 1 of basic training for

reserves following on from this is phase

2 the two-week-long combat infantry

course a Catterick where the basics of

combat are taught furthermore those with

previous military experience are able to

apply for the SAS reserve up until the

age of 50 years and 364 days following

on from basic military training the SES

reserves selection begins and is split

into three phases phase one is the hills

prep course this is a progressively

arduous course of drill nights and

weekends over settlements requiring a

candidate to demonstrate mental and

physical robustness it is designed to

prepare applicants for the rigors of the

aptitude fairs the aptitude fairs

consists of a series of progressive

marches against the clock which

culminates with a testing and Durance

march over arduous tread upon completion

of this fairs is the final phase the

standard operating procedures and

tactics course this is six months of

training over drill nights and weekends

candidates receive instruction and

assessment on Special Forces tactics

techniques and procedures including

weapons and SOPs during this progressive

course new skills are taught

whilst candidates are under mental and

physical pressure the course culminates

in a two-week final exercise which have

completed candidates will be batched as

SAS soldiers following the completion of

the UK's Special Forces reserves

selection course soldiers will enter a

24 month period of probation which will

require the completion of a basic

parachute course a communication course

and a survive escape resist and of aired

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