How to build a house ~ Wall Connections

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I'm Eric Perkins on today's video about

construction stuff we're going to show

you three ways to make wall partitions

to tie one wall to another and have a

good connection I've already built the

world's smallest wall so I could move it

around and show you these things easy so

let's get going so first let's do an

example of why you need a wall partition

to make a connection from one wall to

another if we put this wall position

right here and try to nail it the only

place we'd get a nail is in the top

plate up here and the bottom plate down

here there would be no place to nail the

sheetrock right here and also you can

see that this for glue way too flimsy so

that's the reason you need a nailer and

you need a partition so let's look at

the three ways we usually do it okay

first we're gonna look at wall

partitions for an exterior wall this is

the first one I like to do a 2 by 6 with

a 2 by 6 coming off it perpendicularly

now we're gonna put a 2x4 wall into that

and you'll see that I have an inch and a

half nailer on either side of this and I

also have a place for insulation to

still go behind this wall so we have a

nice tight exterior wall alright here's

our second example and the good thing

about this way is that it uses scrap

boards so you can save two or even three

studs by doing this method we use scrap

boards to cut these so again an exterior

wall I can still get insulation behind

these we use scrap boards the only

disadvantage is that your drywall or

some may not like it because they don't

have a continuous place to nail let's

put this in you can see that we have a

place to attach the board every two feet

and it will be nice and sturdy and we

also didn't waste any material okay come

on in I've got the most typical way we

do this for interior walls and that is a

2 by 6 2 by 6 2 by 4 or if it's in a 2x4

wall it's a 2 by 4 2 by 4 2 by 4 we call

that a wallet Channel and this will

allow us to but our wall into this wall

have a solid connection and have an

inch-and-a-half nailer on each side for

the drywall or paneling this one works

great takes 3

studs though that was the fastest video

I think I've ever made so I don't know

if it'll be the shortest video ever hope

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