How to join paracord properly for decorative work- "The Manny method"

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hey guys mark here in this tutorial I'm

going to show you how to join two pieces

of paracord together we're going to be

using the so called mini method which is

a popular method of joining paracord it

offers a number of advantages such as

being a very secure way of joining

paracord it also looks quite nice and

finally it is able to join polyester and

nylon cords together which you cannot do

using the Melting method they just won't

stick together now when we started out

with paracord crafts most of us used the

Melting method it is simple to do and

you can get on to weaving which is the

most fun part but when the quality of

your products increases you will want to

start using the many methods because it

is a lot more durable and you want your

products to be of quality now I have

been postponing this tutorial for quite

a while now mostly because it is hard to

show on camera properly but also because

it is a bit of a hassle to do always

some cords get stuck and you need to put

some effort into pulling them through

when joining them but I must say that

when I'm starting a project I always put

the many method because it is just

better in the long run so even if you

dislike it at first because of the extra

effort needed I highly recommend using

it and getting used to it so with that

said let's get into it so here you can

see the supplies we are going to use we

have our scissors lacing needle which

should be as sharp as possible then a

lighter and our cords now the first

thing I'm going to do is cut the ends of

my cords

so just cut your end

then pull the inner strength out and cut

those as well this will make your job a

lot easier

do the same with both ends


once you've done that we're going to now

melt the ends in order to prevent them

from falling apart or fraying

so just take a lighter and lightly burn

the ends

these ends are finished and we're going

to be working with the ends on the other

side so we're going to take one end and

attach a lacing needle onto it



now what we're going to do is Pierce the

cord with our lacy needle

like this and then pull our end through

now pulling the end through is the

hardest part of this process because at

the joint section the cords usually

snack and you need to pull them out by



and we have the other end which we're

going to join the same way by attaching

the lacing needle on to the other cord


and then piercing the other end just

like we did before


when pulling your cord through this is

always a big hassle because the cords

neck but just be persistent and you will

be able to pull one cord through the


and once you've done that your cords are

joined and simply pull on both ends in

order to bring the joint pieces together

and with this you have a very very

strong bond which won't break up on you

so guys I hope that this tutorial will

come in handy this is a very powerful

tool that you can use in order to

improve your project but it also

requires a lot of patience especially at

the start and especially if you don't

have the proper tools which most of us

don't you will need a sharp lacing

needle for the best effect but for the

most of my use I just used a pair of

pliers to pull the cords through it

works reasonably well but it takes some

time so with that said thank you for

joining me and see you next time